The Nightmare Cooperative: Walkthrough Guide

The Nightmare Cooperative
By: Lucky Frame

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This will be a guide for Nightmare Cooperative, covering enemy movements, hero abilities, and other useful info. This is a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

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Barbarian: Knocks monsters away.

Warrior: Hits monsters twice.

Archer: Shoots arrows (ranged attack).

Priest: Heals friends nearby.

Ninja: Moves through enemies.

Mage: Attacks diagonally at distance (ranged attack).

Ice Mage: Shoots ice diagonally. (See how to unlock below.)

Astral Walker: Walks through walls (lasts four turns — don’t let him get stuck in a wall or he’ll die!).

Miner: Breaks through the walls around him. (See how to unlock below.)

How to unlock the Ice Mage:

Grab the Ice World treasure in the upper left-hand corner of Ice Caves I-4. You need to step on the button to lower the spikes first. The Ice Mage shoots ice diagonally. If you hate being frozen by enemies, now’a your chance to return the favor. 🙂



How to unlock the Miner:

You need to grab the Tech World treasure from the upper left-hand corner of T-4 to unlock the Miner. He has the ability to break through walls!



If you’re trying to unlock the class by completing the game with the Barbarian, keep in mind that only one hero can go through the final exit. So make sure the Barbarian goes through first or you won’t unlock the hidden class.


Catacombs: Enemies and hazards include Standard Patrol Monster, Flame Thrower, Diagonal Flame Thrower, Vaguely Clever Patrol Guard, Peekaboo, Golden Guard, Acid Pool, Floor Spikes

Ice Caves: Enemies and hazards include Golden Guard, Puppydog, Iselphlat the Friendly Yeti, Ice Flame Thrower, Snow Patrol, Lewis the Norse Warrior, Munquisee, Munquidoo, Ice Snail, Icy Floor

Tech World: Enemies and hazards include Flame Thrower, Diagonal Flame Thrower, Puppydog, Vaguely Clever Patrol Guard, Peekaboo, Golden Guard, Sir Swapsalot, Lewis the Norse Warrior

Desert: Enemies and hazards include Scorpion, Coral Snake, Cobra, Flame Thrower, Golden Guard, Lewis the Norse Warrior, Pool of Lava

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