Infinity Blade III (3): Kingdom Come Dragoor Guide

Infinity Blade III (3): Kingdom Come Dragoor Guide
By: Chair Entertainment Group, LLC

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Infinity Blade 3 update 1.4 brings with it the almighty King of Dragons, Dragoor, and his loot. Here you’ll find information on how to find him and what treasures she gives you.

First, find the location near the bottom of the map, called Nafusaan Mountains, “Interlude — The Dragoor.” I had all locations unlocked when I saw it. While in there, make sure to get the treasure from the Scorched Map. If you miss it, though, you can get it after you kill Dragoor. Just make sure not to complete Act 5 before you do, because the map may disappear for good!

If you don’t see the location on the map, contact customer support from within the game. They should be able to help you.


Next, you’ll have to fight a bunch of enemies, including the Ember Demon and Ember Knight.



When you finally get to the Dragoor, she’ll just watch you. Choose a treasure and she’ll attack. You can’t fight back just now. Instead, you’ll wake up in the hideout.




Now you can meet Dragoor anywhere on the map that you met the other dragons. I recommend roaming around the areas you know you can meet her, like Larioth. You may need to complete an explore mission to get her to show again, but I recommend keeping all locations open and NOT completing Act 5 until you’ve collected all the Dragoor loot and the treasure from the Scorched Map. If you complete Act 5, the Ice and Fire location may disappear permanently!




Take her down to 500HP and she’ll fly away. Now there’s a new location on the map called “Interlude – Dragonlord.” This is where you go to slay the Dragoor and collect your loot.



The dragon drops the Dragoor Bone:


Then you can get open all the chests to get the Dragoor Bane, Dragoor Plate, Lunith Crown and Lunith Plate.





Now you have access to the Interlude – Ice and Fire and can get the treasure from the Scorched Map if you missed it before. It’s a Rare Gold Gem that gives 1000 Gold per hit.





When you do get to fight the Dragoor, relish it because you won’t get to do it more than once. 🙁

Also, if you complete Act 5, you will likely lose the Ice and Fire map.

For info on the other treasure maps, including the Origin (Worker’s armor), see the treasure maps guide.

For info about the Collector and his new weapons, visit the Blade Masters guide.

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  1. Johnny Broseed

    I have all locations unlocked as well, but why can’t I find the location anywhere on the map?

  2. Austin

    How do you get the workers armor

    1. Max Starreveld

      Go to the lelindre place with Siris. Take the right door inside, and beat lilindre. Then get both axe and blade of heaven, equip them and go to metics observatory. Click on the little telescope building, then beat the people there, the boss may be hard for u, it was easy for me, and egg the chest under the stairs.

  3. Shane

    I have all locations unlocked as well, but why canΓÇÖt I find the location anywhere on the map?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s a bug. Some players can’t access it. They’re going to release an update to fix it.

      1. Shane


        1. AppUnwrapper

          They didn’t give a date. But you can also contact customer support from within the game to get them to fix your save file.

          1. Tirilian

            I did email to customer support and it’s 2-3 weeks

          2. Shane

            Do you have any idea about the update date

    2. Name to fill in this gap

      Have to killed all other dragons? Cas you have to if u want that location

  4. Ballisticmachine

    How do u find the infinity blade?

      1. Max Starreveld

        For the original, it’s pretty easy. Get every infinity weapon, the fake ones, and go to seccian desert. When you get to the vault there is a short cutscenes and ta-da! There u have it. It is the only weapon that i know of that both Siris and isa can use.

  5. Mickyuwood

    Are there TWO dragons?? If so, where is the second? I know I’ve defeated the first but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a second and keep hearing there is a second one…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      There are now three. Ba’el, Pisci, and Dragoor. Ba’el is the original orange one. Pisci is purple and found in the Dark Citadel. Dragoor is the newest.

      1. Mickyuwood

        So can I assume that you have to get Pisci’s health down to 500 also, and then it gives another ”interlude”?

  6. Mickyuwood

    THANK YOU! Had no idea…. you’re the best!

  7. Xenetos

    If I were to upgrade the Vile armor to lvl 10, would it have about the same stats as the Kings armor at lvl 10?
    I want to make sure if it’s worth investing some gold into another armor set.

    Also, I have a quick and easy method of obtaining gold if anyone wants to hear.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The Vile armor has a bit less dodge than the Kings armor.the Origin armor has the same as the Kings, and the Thark armor has the most (but is arguably less impressive visually).

    2. vile majestic

      Easy gold you say?

  8. hhog

    >>When you do get to fight the Dragoor, relish it because you wonΓÇÖt get to do it more than once.

    I got killed by the Dragoor (wasn’t prepared) so you mean I will NOT see it again ever?? Any workarounds? Thanks!

    1. hhog

      Sorry, I meant not the first time (forced), but the second time, when it was a ‘real’ fight.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I mean once you kill him and get his gold you won’t be able to see him again. If you don’t complete Act 5 (it causes him to disappear), you should be able to fight him until you kill him.

  9. vile majestic

    plz share method of getting easy gold.

    1. Xenetos

      Here is the comment I posted earlier on a different guide:

      I have a legit method for acquiring quick gold.
      This requires:
      Access to Observatory Interlude (with Oslim)
      QueenΓÇÖs Armor for Isa (recommended for maximum gold)
      Gold+ Gems
      IsaΓÇÖs Lockpick III skill (opens medium chest for free)

      The first thing to do is to get the Queens armor to at least level 10 so all the gem slots are star-shaped.
      Fill each gem slot with Gold+ gems (max is 37%). Play the level and collect all gold bags and chests. By completing the level, you will be able to open four chests for free because of IsaΓÇÖs lockpick skill. There will be two normal chest, one small chest, and one medium chest. The chests will give out a huge payout the higher your awakening. They may randomly give you gear but mostly gold.

      On Awakening 72 for Isa, with only 3 capped Gold+ gems (37%), I can earn about 60-70k gold from each of the normal chests, 90-120k on the small chest, and 160-210k gold from the medium. Altogether, this is about 370k gold each run; and each run should only take 5-10 minutes each time. If you are able to fill each gem slot, 11 in total, you can earn an incredible amount of gold quickly.

      Hope this helped!

  10. Davy crockett

    I accidentally finished act V!!! Help!! Is there any way I can undo it or get the ice and fire back!!!

  11. Mickyuwood

    I’ve commented before that I can’t seem to find the second dragon in any of the location everyone is talking about? Does it typically show up before the first titan or in between titans? Any info regarding this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

      1. Mickyuwood

        Correct, but after that, it hasn’t appeared for me anywhere…

        1. Max Starreveld

          If you go to larioth, (explore Uriel’s dream), then it should appear every other run. However, THE RUNS MUST BE COMPLETED TO COUNT, otherwise it wont appear.

          1. Mickyuwood

            Yeah I got it to work in a different character slot I had but neither Siris or Isa was at the level that the other character slot were :-/ Was able to complete it in the lower level character slot and, to be honest, it was pretty cool. I see they have an update out today so maybe that will fix it…

    1. Crashpad

      This. I’m having the same issues, the 2nd dragon is nowhere to be found. I’ve followed the wikis instructions but no Pisci at the dark citadel.

  12. Luke

    It is a bug, which Apparently affects older players of the game. Chair is working on a patch. (It’ll probably take longer, factoring in added headache from OS 8 update.)
    eventually they’ll sort it out.

  13. Mickyuwood

    Update made it work in all my character slots! Hope it worked for yall, as well. Thanks for all the help/advice on this thread and if I can help just let me know. Probably won’t have the best answer, but hopefully it would be a start.

  14. Ericko

    Guys I need help. I reduced Dragoor’s health to 500 during random encounter, then she ran away AND dropped Dragoor Bone. At this time Interlude – Dragonlord should appear; where I can fight Dragoor for the last time and claim her treasures right? But instead the one that appeared was Interlude – Ice and Fire, and when I got to the end, the treasures wasn’t there! So now I can’t get my hands on Dragoor Bane, Dragoor Plate, Lunith Crown and Lunith Plate.

    1. Jordan

      I had the same thing happen. Support doesn’t help at all either.

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