Cryptic Escape: Walkthrough

61. Place the scroll over the window and three symbols will light up on the zodiac puzzle beneath it. Match the tiles to those three lights and take the arrowhead.




62. Go back to scene 11 and place the arrowhead on top of the arrow to get a clue. Also, cut the net with the pottery shard and take the net. The cage that’s under it has a lock you can’t open yet.






63. Go to scene 12 and use the clue you just found to solve the circular puzzle with lights on it. It opens up, revealing the same symbol that’s on the chest downstairs. Place the candle on it, then pull the lever and take the wax imprint.






64. Go downstairs and use the wax imprint on the chest to get the bellows.



65. Go back to scene 12 and use the sun and moon clues to solve the puzzle on the wall. Take the talons.



66. Use the talons on the lock on the cage in scene 11 and take the red gem.



67. Use the red gem downstairs in the mask. Place the net over the hole in the ground, then pull the lever and collect the gold nugget.





68. Go to scene 12 and place the gold nugget in the key mold on the furnace. Use the bellows to stoke the coals, then take the Gold Key. Use it to open the door in scene 11 and continue to scene 13.





69. Look at all four orbs that the dragon is holding to see the clues on them.





70. Now this puzzle is tricky. The left wall controls the pieces on the right wall. You need to point the pictures in the direction you want the discs to move and rotate. In the end, the pieces need to go to the spots indicated on the red orbs.

First, get them into this position:


Then rotate all the pieces on the left wall like so:


Tap the right wall once again and all the pieces should be in the right locations and rotations. A doorway opens.



Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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  1. Janett

    In scene 4 how do I get the “K” symbol in 2 positions at once to open the door!?

    1. Amy

      You don’t need to have them showing at the same time. When you find the symbol you need you just click it to make it light up and then click the lever until you find the next matching symbol. I believe on the other side the 2 symbols don’t match up either so just make sure the symbols are facing the right way before clicking them. Otherwise it won’t work

      1. Janett

        Still didn’t work even after restarting the game. Do the symbols have to be clicked in a certain order?

      2. Sam

        Oh God Amy, thanks a ton for clarifying that. I was stuck on that portion for days.

        Janett – I clicked them upper left, lower left, upper right and lower right. Worked for Me.

        1. MaureenTheTemp

          I am stuck in the same place and NOTHING is working. What do you mean by the symbols “glowing”? The symbols kind of “pulse” randomly even if I don’t touch them. They don’t change color. Do the symbols have to pulse? If they are pulsing and I haven’t touched them do I need to turn them off?

  2. Lauren

    Is there a walkthrough of how to make the symbols on the symbols at scene 5 move in the right order? I can’t figure out how to make the designs and these buttons are frustrating me…

  3. Dan

    This is the least intuitive puzzle game I’ve ever paid for, and even with a walkthrough some of these puzzles are getting skipped because they make no sense.

  4. Jayne Marshall-Roelich

    Have been doing all but the story never ends properly and puzzles get more crazy as they go on. first game had no prompts or journal, this last did not have a working journal which was very annoying

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