Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold HD: Walkthrough

Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold HD
By: Smack Down Productions

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Looking for the Chapter 2 Walkthrough, Deja-vu?

Chapter 1: Lost in the Manor

1. Go through the open door, then enter the right door to the bedroom. Take a nap in the bed.

2. There’s a knock at the door. Answer it. Take the photo from Deveij. The monk boy is missing and you have to find him.

3. Leave the house and check out the garden. It’s too dark, so we’ll come back with light.

4. There’s now some chocolate by the steps. Pick it up. Then look at the hole in the grass. There’s a little gecko. If you try to catch it, it runs into the hole. Place the chocolate on the leaf in front of the hole and it will come out to eat it. Now you can catch it and name it! You have a pet gecko!




5. Go back inside and look behind the mirror to get part of a statue.


6. Look under the bed, then use your gecko to reach the matches.



7. Open the top drawer of the dresser and drag the pieces of glass to the kerosene lantern. Use the matches on it to light it. Now you have light!




8. Off to the garden! Drag the lantern out of your inventory to light up the garden.


9. Pick up the spear and put the spear and helmet on the statue. A small artificial flower will fall. Pick it up.


10. Place it with the other flowers. You now have to make a path for the artificial flower to get to the hole without any of the other flowers falling off the birdbath. When you do, an urn will be revealed.


11. Take the urn and find the circular cutout. Swipe to find the two buttons and press them to get it to open. Take the note and the hexagonal mirror from it.




12. Go back to the house and notice the gift someone left you in the bedroom. It’s a box of Thai soaps, but one is missing.



13. Leave the bedroom and drag the hexagonal mirror to the slot on the china cabinet to the right. Now you have to find all the hidden objects (place the four Mahjong tiles in place to find the final piece) to get the bear key.







14. Use the bear key to unlock the locked door and head through.



15. Take the scissors from the tiger’s paws and the soap from the top of the dresser behind the bear.


16. Open the chest in middle of the room. Move stuff out of the way, then cut the fishing line with the scissors (you’ll get a fishing line in your inventory). Take the scrap of paper from the box. You interpreted it in your journal/scrapbook.



17. Go back to the bedroom and place the soap with the others. Now play the matching game to get the flashlight. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but this is how my flowers looked:


18. Now that you have the flashlight, go back to the taxidermy room. Use the flashlight on the dark wall to the back/right. It’s another hidden object scene. Find everything to get a piece of a painting. Also, find the Buddha.




19. Go out to the corridor and place the piece of the painting with the partial painting on the wall.



20. Take the map piece from Deveij. Then use the gecko to get the curtain tassel/sash from the hole in the wall.




21. Tap on the curtains to the left and use the sash on them. Then add the piece of map to the one behind the curtains and arrange the pieces to make up the map.




22. Now open the map and head to Bangkok.



Continue to the Chapter 2 Walkthrough, Deja-vu.

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