Escape “The Ruby of Judgement”: Walkthrough

Escape “The Ruby of Judgement”
By: IDAC CO.,LTD. (WaveA)


I don’t currently have access to this game on iOS, but feel free to help each other out in the comments section.

Note: For all IDAC/WaveA games, make sure you tap each clue/item numerous times to make sure it doesn’t have anything else to tell you. If you miss something, the game might not let you use that clue to solve a puzzle.

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  1. zizie

    i have match, 2 candles, a ring, 2 coins and a screwdriver with a clue in it, pls help

  2. iote

    Open ”Enter” hatch down near stainglass with KROBF

  3. iote

    Combine coloured elements in stainedglass: red ones are vertical plus 2 slashes = K
    Yellow : vertical + slash + half circle= R
    Green is a circle = O
    Magenta is vertical + 2 half circles = B
    Blue has one vertical and 2 horizontals = F

    1. zizie


    2. zizie

      It worked for me, but then what?

    3. mvl

      thankso much..i got matches, candles,coins,ring,screwdrver
      .been try figure out 2weeks.;)

  4. amboro

    Anyone help with the doll pleasee…

  5. mira


  6. Janine

    Thanks Mira, don’t know how you got that but it worked. I am stuck after lighting fire and reviling symbols on the statute book. Don’t know how to get past this, any help please?

    1. iote

      O W V O E
      are the
      1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th letters of numbers written like this:
      One, tWo, threE, (four), fiVe, (six) (seven), (eight), (nine), zerO
      black hair (shortest) gets 1 step
      red gets 2 steps
      yellow ΓÇô 5 steps (v from seven doesnt fit because there arent 7 steps available)
      green gets none (zerO)
      blue ΓÇô goes 3 times up

  7. *GeMiNi*

    Need help with book

  8. iote

    press buttons following arrows -> (not arrows):
    red hair, green, yellow, blue, yellow, red, green
    moon, leaf, sun, waves, sun, moon, leaf

  9. iote

    ignore x arrows

  10. *GeMiNi*

    Thanks iote but it didnt work. Am i missing something?

  11. iote

    you must lit the fire first and complete the book with torn paper, also read all graffiti on walls and i think you have to collect all 4 coins

    1. iote

      ╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼├¡’ll check the game again

      1. zizie

        It worked for me! But then, what?

  12. *GeMiNi*

    Thank worked…now im stuck too.

  13. iote

    go down stairs use candles, find the lock in the back door, read notebook équations to obtain girls age

    1. zizie

      I can’t go downstairs, I can’t light candles, I can’t use matches. What am I missing?

  14. *GeMiNi*

    Thanks Iote…i am downstairs but is clueless in solving the puzzle

  15. Janine

    Thank you iote.

  16. Linna

    Little help with the age equation please. I think Athens is 12 but that’s as far as i can get am I missing something? Math is not my strong point.

  17. Janine

    GeMiNi: use torch to light up ladder area in the scene before it asks if you would like to go down stairs, and you should see a button to press. Then it’s safe to go down.
    I also am stuck on ages, got 12 (III) for yellow, but can’t figure out others.

  18. *GeMiNi*

    Thanks Janine. I made it downstairs but stuck on puzzle

  19. iote

    This twisted algorithm worked:

    on page with red hair girl you have 4 figures on last line
    R, /\, ?, ?
    last ? is 1 year older than Red
    you only know Yellow is 12, then Red might be 1 year younger than Y, so R is 11

    IF R=11 and Y=12, equation gives Green + Blue = 28

    triangle and ? means G and B which are equal, because of graffiti that says /\=heart and heart=Blue
    so 28/2=14
    Y=12, R=11, G=14=B

    you take the sequence R, /\, ?, ? and put it R, /\, ?, Y

    heart=B and is next to Y

    you have R, G, B, Y

    when coin insert notice that you can do permutations
    arrange them according to symbol correspondance such star=waves=aqua=B, circle=sun=Y, square=leaf=G, diamond=moon=Luna=red
    put roman numbers obtained from R, G, B, Y ages

    1. sang

      Thanx a lot iote

    2. Linna

      Exactly what I needed thank you very much. 🙂

  20. zizie

    Thank u!

  21. Janine

    Thank you

  22. Rj

    what Roman numbers please? I no good at end.

  23. Addy

    What is the password to the brown thing on the wall

    1. mina

      Password is KROBF

  24. mina

    I m stuck at the romal numbers pls help.

  25. rj

    II V V III.

  26. skf

    How to open the door at right of stainglass

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