The Secret of Raven Rock: Walkthrough

The Secret of Raven Rock
By: Raven Rock Games

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This is a walkthrough guide for the Secret of Raven Rock, with hints, tips, and tricks if you get stuck. If you’re looking for hints or something you can’t find in the walkthrough, feel free to ask in the comments section.

Looking for the walkthrough for Chapters 3-4?

Chapter 1: The Arrival

You can watch this video of Chapter 1, or follow the step-by-step walkthrough below it:

1. Follow the tutorial. Look on the rock for a clue:


2. Cross the bridge and solve the dragon puzzle. Take the dagger.



3. Drag the dagger to the vines covering the door to cut them.


4. The door behind the vines is locked from behind so we can’t get in right now. Tap to the right of the screen instead. Open your inventory and drag the vines to the metal hook. Now you can climb down the rope.



5. Solve the sliding tile puzzle on the wall by making a gryphon, then take the key.



6. Tap to the left of the screen. Pick up the paddle. Then go through the big hole. Now you’re on the other side of that locked door. Use the key to unlock it.



7. Go through the door and tap to the right so you see the big hole in the ground again. There’s a paddle boat in the distance. Drag the paddle to it and you’ll end up in a different location, the market. Pick up the lever.



8. Tap to the right and pick up the mask from the table. Also notice the book with half a page missing.



9. Go back and tap to the left, and continue until you come to the stall with two big masks above it. Drag the mask from your inventory to the stall to get robes.



10. Tap to the left of the stall to reach the temple. Drag the robes to the door to enter.


Chapter 2: The Temple:

You can watch the Chapter 2 videos below or follow the text walkthrough below them. Part 1 will take you through the whole chapter except for the piano sliding tile puzzle. Part 2 is just that puzzle:

1. You’re now in the temple. Tap on the center room and pick up the torn page from the chest. Take it back to the marketplace and place it in the book to get a clue for your journal.






2. Go back to the temple and arrange the books on the altar based on the clue from the book. Then head through the open door.




3. Go through the door ahead. Go right and tap on the table. There are five gems here of different colors. They will glow in a sequence, and you have to follow the sequence, like a game of Simon. Each time you get it right, another color will be added to the sequence. I don’t know if each game is the same, but mine went: Green, red, blue, pink, blue, blue, yellow. Take the Knight chess piece when you complete the puzzle.






4. Go back a screen and use the lever on the locked door. Then pull it down to open. There’s a bottle in here that you need to use to make poison. We’ll come back to it later.




5. Go back a bit more and turn left. Tap in the framed portrait and swipe your finger around it to get a clue for your journal.




6. Go back to the main room of the temple and enter the chess room. Place the knight on the chess board and solve the puzzle by moving the knight to 55 different squares on the board. Then take the tile.






7. Go through the doorway to the right and tap on the yellow strip to get a clue about the poison.




8. Go back to the poison. Now you know that it needs to be green. Find something green in your surroundings and point your iDevice camera at it. Now you can take the bottle of poison.



9. Go to the overgrown vines and pour the poison on them. Now you can reach the middle level of the temple.




10. Tap on the drawing on the floor to get a clue for your journal.


11. Continue ahead until you reach this painting. Spot the differences (shown below) and then take the banner from the cabinet.







12. Go back to the main room of the temple. Place the banner over the third door to unlock it. Then enter the first door and use the clue from your journal to draw the design on the grid. Take the idol.





13. Go back and go through the third door. Solve the clockwork rings puzzle on the chest by matching the image to the small image next to it. Then take the sword.





14. Go back and through the middle door. Place the sword on the right door and go through.



15. Roll up the carpet with one finger and grab the silver ring with another finger.


16. Continue ahead and tap on the piano photo. Solve the sliding tile puzzle to get a piano sequence for your journal. The door ahead is locked, so we need to do something else first.





17. Go back to the door with the yellow banner on it. Knock on the door in order of 1-6 as shown on the clue in your journal. Then go inside and spot the differences on the skulls as shown below. Take the rusty key from the fountain.






18. Go back to the locked door we couldn’t open before and use the rusty key on it. Go through for chapter 3.




Continue to the Chapter 3 walkthrough.

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  1. Kathy

    Help im stuck in the temple only thing ive got is a lever

    1. elderboots

      What in particular do you need help with

    2. Ange

      The lever is used near to singing crystals to open the apothecary door

      1. Shady

        Where is the apocothery?

    3. Shady

      Me too! What do I do next?

    4. Shady

      Me too!

  2. elderboots

    I need help turning off the electricity

    1. Lormar

      Need help with electric wall

      1. KK

        You need to get the handle by opening a coffin in the crypt.

  3. Talitha

    Help! I’m stuck on the chess board. What exactly am I supposed to be doing? Am I supposed to be landing on every single square?

    1. Mary

      You need to land on 56 squares to win the chess game.

  4. Mary

    Need help getting past the upstairs door with the colored lights.

    1. KK

      Same here

    2. Talitha

      If you have the mirror, put it in the empty frame to the left of the door. Then the reflection will be the answer.

  5. sha

    im stuck in level two, the place where you have to draw something what do we need to draw

    1. KK

      Draw what you see from the balcony

      1. Ange

        Is this balcony through the door with the sword? How do I open this bad boy?

        1. Ange


    2. Wendy newhouse

      What did you have to draw? The clue says to draw something with straight lines from the journal…I’m totally stuck.bthanks!

  6. Ange

    Stuck in temple with tile and rusty key- no symbol to draw either?!

    1. Mary

      Where did you get the rusty key?

    2. RicharH

      I’m stuck with a rusty key and a tile also. No idea what I’m supposed to draw on the line board, and can’t pick up the potion just yet.

  7. Ange

    I am in the crypt. What do I do now?

    1. Mary

      How did you get to the crypt?

      1. Ange

        Crypt – poison from the apothecary on the vine covered stairs

      2. Ange

        Rusty key from the font in the west wing. Can use journal to gain entry to this door.

    2. Wendy

      Where did you find the rusty key? I’ve been to the west wing and can’t find it….

  8. Ben

    What is the shape that you have to draw?

  9. Luke

    Help I’m stuck in the temple with the tile a silver ring and an idol does anybody know what to do

    1. RS

      Where did you get the silver ring from?

  10. korkidog

    How do you get through the door with the sword on it??

    1. Ange

      You need another sword to open that and lead you to the crypt.

  11. KK

    I’m stuck at the purple flames & wall with 6 colored lights

    1. RS

      If you found mirror, that goes in the wooden frame by the 6 colored lights. That will give you the mirror image and you can use it to open the door. I am stuck with fuse light inside it and with the hand by the electric current. I found gold ring but I am missing other one. Any ideas?

      1. KK

        The silver ring is under the carpet of the sword room

      2. KK

        Brilliant! Thanks to your hint I’ve passed it. The second piece is found in a barrel at the market

        1. Phil

          Hi, whereabouts is the battery in the market? Searched everywhere and none of the barrels appear to be openable?

  12. Ange

    I’m one gold ring and one red marble for the maze… and looking.

    1. RS

      How did you get access to the maze? I am not able to get access to it, it just says”it looks like a maze, Amazing”. I have padlock key and statue in my inventory and I have no idea whats the use of it yet. I am sure I am missing out on maze.

      1. Ange

        I’ve got a red marble for the maze but still looking for another ball for it. It’s still inactive for me. You need to get the machine going through the humming door.

        1. KK

          The blue marble is given by the hand after you put two rings on it

  13. RS

    Where did yiu get the red marble from? And which humming door? I have looked in an out and I am not sure where should I be going. I am certainly missing out on something since I dont have the red marble.

    1. Ange

      Yep through the humming door – in the middle level. Using the reflection of the painting in the mirror to get the code to the strange machine. This is where you use the fuse and statue. Still a wee bit to go before the red marble. I’m stuck with a red marble in the maze – and a locked cabinet under the knights and Queen painting. I have no other keys and on,y one ring on the finger. And stuck again.

      1. darby

        Where is the machine you speak of?

  14. RS

    I am so confused. My fuse is not taking statue. I inserted the battery, and it says it still has one slot left. I dont know what that slot is. When I take statue to the fuse, it gives me error “screen 51 – failed nothing”. Did you get the same too?

    I have the locked cabinet too, and no maze, access to red spot in crypt and fire extinguisher.

    1. Ange

      Sorry you need to find the battery in the barrel in the market for the machine.

  15. RS

    I did that and I inserted it. But it still says one missing slot and it wont take statue. Rather it will show me an error

    1. Ange

      And the fuse ?! That’s how mine worked and went to the machine level? Hope you don’t have a bug!

    2. KK

      The fuse is inside the clock I think, you insert the clues given by the painting beside the purple

  16. Mary

    I am in the temple and all I have is a tile. I found the potion but I can’t figure out how to pick it up or what to do next. Please help

    1. Ange

      Double tap the poison.

  17. RS

    Looks like I have one, because I dont think I am missing out on anything

    1. JFB

      I have the same problem here. I get the message “SCREEN51_FUSE_FAILWITH_NOTHING”. Hope this is not a bug too…

      1. AppUnwrapper

        If you think you encountered a glitch, I recommend contacted the developer.

  18. KK

    Completed the game! Yay

    1. RS

      Did you not get the fuse error when you were inserting the statue? I am having issue with the statue. What did you do about it?

    2. Ange

      Awesome! I’m still stuck with a locked cabinet, the red marble and only one ring on the hand? I have nothing in my inventory?! What am I missing?

    3. Allison Strine

      What shape did you draw on the stone grid?

  19. CONB

    How do I open the door in the West wing? I have got the clue in the journal by moving over the painting at the vines. Can anybody help me? Thanks!

    1. RicharH

      Tap the door in the positions indicated by the numbers.

  20. Mack

    Where do I find the mirror?

    1. Mary

      The mirror is in the crypt, in the room with the big table and the tapestry with the grid and arrows. Drag the tapestry up and the mirror is underneath it.

  21. Mary

    Stuck in the mid level with a padlock key, a statue, and a blood gem. What next ?

    1. Mary

      I figured out the blood gem, so now I have the padlock key, statue, and fuse. Need to find the mirror and the red marble.

  22. LadyT

    I’m completely stuck. I’ve got a tile with coloured Suns, I’m in the temple and have put the lever in the right place but the door’s not opening… Any Ideas?

    1. LadyT

      Update…. I now also have a rusty key.

    2. Mary

      You have to drag the lever down , not just tap it.

      1. LadyT

        Thank you!

  23. RS

    I dont know what to do with the piano. I have the numbers but dont know how to work it out.

    1. Ange

      Use the key code in your journal from the crypt on the piano.

  24. Wendy

    Can someone please give a quick walk through for the temple? I’ve done the colored crystals, used the lever to open the apothecary,,done the chess board. I can see the green potion, but not pick it up. I’m stuck on the figure to draw and only have a tile piece. Can’t seem to find the rusty key… Please help! Thanks!

    1. LadyT

      The green potion, you have to point your back camera at come thing green in your real world room and you will be able to pick it up. Use this in the vines on the stairway.

      1. Wendy


    2. LadyT

      The green potion, you have to point your back camera at something green in your real world room and you will be able to pick it up. Use this in the vines on the stairway.

  25. Kristen

    I can’t get the poison to turn green!

    1. LadyT

      Make sure your camera isn’t covered, I pointed mine at a house plant until it changed to green on screen.

  26. Ange

    Finally at the high terrace … Argh the silver ring gave me some grief to find!

  27. Kristen

    Where is the fuse?

    1. Kristen

      Nevermind I found it.

  28. Wendy

    I found the silver ring, but can’t find the other one,

  29. Kristen

    Ugh now I can’t solve the piano puzzle.

  30. Sean

    I know I’m looking for a mirror. Why can’t I find it? I don’t have to shake my iPad around to knock one of those paintings loose, do I? Don’t care for hardware puzzles (poison, I’m looking at you).

    1. Sean

      Never mind. Answer popped up after I refreshed the site.

  31. Sean

    Yeesh. Finished, but the payoff after that last flipping puzzle (pun intended) was a bit of a letdown. Good game overall, though.

    1. RS

      I am still having hard time solving that last puzzle. Been trying for 2 days now, really hard and its getting frustrating lol

  32. Kansaka

    Still stuck on the drawing lines and supposed to find it in journal…no one has given an answer to that yet…please

    1. LadyT

      Use the levers on the door to the apothecary, collect the poison and use on the vines on the door in the opposite direction. When you get to the top there’s a balcony with a drawing in the floor. This is what you have to draw.

  33. Dan

    How do you get into the crypt door after the piano and where would I get a key if there is one?

  34. Wendy

    Where is the other ring please? I think I found the first one under the carpet in the sword room, but I can’t find the other ring. I’ve looked in all the barrels lol please help!

  35. John

    What is the pattern needed for the puzzle in the serpentine chamber? The hints point to diagonal lines, but the puzzle allows only for rectangular geometric shapes.

    1. RicharH

      You need the poison to get through the vines to add the pattern to your journal.

  36. Marc

    Guys im stuck on chapter 2 in the temple with a tile. I oppened the room with the poison and the chemical equipment but cant pick up the poison. I cant make it green. I have a tile and nothing else in my inventory. What should i do? I didnt unlock the doors with the sword and the shield.

  37. Wendy

    Am I missing something for the fuse? I did the color codes 2000, 645 and 420, the clock cabinet opens, but nothing is inside! Help pls!

  38. Allison Strine

    Stuck on the part where you’re supposed to draw lines on a stone grid. There is nothing in the journal that has straight lines.

    1. Wendy

      You need to go to the green poison and point your camera on something green. Then take the poison to the vine stairs…this will give you access to the balcony where you’ll find the drawing.

  39. Wendy

    How do you get the fuse!?

  40. Myst

    Where is the mirror!!!!!!!!!!

  41. darby

    Where do I use the statue and fuse?

  42. darby

    I used the mirror, but there isn’t any lights on the door?

  43. Jason

    I have the padlock key, fuse and statue. What am I supposed to do with it now? The mirror is placed outside the humming door….

  44. Gwen

    Where do I use the page with the piano key code? I can’t find a piano anywhere!

  45. Gnome

    Im stuck with the shape on stone grid and a hint with arrows. Need to read from top left to bottom right, but how??? Help

    1. Rendquist

      starting from the blue dot follow the arrows in order from top left to bottom right to draw the pattern

      1. Gnome

        Not working. Do i need to read like by line or L shape or diogonal to right bottom? Can u just post in words like (up-up-left-left) ect? Pls

        1. Elaine

          Hi follow arrows :- top left to right start at blue dot :- 1up 1R 2up nxt line 1up 1L 2down etc..

  46. Jc

    Gwen, piano is on chapter 4 right after you put the battery and fuse on that weird machine

  47. Jeremy

    So stuck at the piano not sure what’s up using the hint the 2 5s together and the 3 7s together thx for any help

    1. Elaine

      Hi you press 1 to 9 and if theres 2 or 3 numbers the same you press all at the same time so 3fingers for the 7

  48. Elaine

    Hi can anyone tell me where to find red ball for maze i’v put blue on thanx

    1. Hayfa

      Where did you find the blue ball plz

  49. Hayfa

    I have tow rings and mirror i do the piano puzzel where could i found the blue ball plz

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You get the blue ball when you place the two rings on the hand.

      1. Hayfa

        How could i put the rings on the hand with the alecetricity

  50. AMWhy

    Where do you find the second ring? I got one from under the carpet. Where is the other? I’ve read through all the comments and no one has answered this. Someone please help! Thanks.

  51. Anne Marnoch

    I’m stuck at the door with coloured lights. Have placed the mirror in frame but when I tap on the door nothing happens and I get a message saying ‘feels warm to touch’

    1. Mike

      same here, so frustrating! I feel like it must be a bug

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Did you tap on the mirror and get a clue for your journal?

        1. Mike

          yup, reverse picture from mirror is in the journal and everything… the lights aren’t colored either, all that dull green shade, but if you tap on them it says “feels warm to the touch” and that i should find clues to open the door… even though I’ve already found the clue. I restarted with a fresh game too, it’s happened both times

          1. AppUnwrapper

            That’s strange. I was able to play with the lights even before I got the mirror & the clue. Have you tried contacting the developer?

          2. AppUnwrapper

            And is there anything else you might be able to do? Maybe completing a different puzzle will trigger something.

          3. Chris

            Same problem and it’s incredibly frustrating.

  52. Ann

    Went back to the door and lights are on now!

  53. Erika

    Anyone able to figure out the seven differences in the skulls puzzle? According to customer service the one on his jaw isn’t real (not working for me anyway. There should be seven and I can only find the six that are in the above screenshot…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh weird. I wasn’t sure about that one. I was tapping around that area and it cleared the puzzle, so I assumed that was it. Not sure what else it could be.

  54. Phil parks

    I am stuck on the spot the difference picture ! I’ve found all 8 , but still the chest will not open ! Is there an order in which way you tap the picture and which side do you tap

  55. anja

    Hi! I can’t get the door where you have to knock to open. What is it exactly that i need to do? Thanks!

  56. Chris

    The humming door. I have the mirror in place yet everytime I go to the puzzle it just gives me the “it feels warm to the touch look around for a clue” please help what am I not doing.

  57. Lynne

    Can you be more specific about the chess game? Do you have to land on any 56 squares or only certain ones? My game keeps reverting to its original setting no matter what I do.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Any 56. But if you run out of moves before you get there, the game will restart. The video I posted shows every step to completing the puzzle, if you’re really stuck.

      1. Lynne

        Thank you. How do I access your video?

  58. Elyz

    I have played the piano many times in the correct order with two notes together at 5 and three at seven but nothing happens! Do I need to point my camera at a real piano or something stupid?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Don’t forget that 4 has two keys! I missed that my first time, too.

      1. Elyz

        Thank you so much! I really thought I had a bug. How could I have missed that?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I tried like 5 times before I noticed the second 4, so don’t beat yourself up over it. 😉

  59. terry n

    help iam stuck on the piano have solved the puzzle but cannot open the door

      1. terry n

        what sequence? i have solved the piano puzzle and it is in my journal but cannot suss how many time to knock on the door??? any help please

        1. AppUnwrapper

          The door you knock on is not the one by the piano puzzle. It’s the one where you got the clue for the poison.

          1. terry n

            yes i no this but still cant do it

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Knock on the door in order of the numbers in your journal. It helps if you can look at it on another screen while you’re doing it.

  60. terry n

    which numbers the piano key numbers or the numbers from the painting?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      For the door? The numbers from the painting should show a door in your journal with numbers on it. That’s the clue you need for knocking on the door.

      1. terry n

        appunwrapper give us a clue mate for gods sake??? haha

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I’m not really sure what you’re having trouble with.

  61. terry n

    how many times do i knock on the door???

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You knock once on each section, in the order shown in your journal.

  62. terry n

    its not working

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Look at step 17 in my walkthrough. Where you see “1” on the journal entry, just tap the door on that spot. Then the same for where you see “2,” and so on.

  63. terry n

    sussed it at last thanks

  64. Anya

    Stuck at the crystals tried everything

  65. Carole

    Please help I’m stuck at the painting with the 2 ladies spot the difference,I have found all the differences but the chest is still saying it’s locked and it won’t let me play spot the difference again … have I missed something.. Thank you 🙂

    1. Di

      I’m having the same problem. Have contacted raven rock to see if it is a bug?

  66. Joanna

    Why does the chessboard cut me off so soon? Sometimes I have the winning move all planned and it cuts me offanyway. Am doing something wrong?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You have a limited number of moves. Could that be why?

      1. Joanna

        Now it cuts me off after 3 or 4 moves. That’s pretty limited, I guess.

  67. Joanna

    Why does the chessboard cut me off so soon? Sometimes I have the winning move all planned and it cuts me off any way..

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