Escape Game “A Secret Desire”: Walkthrough

Escape Game “A Secret Desire”
By IDAC CO.,LTD. (WaveA)


Note: For all IDAC/WaveA games, make sure you tap each clue/item numerous times to make sure it doesn’t have anything else to tell you. If you miss something, the game might not let you use that clue to solve a puzzle.

Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Stephani

    Is anyone playing this game? I have been stuck for a few days. Please help!

  2. j9

    Can anyone help with cupboard code please

    1. Stephani

      Are you talking about the box that says SALT on it?

  3. j9

    No got that its the one under the tv cant work it out not sure if clue is on bed letter

    1. Sarah

      It’s kind of tricky. It comes from the back of the letter on the bed. Basically, you assign numbers to each letter (A=1 etc) then add the two numbers in parentheses together, then subtract one from that. To make a long process short, the code is LOVE. That one took me forever.

  4. Helene

    Help!! What is the code for the box with SALT written on it ?

  5. j9

    Thankyou sarah ,salt cupboard look under sink at bottles use word salt to get numbers

  6. Helene

    Thank you j9. Thats working 🙂

  7. Calie

    How do you open the wooden box under the bed and where is the black wire?

    1. shaz

      You open box under the bed when you acquire the stick. To get black lead you have to cut wire to glass door touch lock to open and tap on left side of door to find it on ledge just outside.

  8. Maha

    Can some one tell me what to do with the bolts and nuts.I think I am missing something.

    1. Maha

      And tell me where is the stick and the black wire.

  9. kristin12101

    Any help with the clock puzzle would be greatly appreciated please! !

  10. Helene

    Go to the door with the red curtains,use the nipper to cut the wire. Open the lock and tap on the door.(almost down to the floor) use your knife and find black wire.

    1. Maha

      But Helene where are the wire cutter.I don’t have them.

  11. Tiffaney

    Stuck on the clock, can’t figure out the riddle in the closet that’s behind tge clothes. Please help!!!

  12. Tiffaney

    *the (damn typos)

  13. bella

    What is the code of wooden buttons n where is nipper ?? Im feelin myself blind please help me :-[

    1. Tiffaney

      Wooden button code is GQP. Then press the push button.

  14. mira

    Where is nipper pls

    1. Tiffaney

      I think the nippers are in the top right drawer of the desk. The drawer that is locked.

  15. Maha

    How do I get the good ending plz tell.

  16. Maricamz

    before opening the door with the key, cut the red blue and yellow wire hn that should be able to get a good ending

  17. bella

    Where is the key of drawer? I need a shot of redbull for make my mind thinkable :-[

    1. Maha

      It’s behind the tv you need string+weight +tape to get the key.

  18. Maha

    Hay anyone of you playing escape: turning point.

    1. zizie

      Yes but I m stucked

  19. mira

    Stuck on the clok:-(thks

  20. Tiffaney

    Clock code??

  21. Maha

    The clock code is 5,10,1,8.

  22. mira

    Thk maha

  23. mira

    Is anyone playing “the shadow in the temple idac game

  24. Gindot

    What do you do with the suction cups?

  25. irishiz

    What do u do with suction cups and nuts?

  26. gxg

    take back the wood stick, attach suction cups, take the key from the window

  27. nurul

    CanΓÇÖt figure out the riddle in the closet thatΓÇÖs behind the clothes. Please help!!!

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