Back to Bed: Walkthrough Guide

Back to Bed
By: Bedtime Digital Games

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This will be a walkthrough guide for Back to Bed, where I’ll post help, hints and tips for the trickier levels. If you need help with a specific level, feel free to ask in the comments section.


Controls and items:

Bob is sleepwalking. You take control f Bob’s subconscious guardian named Subob. You need to move objects into Bob’s way to get him to change directions, and eventually get back to bed. Subob is the dog-like creature with a human face. You move him around with your finger.

**Note: If you don’t like the touch controls, you can switch to a virtual joystick in the pause menu. I prefer it myself.


Remember: Bob always walks clockwise!

Apples: Apples are in every level and they’re what Subob uses to change Bob’s direction. Get Subob next to an apple and then tap it to pick it up. Then move Subob to where you want to drop the apple and tap the square where you want it (it will turn green to show you where it will go). Apples must be placed at least two squares in front of Bob. Sometimes you need to move apples around to get Bob to go where needed.

Fish: Fish act as bridges over gaps. They are only found in the Harbour Hazard levels.

Doorways: There are some doorways that act as portals. If Bob walks through one, he’ll exit through another. Often, Subob also needs to go through the same door to follow Bob.

Alarm Clocks: They walk around in a pattern. If Bob encounters any, he will wake up and you’ll have to start the level over. But alarm clocks can be redirected the same way you control Bob. Force them to walk off a cliff and they won’t bother Bob anymore.

Potholes: If Bon falls through one of these, you must restart the level.

Whale Train: If Bob walks onto any train tracks, the Whale Train will hit him and you’ll have to restart the level.

Lip Pipes: These blow wind at Bob, pushing him away from them. Sometimes you need to block them with an apple, and sometimes you need to use them to get Bob where he needs to go.

Dog: The dog acts like the alarm clock. It walks in a set path and wakes Bob if they cross paths. Unlike the alarm clock, the dog doesn’t walk off the cliff, but will just pace back and forth.

Rooftop Trouble:

Level 7: First, move the apple to force Bob through the door. Then move the apple so when he comes back out through the other door, he’ll turn and go straight to bed.



Harbour Hazards:

Level 4: Because of the obstacles in his way, Bob will walk where you need him to go, with just one setup. Here you’re introduced to the fish, and you need to use them as bridges. Set it up like so and he’ll head back to bed.


Level 5: Use one apple to get Bob to go up the stairs. Then place the fish over the gap upstairs. Follow him with the apple and make sure he goes in the right direction. Finally, use the apple to direct him to bed.




Level 9: This one requires some thinking outside the box. Those familiar with Monument Valley might have an easier time getting this one. You need to work with the “impossible architecture” to direct Bob to bed. First, place the fish like so. It will work as a bridge to the step below, allowing Bob to walk back down to the lower level. Then, use the apple to direct him towards that side of the stage.


Next, move the apple so he turns to the fish. Then, quickly chase after him with the apple and place it at the bottom of the stairs to get him to go up the right staircase.



And finally, grab the fish and place it next to the lips pipe before Bob reaches it so the pipe can blow him across the fish and to bed.


Level 10: I hit a glitch on this level and can’t continue. Waiting for a fix.

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  1. Hillary

    have you gotten through level 10 yet? I could seriously use help with this one.

  2. Pawel

    Put the Apple under fish. When you are on apple you can take the fish 🙂

  3. Ali

    I am in Harbor Hazards level 14 and can’t figure out how to get the fish. I tried standing on the apple but couldn’t reach. I tried putting the apple on the side floor but couldn’t put it down. Once I get the fish I dont know how to place it.

    1. Ali

      I figured it out. Have to put the apple down and when running up wall have to run up apple. Gets u on the platform. Placing the fish is easy. It’s and optical illusion. You can place it where u need it.

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