Micromon Walkthrough Guide: Quest Item Locations

By: Pocket Trend & ZigZaGame Inc.

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This will be a walkthrough guide for Micromon quest items that are particularly tricky to find. It is a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section.

See our Micromon locations guide.

Rainbow Flowers:

These are part of a quest in Aera. You can find the four flowers in these locations:





Gold Pebbles:

There is a quest in Mineralia in which you need to find the Micromon that ambushed Lance and get the gold pebbles from it. The Micromon that you need to find is a Mandrill, south of the city. Defeat it and you’ll get the gold pebbles.




Fourth Chip Piece & Vaithe:

You need to collect all four chip pieces in order to get Vaithe. He fourth is easy to miss. To get it, first beat the game (defeat Vaithe). Then go to Mineralia and find this guy to the west. He wants a Petrarak. Capture one (or catch a Petra and evolve it — it should evolve after one battle). Give him the Petrarak and he’ll give you the final chip piece.




Now, make room in your party for Vaithe, then go back to Pixehara Desert and fight Vaithe again. Defeat him and he’ll be added to your party (make sure you have an empty slot in your party before you fight him.)




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  1. MicroMan

    I did everything with Vaithe, but when I visit Pixehara Desert again, I don’t get Vaithe, I see the transporter.
    What can I do to see Vaithe?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You sure you have all four chip pieces and completed the game?

  2. Hola

    when you get to Pixerhara desert go all the way to the left then go up that will help

  3. Joe

    I still cant find it

  4. Carlos

    What if you mistakenly kill Vaithe a second time will he come back

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You’re supposed to defeat him, then you use the chip pieces to catch him.

  5. Juice

    Where is the third chip peace I seem to have missed it out of the four pieces somehow.

  6. Leon

    Each area has it’s own place for the chip. The third you’ll find it, at aera. The fourth, you’ll need to have 1 petranak in your inventory, then talk to the guy who lost his. And then he’ll give you the fourth chip. Then go back to hatchery, take your favorite micromon, leave 1 spot empty, cause you’ll get vaithe later.

    Go through the ground zero, to the dessert. Just go up a bit, then you’ll fight vaithe. You need to kill it to get it.

    NB* if you don’t have it after you kill it. Check your party, if your party is full, go back to hatchery to get Vaithe.

  7. Sammy

    I can’t find Vaithe. I have all 4 pieces and I beat he in the memory rift (when you must fight the first time). If I fought the tamer of Vaithe and I beat BOO3 is ok?

  8. James Clarence

    Where can I find the missing engineer?

  9. Michael

    what if i get the 4th chip before i fight vaithe? does that matter, because it didn’t work for me.

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