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Sounds from Outer Space: Walkthrough

Sounds from Outer Space (Planet Groove) By: Mark Quick (9th Impact & ToonTaun) Walkthrough: 1. Open the trash can and look inside to get the fuse. 2. The lights go on. Head through the door. You'll trip on something. Go back and you'll get a briefcase, which will act as your inventory. 3. There was a notepad in the briefcase that will work as your journal. 4. Go back to before you tripped on the briefcase. For some reason there's now a note on the beam that wasn't there before. 5. Read more [...]

DOOORS 4 – room escape game – : Walkthrough

DOOORS 4 - room escape game - By: 58works & ODAKO Co., Ltd. Walkthrough: Looking for the original DOOORS walkthrough? This is a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section. Door 1: Press the left bird feeder (mailbox) down to get the key. Then use it to open the door. Door 2: Slide the wooden planks aside and open the door. Door 3: Wait until the door lands on the black outline and tap it to open it. Door 4: Pick up the wrench. Use Read more [...]

In Fear I Trust: Episode 3 Rust & Iron: Walkthrough

In Fear I Trust By: Chillingo Walkthrough: Looking for our episodes 1 & 2 walkthrough? Looking for the episode 4 walkthrough? Episode 3 -- Rust & Iron: 1. Find the Worker's Pass on the chair: 2. Use Retrospective Vision (pinch two fingers outwards) to see the clue on the outside wall of the office: 3. Enter the office and take the Coroner Results and the Letter from Headquarters. 4. Leave the office and go through the only unlocked door: 5. You're Read more [...]

Hellraid: The Escape: Review

Hellraid: The Escape By: Techland & Shortbreak Studios When I heard that Hellraid: The Escape is primarily a 3D first-person puzzle game, I was pretty excited to get my hands on it. I've played a few open world puzzle games on iOS, but they're rare. More often you'll find some puzzles built into an action-adventure game rather than an entire game like this devoted to puzzles. The first game that came to mind when playing Hellraid was In Fear I Trust (IFIT). The main difference, though, is Read more [...]

Oquonie: The Nastazie Biblioteca: Walkthrough Guide

Oquonie By: David Mondou-Labbe This is a walkthrough guide for the new Oquonie DLC content update called The Nastazie Biblioteca. If you haven't played Oquonie before, first play through the original game and become a fish. If you need help, try my Oquonie Walkthrough Guide. Once you're a fish, find the fluffy creature and he'll teleport you to this new guy, who'll turn you back into a dinosaur. Next, turn into a humanoid. Go through the newly-opened door and collect the bird/chicken Read more [...]