The Impossible Room (T. I. R.): Walkthrough

The Impossible Room
By: Maruf Nebil �?�n�

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This will be a walkthrough for The Impossible Room. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough is complete.


1. Get the lampshade from the lamp in the corner.


2. There’s a corkscrew in this vase, but not sure how to get it.


3. Go to the bookshelf and organize the books based on the years they were all born, from earliest to latest. Then get the screwdriver. Also, pick up the Tesla book. Then look behind the open door for a clue.





4. Use the screwdriver to remove this painting and find a locked safe.




5. Look under the shelf holding up the dress to find a fishing hook. Use the screwdriver to get it.



6. Look under the elephant for a screw. Use the screwdriver to unscrew it, then pick up the elephant for a clue, “17”.



7. This lock to the right of the bed changes if you get it wrong. But I finally got it to unlock using the number 17. Take the item from inside. It appears to be a remote that’s missing batteries. Look behind the door for another clue.




8. Find this clue above the bed:


9. There’s a drawer on the computer desk with three emojis on it — a shark, penguin, and robot. Enter the Facebook shortcuts for those emoji to unlock the drawer and get a USB cable.



10. Find this object under the sofa:



11. The little gold ball in the center of the wall clock comes off. I assume this will be used on the missing star once we find it.


12. To open the drawer under the globe, you need to use the phonetic alphabet. Enter “WHISKEY” (change the last letter in the photo below) and then take the clear plastic sheet from inside.




13. Get the straw from the left side of the globe. It was hard to find! Then use the straw to drink the coffee from the mug on the computer desk. There’s a clue inside!




14. The clue from the mug is referring to the dartboard. Look at the darts on the dart board.
Then do the math:
14*18=252 (green)
15*16=240 (red)
12 (grey dart)
Enter a number 252 240 12 on the upper left lock next to the bed (change the last number in the photo) to get a grey star. Also, look behind the open door for a clue.





15. Place the gold ball on the star and place the star with the others on the shelf.



16. Use the clue from the back of the door we just found:

The numbers show the the sums of the letters, both horizontal and vertical. Solving the equations, the results are:


Find the lock under the birdhouse that says “CBA,” then enter 192347 to get a piece of paper with some numbers scribbled on it. Also, check behind the newly-opened door for another clue.




17. Remember the clear sheet with numbers on it? Place it on the painting of the sheep herder to see the solution for the puzzle in front on the globe. (Just change the last one to dog in the photo below.) Get the bottle of wine.




18. There’s a QR code on one of the computer drawers. Enter “287” to unlock it (not sure why. Might be related to Twitter followers.). Take the keyboard and mouse and connect them to the computer. The binary on the computer gives you a clue:
“You got wine,
You get gem.”




19. Now to solve the hexagon puzzle. Thanks to Myst for this solution!

The correct hint is :

The ABC :


See the cell with the number 1 inside and count the adjacent cells. The same with numbers 2, 3 and 4.

So: The cell number 1 have 1 cell adjacent. The cell number 2 have 5 cells adjacent. The number 3 have 6 cells adjacent and the number 4 have 3 cells adjacent.

The combination for the clue is ΓÇ£1234ΓÇ¥ but the cells adjacent at the numbers cells not just the numbers.

So : 1 = 1 ; 2 = 5 ; 3 = 6 and 4 = 3

Now just apply numbers at the last letter of the end of each line of the above ABC. So : D = 1 ; H = 2 ; L = 3 ; P = 4 ; T = 5 and X = 6.

And now solve it.
1 = 1 = D
2 = 5 = T
3 = 6 = X
4 = 3 = L

So the answer is DTXL (change the last letter in my photo). Get the piece of paper with a grid on it. And make sure to get the clue from behind the door.




20. Use the lever you found under the sofa on the computer chair to get another clue.



Continue to part 2 of the walkthrough.

Looking for part 3 of the walkthrough?

Looking for the list of in-game hints?

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  1. Jeff1985

    you have to put the books in the right order, according to the year of birth, if you do it right you will get a screwdriver wich you can use to remove the painting….that’s all i got so far

  2. Myst

    Hi, please can you sent me your progress with this hints because I solved 8 puzzles but now I ground to a halt. Thank you very much!

    1. Helga

      What 8 puzzles you done as I am stuck

      Nice room ???

  3. Bruk

    Also use the screw driver under the elephant and revieal num. 17

  4. Bruk

    Also use It under the elephant and revieal num. 17

  5. Bruk

    I got number. 83326 don’t know where to put it

  6. Kelly

    Help!!!!! Totally lost….. Have lamp shade that’s it….

  7. Bruk

    Look at the right side of the sofa and find a handle use it on chair

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm…I can’t find this either. Frustrating game.

    2. Maximus

      How do you get under the sofa?

      1. Ry Jay

        You zoom in on the right side pillow on the couch then click just above the armrest beside it and the view will flip to the side of the couch and there will be something sticking out underneath that looks like a white stir spoon but it is a lever you attach to the office chair as a lever that elevates the chair and reveals a number on the post.

    3. Mari

      I can not get under the sofa

  8. Heather

    Also use the screwdriver to get the fish hook under the shelf where the dress hangs. I haven’t a clue where to use it yet. Also once you get the books in order you can put tesla in your inventory again don’t know what for…. Good luck all may we beat this together!

    1. Bruk

      Above the bed you can find some strange star signs I think it’s got something to do with the darts boards …but can’t figure how..

      1. Ry Jay

        The shapes are related to a clue you’ll eventually find on the handle of a brush you’ll find in the cabinet under the bird house. The order of the shapes goes from outside inwards. And it’s related to the way the painting of the shepherd on the wall shifts up down left and right.

    2. Alexis

      How do you use the screwdriver

  9. Irina

    Enter a number 17 on a lower box near a bed

    1. Bruk

      IrIna: what lower box near the bed? Can’t find any..

      1. Ry Jay

        The panel of 4×5 buttons with all the numbers on them. Two lines are the reverse of the other two. But just keep punching in 17 because it eventually matches one of the button combos when the numbers rearrange each time.

        1. Johndie

          The 4×5 panel is all about the digitale of 1 till 8. All digits except two occur an even number of times on the panel. You have to type in the two digits that occur an odd number of times. I think it was first the one that occurs most and then the other one.

    2. Lori

      The numbers on the puzzle on the lower box on the right side of the bed are always in this format (I randomly substituted letters for numbers):

      fg mj d e in
      pq c ko nl ha
      b ie dj mg f
      a hl no kc qp

      So the number that you should enter is the reverse (qp) of the first number on the second row (pq).

  10. Irina

    On reverse side of door there will be letters of “MN”… what do they mean??

    1. Melo

      Maruf Nebil, I gess (The designer of this game)

      1. Ry Jay

        I’m wondering if it’s supposed to mean 1314, their numbers in the alphabet. Isn’t one of the codes 1314?

  11. Anne

    Look for an item on the side of the table under the globe. It’s near the top and very hard to find.

    1. Heather

      Near the top which side?

      1. Ry Jay

        Left when you’re zoomed in on the globe.

  12. Heather

    The painting above the bed moves when you touch the corners trying to figure out the pattern

    1. Ry Jay

      the sequence is the shape code on the bed. a brush you eventually find marks the corners according to four shapes.

  13. Irina

    I also opened a lower box in computer table. Enter 287 and will find a keyboard and mouse

      1. Irina

        Yes. You can see these numbers in to the code bottom

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Do you have to somehow read the QR code with another device? Or is there a way to do it on the same device?

  14. Irina

    On wall clocks you can find a yellow ball

  15. Dimitri

    About the hexagons puzzle: the letter inside each cell depends on the number of adjacent cells (2 cells->H, 3 cells->L and so on).

    The combination for the clue is “1234”, change each number for the letter which corresponds.

    There are two numbers (1 and 4) whose letters you have to solve. Think that the letters shown H-L-P-T form a sequence…

  16. Bobbie

    The puzzle on the globe table requires the phonetic alphabet. Golf. Mike. Oscar. So W is whiskey.

  17. Bezan

    Connect keyboard on pc and you will find zeroes and ones, its binary, when you convert it to plain text its says
    You get wine
    You got gem

  18. Bezan

    Table with numbers from 1-6 can be places on picture and its probbly clue for something 1 marks sheep 6 sky etc

  19. Irina

    Enter a number 252 240 12 on a lower box near a bed. Find a grey star. Connect it with a golden ball

  20. Irina

    But it is first necessary to find a tube for juice from one side from a globe and to insert her in a mug

    1. this place

      which side of the globe are you finding an item (Tube?)

      1. Irina

        On the left side of the drawer under the globe

        1. this place

          Awesome thanks. Use the straw to drink the coffee on the desk

          1. this place

            This clue is the one that tells you to multiply the Dart board number together.

          2. Piper

            I am seriously loosing my mind trying to get the straw!…I cannot…and I have no idea what I am doing wrong…

  21. Dimitri

    The grid
    A A C
    B A B
    C B C

    The numbers show the result of the sums, both horizontal and vertical. Solving the equations, the results are:

    Don’t know where these numbers apply.

    1. Myst

      Apply in the CBA drawer under the clock : 192347

    2. Bruk

      It goes under the clock on the drawer marked CBA put the numbers according to the letters order

    3. Bruk

      The answer to the Penguin robot shark drower is the emoji keyboard icon

  22. Bezan

    On desk where globe stands solution is

      1. Myst

        Because you have to put the clear plastic sheet (found in whiskey puzzle) on the wall picture and you can see the correct sequence.

  23. Myst

    Rear the CBA door you can find another clue

      1. Myst

        Is not easy but try again because the clue is rear the door.
        4CW in green color…

      2. Ry Jay

        For the behind the whatever clues you always have to be zoomed in already.

  24. Bruk

    After you put the 8 digits code near the bed you get a star combine it with the yellow ball and put it on the stick under the books shelf

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, got that. Just not sure how to arrange the gold balls.

      1. Eric

        The color order of the stars are the same as the animals on the shelf. Star rrangement probably has something to do with the orientation of the animals.

        1. Ry Jay

          Not really. You will find a remote control somewhere else and when you add the two batteries to it it will give you arrows pointing in five different directions – the five points of a star.

          It will also give you an algebraic question based on those animal/numbers you’ve found.

          1. Spotty

            I only got one battery from cusion and my knife has gone. Please tell me the other is to be found somewhere else.

  25. Myst

    About the hexagons puzzle the correct hint is :

    The ABC :

    A B C D
    E F G H
    I J K L
    M N O P
    Q R S T
    U V W X
    Y Z

    See the cell with the number 1 inside and count the adjacent cells. The same with numbers 2, 3 and 4.

    So : The cell number 1 have 1 cell adjacent. The cell number 2 have 5 cells adjacent. The number 3 have 6 cells adjacent and the number 4 have 3 cells adjacent.

    The combination for the clue is ΓÇ£1234ΓÇ¥ but the cells adjacent at the numbers cells not just the numbers.

    So : 1 = 1 ; 2 = 5 ; 3 = 6 and 4 = 3

    Now just apply numbers at the last letter of the end of each line of the above ABC. So : D = 1 ; H = 2 ; L = 3 ; P = 4 ; T = 5 and X = 6.

    And now solve it.
    1 = 1 = D
    2 = 5 = T
    3 = 6 = X
    4 = 3 = L

    DTXL in my case I don’t know if is the same in all of us.

    Terrible!!! But other done!!!

    1. Myst

      You can find another clue rear this door too!!!

      1. Myst

        Great! Of course!

  26. Myst

    The number of the QR code (in your case 287 but in my case 305) is the number of Twitter followers. I’m not able to prove it again of course but the number to open it now probably is 338 (the followers now)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm thanks I’ll add that. But 287 worked for me.

      1. Myst

        Then I’m not sure why work 287. But in my case I opened with this 305 and was the number of followers at the beginning of the week. It’s a crazy game!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Hmm weird. And yep, no one’s completed it yet!

  27. Irina

    I simply saw numbers 287 on the QR code:). Look closely!)

  28. Bezan

    The object you found near sofa can be used on chair in front of Mac, it shows number 83326.

  29. Melo

    For the riddle O= 7. LAST?
    You have to read the poem you’ve hot from the begining : “only one room, only one way… Leave or stay”
    There is 7 letters o , count the letters L, A, S and T

    1. Bezan

      After you getting pilers, use it under the mask of anonymous, and date is from movie V for Vendetta, remember, remember the 5th november.
      So date is 05 11 1605

      1. Bezan

        WHen you get a knife cut pillows and get battery and some note.

        1. Bezan

          Also you can us pilers on cable where lamp shade was

        2. Bezan

          Also you can us pilers on cable where lamp shade was, and after that you can pick up a bulb, use it both items on cube object on the right side of bed, apparently there are on and off switches, i don’t know atm combination.

  30. Bezan

    Note from pillow p.239 is for Tesla book

    1. Heather

      What do we do with the tesla page? I’m lost in the sauce on that one

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Looks like candles to me, but can’t do anything with them yet. Maybe need matches?

        1. Ry Jay

          Matches are in the box above the bird on the six-section shelf.

  31. Irina

    SEWEN – I think is South, East, West, East, North

    1. Jeanne

      Yes that’s right. It’s used on a small box you’ll find later on. I don’t remember where it was though, sorry.

  32. Dimitri

    Excuse me if this is a silly question but, how do you join the golden ball and the star?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Just select the ball, then select the star. 🙂

  33. Dimitri

    The symbols at the right of the bed are letters in PIGPEN (masonic) alphabet, if I’m not wrong the letters are DHGFIEABC. Probably something is needed with the two interruptors ON-OFF (connect bulb and wire before).

    The green binary sequences in the monitor can be converted to letters, using ASCII conversion. They say: “You give wine” “You get gem”.

    1. Irina

      I connected bulb and wire!! Can you write an order of ON n OFF ?? Please!

    2. Bezan

      I thing that this is connected with
      Numbers somehow just instead of letter, we should use numbers, instead of ABCDEFGHI, use 123456789 with same grid. Or like on keyboard

      7 8 9
      4 5 6
      1 2 3

      1. Irina

        Where can I use it???

    3. Heather

      What’s the password though for the comp to unscramble? I looked up the code online and got the answer but to unlock it and go to the next puzzle? I still can’t figure out either how to get the dang corkscrew out of the vase…

  34. Kelly

    There is a clue under the draw that open after you put the guy fawkes date in.

  35. this place

    321? or 320? opened the second door under the birdhouse and the clue on the back of the door is 2CCW. you find another piece of paper in it. with some playing card symbols on it.

    1. Heather

      Also the clue behind where the books open haze the three squares and the smallest is 1 in pink middle is 2in blue and largest is 3 in green…. Since the 4cw is in green maybe that’s the last number in the sequence I haven’t gotten the second drawer to open but is the 2ccw in blue?

      1. this place


  36. this place

    I think this maybe the combination lock clues… 4 clockwise (4CW) and then 2 counter clockwise (2CCW) ???

  37. this place

    From behind the second door under the birdhouse

  38. this place

    I can’t find the clue again…it was the same astrix with dots with a combination of numbers/equation 3 times on a paper. the fourth equation was how you get the answer I cant remember where it was. I can seem to find it again. Do you remember where it was? I will look for it again

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I dont think I’ve gotten that clue yet. Hmm…

    2. nos4ah2

      it was

      7 * 6 = 175
      12 * 8 = 225
      21 * 9 = 350
      11 * 5 = ?

  39. this place

    It might have went away once I solved it…?like the pliers did

  40. this place

    What was the clue under the vendetta mask? I can’t get back under it again, so maybe that where I got it?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t have the tools yet to get that. Missing some steps.

  41. this place

    do you have the pliers?

  42. this place

    O=7 LAST? thats the code on the wall above the globe

    count the letter L’s in the “one room” note/clue, then the “A”‘s, “S”‘s and the “T”‘s

    I think it was 4421, but again the clue went away after I used it

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Wow seriously? Damn this game. Thanks, will work that out and add it to the walkthrough.

  43. Bex

    Anyone gotten further? I got the asterisk door under the clock accidentally – 320 (was trying to type “350” :-/). Used the clue in that door to open the top drawer under mirror, got stick.
    I think the elephant and dolphin clues pertain to the numbers on the dartboard and apply to the stars positions, but haven’t gotten numbers for other animals. And I’m stuck!

    1. Heather

      Right side of first drawer computer desk has 29 and a bird

  44. Bruk

    Is anyone found the wooden stick yet?? Not sure where to use it helpppp
    (Got it From first drower under the mirror)

      1. Bruk

        I’m not sure but I think I got The clue for the first mirror door I from the left pillow can’t rimember:)

      2. Heather

        The clue is in the second drawer under the clock it’s the positions the circles should be in

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I still don’t understand the clue for that drawer lol.

          1. Heather

            Line each pic up like the paper then press the button to the right in the same position

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Which paper are you referrinrg to? Are we talkinf about the same thing?

          2. Heather

            The piec of paper the has 4 separate pics of 2lines and a dot I got it in the second drawer under the clock the one with the astric

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, I’m still trying to decipher the clue for the asterisk puzzle.

        2. Heather

          I figured it by by trial and error 320 worked for me…. I had the head of the math department even looking at it lol

          1. AppUnwrapper

            So no one knows why it’s 320? Alright, I guess I’ll just add it to the walkthrough.

    1. Irina

      I found. But I don’t know where to use it :(((

  45. Bruk

    Can’t open the lower drower near the bed …17 doest seems to work heeellllp pls

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Keep trying? That’s what I did and it finally worked.

      1. Bruk

        Finally .. 17 .. Worked .. Gee thanks

      2. Jeanne

        The number 64 worked for me twice (I’m trying to retrace my steps on a tablet) and it worked for at least one other person so it might be another number someone might want to try.

      3. Tim

        The third line is the numbers of the first line reversed and the last line is the 2nd line reversed.

  46. Jeanne

    A couple of things I can help with. The CW and CCW clues are behind the doors under the birdhouse. They are for the clock puzzle, the one with one clock hand. I was able to open the space under the clock before I had all 4 numbers. The combination was 4 clockwise, 7 counterclockwise, 5 CW, 2CCW. The password for the computer is FLOWER. The painting: some people are able to open it without finding the clue, others can’t. I pushed corners for days and I didn’t get it open until I had the clue I.e. don’t waste your time.

    1. Jeanne

      For the combination, go 4 steps clockwise, 7 CCW etc., don’t go to the actual numbers. If you do it right you will land on the number 12 at the end.

    2. Heather

      Where did you get the clue my husband and I are at a stand still

      1. this place

        And the 7ccw

        1. Jeanne

          The clues for the clock with one hand are all behind the first 4 doors under the birdhouse. From top down: 5CW, 2CCW, 7CCW, and 4CW. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to frustrate people by giving clues that might not work yet but this game is so confusing there is no logical sequence so I don’t remember everything we did and in what order. Good luck everyone.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Any idea how to solve the puzzles leading up to those clues?

  47. Heather

    There is a clue next to the top drawer on the computer stand it is 29 with a bird head next to it

  48. Heather

    Anyone get what to use the symbols on top of the bed for?

  49. Bruk

    Guysss Anyone got the stars puzzle right? I thought the clue is SEWEN
    South-east / west / east/ north
    But m still stuck …


    1. Irina

      No!!! SEWEN is not the clue for star puzzle!

  50. Jon bova

    Sewen is for 4 button code after you answer computer question.

  51. Irina

    When you will enter a word FLOWER on a computer, a drawer will be opened with a small box. So SEWEN is a clue for this

    1. this place

      Did anyone get the batteries into the box u put the gem into yet?

    2. Bruk

      Worked! Thnx

  52. Jon bova

    Yes on egos open the box you will get gem to put in the remote for other clue

  53. Jon bova

    Yes once open the box you will get gem to put in the remote for other clue

    1. this place

      How does the gem in the remote give u another clue?

  54. Jon bova

    Just combine gem to remote. Same size as gem on the remote.

    1. this place

      But doing that just puts the gem in the remote right? It doesn’t generate another clue?

  55. Jon bova

    Did u put battery in the remote? It show me bird dolphin x elephant fox

    1. this place

      the two little orange batteries? or is there another?

      1. this place

        I can’t get the batteries to go in the remote, the gem goes but not the batteries????

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Turn the remote around. I’m still missing one battery, though.

          1. this place

            Did you type FLOWER into the computer?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              I’m trying to do things in order for the sake of my walkthrough. I assume the corkscrew is needed for the wine bottle to get that clue?

          2. Heather

            One is in the pillow the other is in the clock next to the bed

        2. Melo

          Combine them before

          1. this place

            THAT WAS IT!!! thank you

  56. Melo

    Did you find fox’s Number?

  57. jon bova

    Nope still looking

  58. Melo

    You can also put gem in mask’s right eye. But i still don’t know what for

    1. Jeanne

      There is at least one other gem.

    2. Ry Jay

      Further on in the game you get a laser pointer that shoots two lasers at the gems in the eyes of the mask.

  59. BranMan

    So happy to find this site. You guys have made it further than me. Two ideas I have not had luck with yet (but maybe you will):

    1. The clock above the birdhouse only has 8 dots, so I think it represents octal time (look it up). That divides the day into 32,768 parts (8 “hours”, 64 “minutes” and 64 “seconds”). So, maybe the 5 digit code under the birdhouse is the time on the clock in octal?

    2. The code under the light bulb looks like sections of a hashtag grid. They seem to be the borders of the 9 sections of that kind of grid. But no idea how that relates to the light. Maybe we’ll find a numbeerd grid later?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, for #2 that would usually refer to something like a tic-tac-toe board. But don’t see anything like that yet.

      1. this place

        Dimitri says:

        The symbols at the right of the bed are letters in PIGPEN (masonic) alphabet, if IΓÇÖm not wrong the letters are DHGFIEABC. Probably something is needed with the two interruptors ON-OFF (connect bulb and wire before).

        1. BranMan

          Wow. I think you are right. There is a version of the Masonic cipher that has MN in the same box (the MN clue!) Each box has 2 letters, and you write one symbol with a dot and one without to tell the difference. So, the code could actually be GH/OP/MN/KL/QR/IJ/AB/CD/EF. Maybe we need to pick one letter from each pair to make a word and the letters with dots mean “on” (or off). Hope this makes sense.

          1. Helga

            Tried rhis and cannot work it out
            What about the nice room puzzle
            And the star sequence

  60. Melo

    Or maybe, the interruptors ON-OFF are some binary code …

  61. Helga

    Tried 1 letter from each but got no where apart from home??? If don’t have to be In order and then kriaid left


  62. Helga

    What about the

    Nice room puzzle??? Anyone…. Or the basket with the triangle and the blur, red, gold

  63. Bezan

    A number for the puzzle under the birdhouse is 6561 u get it when u do 3x3x3x3… Til you get nuber 6561, then you take scissors and use it on dress, now you can combine that object with hook.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      How did you know to multiply by 3’a? Did you find somw clue?

    2. Helga

      Fab, thanks for that,
      Have you got the code ….for nice room by any chance

    3. Helga

      What do you do with it once you have combined it ??? Tried looking around …..

    4. Bezan

      Nah i just assumed that clue is 3 squares so i thought that it is 3x3x3 till you get 4 digit number, and clue was next to bookshelf behid of opened draw.

  64. Heather

    I think I am missing something a step or not or I’m just lost in the sauce again bc I can’t get the batteries gem and remote to combine?

    1. Bruk

      Me too can’t combine batteries and gem with remote … What m I missi here?

    2. Bruk

      First combine batteries together then put it in the remote (in the back side)

      1. Heather

        I still can’t combine the batteries or gem with remote

  65. Bruk

    Anyone figured out where to use the hook didn’t work with the flower vase …

  66. Eli

    The DENDEN clue is underneath the tile in one of the corners.

      1. Eli

        You need the crowbar. You get it by lighting the candles in the right order. (right order is in Tesla book). Use crowbar on mirror and on tile in one of the corners of the room. On the back of the tile you’ll find ‘DENDEN’

          1. Eli

            Maybe in the yellow RGB box – I don’t know anymore, sorry.

          2. Eli

            Maybe it was the box above of the bird on the shelf. TEAL is the answer.

  67. Bruk

    How did you take off the corner tile ?

  68. Eli

    You can always go through the zillion of posts on the IDAC Facebook page. I worked my way through with the help of all the comments there. (It doesn’t take that long as it seems) 😉
    Now I’m stuck just like everybody else.

  69. Bruk

    Put TEAL on the bird puzzle , get matches , light up candles the right order (book page) get crowbar,use it to open the tile pick up tool using hook combined with rope

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Any idea where TEAL comes from? I’ll add it to the walkthrough anyway, bjt would be nice to know.

  70. Bruk

    Found some strange box under the bed.. Stuck again .. :,,(

  71. jon bova

    There the word “SIXLIES” under the drawer when u get the crowbar.

  72. Bezan

    Ok under the draw where you found a crowbar, there is a code SEILXIS or 5317×15 and its 79755 code for 3rd draw under birdhouse.

  73. jon bova

    Also use crowbar to break the mirror to pick up 2 broken glass pieces

  74. Bruk

    Also fine 4 marked shpes on the brush

      1. Bezan

        Where to use it to find glue?!

  75. jon bova

    Where u get the glue from? That can glue 2broken glass to make gem i hope

  76. Bruk

    Maybe something with the markes on the bed ? Star triangle square circle..

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, already solved that part. Added it to my walkthrough. 🙂

  77. Bezan

    nope its on picture, just to say its not TEAL for box above bird its TEAM

      1. Bezan

        I don’t know -.- thats the problem, maybe it have some connection with 83326 clue i just know, since i don’t have that paper clue in my inventory.

        1. Heather

          If you say them separate 8-33-26 kinda sounds like football so maybe that’s why it’s team?

          1. AppUnwrapper

            What about all the numbers with animals next to them? Di they relate to the animal figurines?

          2. Heather

            Someone posted that once you unlock the remote it tells you that you multiply them for an answer I’m guessing for the fry box?

          3. Heather

            Someone posted that once you unlock the remote it tells you that you multiply them for an answer I’m guessing for the gray box*

        2. Bex

          “Team” is old phone text 83326- 8=t, e= hitting 3 twice, a= 2, m=6

  78. Bruk

    How did you get glue ??

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Look near the end of my walkthrough. Has to do with the brush and the painting.

  79. Bruk

    O found it .. Don’t know where to use it .. Tried broken glass didn’t work ..

  80. BranMan

    Some pregress. If you put the red gem in the box where the blue gem was, you get a diferent clue. 4 arrows, pointing SW, N, E, and SE. Those correspond to the balls on the stars under the books. Point the star-balls the right way and something opens to give you a clipper. You can use that to cut the lamp post and get a metal stick.

      1. BranMan

        I think the blue gem was in the box you open with the SEWEN clue. When you type FLOWER into the computer it opens a drawer with that box, and tap the buttons in order (South East West East North)

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Where is SEWEN from? I haven’t seen that anywhere.

          1. BranMan

            Behind the gray box above the globe.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Oh missed that. Thanks! Btw, the game no longer says how many people escaped?

    1. Heather

      The box was in the top desk drawer I can’t put it back bc it’s no longer there?

  81. jon bova

    Use the cutter you got from star tp cur lamp post

  82. Heather

    It won’t let me combine the glue stick and magnet either hmmm

      1. Heather

        I’ve tapped both repeatedly and no go… Am I missing something and still can’t get the remote together

  83. BranMan

    Small step forward. I opened the drawer with 4 symbols on it (2nd down under the mirror). Tried to figure it out based on answers to the 4 symbols represented, but no luck. So, by brute force, I got 2020 or 2021 (sorry I was scrolling through numbers fast). YOu get a paper with colors and numbers: Green-1 Blue-2 Red-3 Yellow-4. No idea what it means.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That sounds like it might tell you the order for the safe? The cw, ccw. I don’t think there was anything to give the order before.

    2. Heather

      It opened 2124 for me

    3. Heather

      On side of drawer left is the fox

      1. Heather

        Bird dolphin. X. Elephant fox = 2913 X. 1723 = 5019099

  84. Heather

    I tried it on gray box but it wouldn’t open for me I still can’t get remote together or the stick and magnet so it may not work for me

  85. Den

    Second drawer under mirror 212?

    1. Heather

      2124 worked for me other said 2021 and 2120

  86. Bruk

    Found MP3 playyer … Played some music… That’s it …

    1. BranMan

      Where did you find that?

  87. Den

    Grey box (nrs of animals)
    29 (13 x 17) 23 = 29 221 23

  88. Bruk

    And the colore clue didn’t work opening the safe … Tried 4cw 7ccw 5cw 2ccw … Help

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Wasn’t the safe. It’s the clock. Added it to my walkthrough.

  89. Bruk

    So what is the 4 colors clue ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Tells you the order for the clockwise and counter-clockwise clues.

  90. Eli

    So there are 3 doors left. First: 3rd drawer below mirror, 4×4 grid (guess it goes with piece of paper with playing card suits – use black light on piece of paper and numbers appear to the left).
    Second: 5×7 grid (left box in the shelf) – might be associated with music player. Third: Upper right drawer next to bed with masonian (?) alphabet clue.
    Anyone got to open any of these??
    Also, I have no idea where to use brush, pole, screwdriver,lamp shade.
    Btw- it still says 0 persons soved it in my game.

    1. Eli

      Blacklight numbers appear to the RIGHT.

    2. Heather

      I have a buddy that’s head of the Masonic temple here and I sent it to him

      1. Bruk

        Nice 😉

  91. Heather

    I have
    1 teal box with Greek letters
    2 basket with red,blue,yellow dots
    3 basket with 5×7 grid
    4 under the light next to bed
    5 3rd drawer under mirror
    6 nice room drawer. — with black light the letters link no-ir-cm-eo
    7 the thing under the bed

    Any thoughts? Cause I am lost in the sauce

    1. Heather

      In my inventory I have: screwdriver,brush,glue, USB cable, remote, lamp shade, card grid, ipod( turns on no sound though), black light, glass shards, pole…. Where to go?

        1. Heather

          I’m working on it now talking with someone I know who’s head of the Masonic temple here

          1. Heather

            Just random letters no code for a Masonic answer

    2. Eli

      Do number 6 first.
      1:I forgot all about the Greek letter box,couldn’t open it so far
      2: insert gems into guy fawkes mask and glue shards onto wall (beneath the painting with house, sheep…) and light two lights on basket on the shelf – don’t know how to light third light.
      3: no idea
      4: no idea
      5: no idea
      6: find MN clue on the back of one of the drawers (don’t remember which one it was and use black light on it). Press b2a1d4c3 on nice room drawer. Get little box with red and blue blob. Use USB cable and box on computer, then continue with step 2.
      7: no idea

      1. BranMan

        Wow. Just caught up. Lasers now flying around the room. Maybe that yellow light that we can turn on/off becomes the 3rd light for the basket with the 3 dots?

      2. AppUnwrapper

        Where did you glue the shards? It’s not working for me.

      3. Bubberoni

        What if b2a1c3d4 does not work for Nice Room puzzle?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          You may need to find more clues. The developer changed things in an update.

  92. Bruk

    Where did you get ‘black light’ ? M lost ..

    1. Heather

      The safe I believe let me check

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Is there anything behind the door where the cutters were? Because it’s not showing me anything.

        1. Heather

          Not that I have found

        2. BranMan

          I have not been able to look behind door where the cutters were.

    2. Heather

      The animal clues, 29,23,17,13 are the combo to the safe lock next to bed start cow

        1. BranMan

          Fox clue is on the side of the second drawer down under the mirror.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Thanks! Added it to the walkthrough. Did you figure out the equation and what it’s used for?

          2. BranMan

            Check out Den’s answer above. The equation in the remote with teh blue gem says bird dolphin x elephant fox. Den figured out that meant 29 (13 x 17) 23 or 29 221 23. Enter those 7 digits in the elephant box and it opens.

  93. Lene

    The code for the 3rd drawer under the mirror, is 79755

    1. Lene

      SIXLIES (from under the drawer next to the candles) = 5317×15

    2. Heather

      The 3rd drawer under mirror is a grid how does that work with it?

    3. Bruk

      I missing something here.. how did you all figured the code for their safe??

  94. Bruk

    How did you managed to open the safe ? Thnx

    1. Heather

      Animal clues 29,23,17,13 ccw

    2. Lene

      I think it was 21??.

  95. Bruk

    The animal clue goes with the grey box on the shelf but what’s the code for the safe near the bed

    1. Heather

      29ccw,23cw,17ccw,13cw but stop on those numbers don’t donut the move like the clock

        1. BranMan

          They are the animal numbers (bird=29, fox-23, etc)

    2. Eli

      You need to count the letters of the first note you got. It’s in the walkthrough!!!!

  96. Heather

    That’s it it is used more than once

  97. Bruk

    I’ll try thnx 🙂

  98. jon bova

    Use blacklight on paper with heart diamond spade and club

  99. Bruk

    I used the black light but did you understand the numbers clue to solve the puzzle?

  100. jon bova

    Nope not at all

  101. Bruk

    The numbers obviously refer to the the order of buttons as in 1,2,3 .. But still stuck

  102. Anne

    It looks like most people on this page are now at the same place I am with 4 boxes left to open. I hope someone here has some new ideas because I’ve tried everything I could think of. Btw, the music player does play music. You should be hearing drum beats.

    1. BranMan

      Agreed. Drum beats on the MP3 player seem like a code since there are 16 beats and 2 different types. Pattern (where 1=high pitch beat and 2=low) is 1121112111221121. Anyone?

      1. Bruk

        Maybe we have to use it on the light bulb puzzle? It has similar knocking when pushing it..
        Well this game is crazy inough to do

  103. Bruk

    P.s and how about some walkthrouhg 😉 seems. We are all lost lol

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Im behind you guys. 😛 I’m still missing a few things.

  104. Bruk


  105. Heather

    I can’t hear anything with the iPod… Also what about the 5×7

    1. BranMan

      If you press the button on the right side of the player, you should see a music note picture and hear a drum beat. No idea about the 5×7 grid. I assume we have not gotten a clue for that yet.

      1. Heather

        Yeah did that and see the note but no sound…hmmm maybe mines broken lol

        1. Anne

          When you start up the game there’s a little gear icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on that and see if the sound is turned off. Also check the volume on your phone.

          1. Heather

            Thank you…lol… I didn’t even think about settings lol

  106. jon bova

    Okay i use blacklight and i look side of sofa where u find handle. There a clue there said

  107. jon bova

    Also use blacklight on the nice room door u will see letter switch around

  108. jon bova

    Other blacklight clue where u see door on bed show mn it show om=c4

    1. Den

      See comment Eli

      1. Eli

        I don’t really know what you mean by ‘see comment’ 🙁

  109. Bruk

    How did you alive the 4×4 puzzle? The cards clue doesn’t work for me
    Also can’t turn around the drower (nice room puzzle)
    Any ideas guys?

  110. Bruk

    How did you alive the 4×4 puzzle? The cards clue doesn’t work for me
    Also can’t turn around the drower (nice room puzzle)
    Any ideas guys?

  111. Bruk

    I ment ‘solved’

    1. Anne

      For Nice Room puzzle try pressing b2a1d4c3 (thanks Removable Head).

      1. Bruk

        I ment the 3rd drower puzzle ..?

        1. Anne

          Sorry, that’s one of the four I don’t have open yet.

      2. SAB

        Not getting the NICE ROOM door to open but the b2a1d4c3 isn’t working for me. Can someone explain how they figured this puzzle out from the black light clues?

  112. Heather

    I’m at a stand still I have the 2 baskets the teal box the 3rd drawer and the light bulb…. Anyone got anything?

    1. Lene

      If it’s the 3rd drawer under the mirror you mean, then the code is 79755

      1. Heather

        Third drawer under the mirror is a 4×4 grid so that can not be the answer Hun… I do agree with everyone that it has something to do with the card paper

  113. Michelle

    6560 nor 6561 works on my 3 boxes under the birdhouse how did you get this number please

    1. Bex

      6561 is the product of 3 squares starting with 3 at the base: 3×3=9, 9×9=81, 81×81= 6561, so it is 3 squares.

  114. Michelle

    Do I need to do something beforehand then because it doesn’t work on mine neither does 2123 work on the 2nd drawer below the dartboard

  115. Michelle

    2125 not 2123

  116. Bex

    The game often forces you to view clues before you can open doors. So only after you open the top door under the birdhouse can you open the second drawer under the mirror. For the top door under the birdhouse- did you view the clue behind the door next to the books?

  117. Foxy

    The numbers on the card grid are 1 to 8. Something to do with the 8 number clock? Or cards in order of Diamond Heart spade club spade diamond heart club?

  118. Michelle

    Thought I had but mustn’t have got it now though thank you

  119. Foxy

    The Card Grid could show the order to press the buttons for 3rd drawer under the mirror.

    Blacklight OM=c4, CE=d3 OM and CE are both letter pairs from NICE ROOM. Maybe there are 2 more backlight clues for NI and RO.

    I’m so stuck 🙁

    1. Bruk

      Nice idea …probably right…

  120. Bex

    Stuck too… Thinking the mp3 is a clue that the lights/pigpen hint should be translated to morse or binary but I’m not getting anywhere with that. No idea at all with the suits and black light numbers. Tried hitting the rows in the black light order to the mp3 beat, tried translating numbers to morse…

  121. gk22

    can’t open the nice room drawer no matter what combination of letters i try,


    so frustrarted that others are past this but i can’t open it, on android game, dunno if combination is different on iphone

    1. Anne

      The developer just tweeted that he updated the Android version so no one could solve puzzles using brute force i.e. trial and error. You will have to see all the clues now in order to open anything.

  122. Bruk

    The nice room drower b1a2d4c3 (not sure I rem why..)
    But on some cases you have to find all the clues before you solve the puzzle .. Maybe you should look for clues turn all opened door over

  123. Bezan

    Can someone use Shazam for that sound from mp3 player, maybe there is some clues for other puzzles.

  124. bruk

    Allready did …use sound hound ….. abviasaly didnt work:)

  125. Stas

    We have 16 binary sounds on the iPod (0010 0010 0011 0010) and 16 binary buttons on the drawer under the mirror. Maybe there is some kind of connection?

    1. Bex

      This is what I’ve been trying too. I think the black light numbers next to the suits clue (at least 1234) were meant to be used for the NICE ROOM drawer to show what orders to push the buttons. So that only leaves the 16 beats and the card suits for free clues.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        What if there is no escape because it is literally an impossible room!? 😛

    2. Foxy

      I only hear 9 drum beats on the MP3. I’ll use . for short beat, – for longer.

      Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼ -. Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼ – I tried Morse Code translator it gave me S N S E

      1. Bex

        Oh? I have ..-. ..-. ..– ..-., which translates to… Nothing really. 2232 in binary.

  126. Stas

    Explanation step 7 wrong. The answer is not 17.

    If we press the enter button many times, we can see that the digits in the numbers vary in couples. The only two digits have not own pair – digits in the first two-digit number in the second row. On the picture above is a “17”, but in this place can be any two-digit number (for example XY). If you enter YX (or, probably, XY) – the drawler will be open.

    1. Heather

      Huh for the grid missing a number 17 worked for me I am lost about what you are talking about

      1. Stas

        I mean if you enter digits of first number from second row – the drawler will be open. All numbers are random. 17 – is not always correct answer.

  127. Stas

    Does anyone understand what it means “MN”? Midnight?

    1. Bex

      Maybe your supposed to reverse the clues for NICE ROOM to make ROOM NICE so the m and n are next to each other for the other grid? That may be a stretch though. Someone pointed out the developers initials are MN. Maybe it’s a red herring.

    2. Foxy

      MN is the initials of the Creator Maruf Nebil

  128. Stas

    What are you thinking about dolphin-box? Anybody is opened it?

    Why colors of animals (bird, dog, elephant and dolphin) are matches colors of stars on the bookshelf?

  129. jon bova

    Just found out put the black box with blue and red on it and connect it to computer and laser will turn on

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, that’s already in the walkthrough. 🙂

  130. jon bova

    Laser will point to the mask and need put both gem on the eyes

  131. jon bova

    Nevermind it already post on the page lol. I am. Way behind

  132. Stas

    Numbers on the clue with playing-cards looks like a sequence of the rows: 2nd row, 1st row, 4th row, 3rd row, 4th row, 2nd row, 1st row and 3rd row.


    1. Stas


      ♦♥♠♣ ♠♦♥♣

      1. bruk

        I don’t get it …;(

        1. Helga

          I don’t either ??? Says to go back to the guy Fawkes clue…. 05111605 ????

          1. bruk

            Where did you get this number? I mean m soso lost .. ;(

  133. bruk

    Stas: and what did you mean when you put the cards order? Is this some kind of soloution here?

    1. Stas

      I think, that “27, 16, 48, 35” on playing-cards table is order of rows “2, 7, 1, 6, 4, 8, 3, 5”.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        If the card suits were next to a hashtag or tic-tac-toe board, i would say the light buttons are related to it. But i really don’t know what those symbols on the light refer to otherwise.

  134. Hel

    The 05111605 is answer to guy Fawkes mask…. Not sure about cards in order but the diagram above bed is summat to do with the scrubbing brush
    Circle, star,triangle,circle,square,circle

  135. Stas

    Author issued bugfix for iOS.

  136. Helen

    It may be the order of inputting figure from guy fawkes….
    05111605 would be

    Or if you say in order of row.on what
    The 4×4 or the 7×5

  137. Irina

    Does the location of candles can to be the key to solution the 4×4 puzzle??? 3 1 4 2

  138. Helen

    The 27 and 35 are diff shade which on guy fawkes is 1st and last 2 digits
    05 05 either that or middle ones 1116???

  139. Bex

    How did you learn that we have to re-use the Guy Fawkes clue?

  140. Helen

    I read it on a page on fb called IDAC with help and tips on.maruf who made game posted this as only clue on twitter…. to go back to the guy fawkes… i looked on net n mask is called vendetta n 2005 came out…. either links to black markings on his face and 4 symbol box….

    Or what i have said relating to date entered???

    Anyone got it yet

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t think that clue was meant to tell us to uae the mask again. I think it was the clue for the date that we ready solved. I could be wrong, though.

  141. Foxy

    Remember Remember
    The Fifth of November
    Gunpowder Treason and Plot
    We see no Reason
    Why Gunpowder Treason
    Should ever be forgot

    This is the full rhyme for Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night (English tradition where we do fireworks and bonfire parties etc. on 5 November)

  142. Helen

    Yes i know and have added the 05111605 as you cant put gems in otherwise for lasers?? He specifically said revisit it so i looked at the 4×4 box with playing cards and where on the grid and used it against that??you get what i mean…i have posted this earlier…. vendetta was out 16032005 and not year 1605???
    I keep trying

  143. Helen

    Markings on mask similar to that of 4symbol box using masonic letters???

  144. no4ah2

    Following the guide to the letter. Stuck at NICE ROOM drawer so since the developer has updated the app to force all related clues to be found before a puzzle can be solved means that the walkthrough is incomplete. Can you please retrace all the steps to see if you left anything out?

    How many blacklight clues exist? The card suits grid, the side of the couch and the back of the door, three? That’s all I could find. What are we missing?


    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, i have to go back and add explanations for a few solutions. If anyone can help with that, I’d appreciate it!

    2. jon bova

      Use the blacklight on nice room door.

    3. nos4ah2

      I’ll clarify for the commenters to my initial post.

      I’ve already put the blacklight on the NICE ROOM door as per the walk-through. I have already tried the b2/a1/d4/c3 combination as per the walk-through. It’s not working. I have restarted the game from the beginning twice to make sure I didn’t miss a step. Still stuck.

      It may have worked a day or so ago, but the developer has updated the game and is forcing us to unearth each clue in order to move past the puzzles. Therefore, following this guide leaves me stuck.

      I fired up the blacklight and went to each nook and cranny in the game that I had been to before. I even turned on the light next to bed using the button under the pigpen cipher (the right button turns the light on and the left button turns the light off)

      I think the walk through is fantastic and it seems to be the only one that exists, so I am happy to have it.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        The comments might help you. Some of my walkthrough was copied from the comments section, and I may have missed something.

    4. Stas

      > How many blacklight clues exist? The card suits grid, the side of the couch and the back of the door, three?

      Four. Also lines around letters on NICE ROOM drawler.

  145. jon bova

    Nice is for letter. Room is for number

  146. Bruk

    Hi everyone .. Any progress with the gam? We are so stuck

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m wondering why we still have the remote. Also, the brush, which has some bristles missing, creating a small gap. The things we have left all seem so unrelated.

      1. bruk

        Maybe the developer will releas a clue .. I mean this game is impossible.. Did anyone try to tweet ?

        1. Stas

          He tweeted a link to the article, where published some pictures with clues.

        2. Jeanne

          I tweeted him. He said if he gave hints then his game wouldn’t be impossible. He wants everyone to fail. It feeds his ego. All it really says about his game though is that it’s not logical, since intelligent people cannot figure it out.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Impossible: “not able to occur, exist, or be done.”

  147. Bruk

    I noticed there is update on AppStore ‘bug fixed’ … Guess it means no progress without finding clues ..

  148. Stas

    I’m sure, that strange simbols on the drawler under the lamp are freemasonic code. But I cannot find a decoder.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Googled that, though, and it looks too limited to me to be that. The alphabet is much more varied.

      1. Stas

        see here: themasonictrowel . com / education / others_files/ the_masonic_cipher / the_masonic_cipher . htm

        1. Stas

          Also see article “Pigpen cipher” in Wikipedia

    2. Bruk

      If you refer the simbols as abc… You get all alphabet letters from a to I …not in the right alphabet order .. Dhgfieabc maybe we have to re-arrange them somehow by clicking the buttons the right order left/right …?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I don’t see any buttons for them othet than the two light switches.

  149. Bruk

    If you add dots to the simbols you get different alphabets : MQPORNJKL
    Any ideas ?

    1. Helen

      Either way …. if you put them in alphabetical order you get

      789164325 ???
      Where does that go thou

    2. Stas

      For example, “Guy Fawkes” – also 9 symbols.

    3. Stas

      Probably, clock on the wall also a part of mason code.

  150. drap3

    It sounds to me there are 3 separate tones from the iPad.
    I’ll designate as 1, 2, & 3
    1 2 3 1 1 2 3 2 1 2 3 3 1 2 3 2
    The 5X7 grid has 3 position switches white, gray, and black.

  151. Helen

    Its 8??? 05111605??

  152. Helen

    Sorry stras read your comment wrong..i see what you mean now…

    Drap3 yes it has 3 colours
    But where do you put what
    Have you done this

    1. drap3

      No, I haven’t figured out how to make it work.

  153. Bezan

    Guys for the on and off puzzle we need some tic-tac-toe clue, and i thing that is hidden somewhere in other puzzles or the clue is already there but we dont see it.

  154. gk22

    I think others are on right track with the mp3 player, I’m a musician but sadly not a drummer,

    there are 3 distinct tones, bass drum (b), snare(s) & hi hat(h),

    i get

    h h h h h h h h h
    s b b s b s s b s

    i recorded the sound onto computer, loaded it up into audacity, played it slowed down, and noted the different sounds.

    need to work out which color on 5×7 grid refers to which beat, and how to apply that into a solution.

    still cant get the nice room drawer to open, have a feeling the 5×7 drawer may be hiding another blacklight clue.

  155. gk22

    trying to get correct formatting to show…

    h h    h h h    h   h       h   h
        s b b   s   b   s s b   s

  156. gk22

    trying to get correct formatting to show…

    ignore previous, this is closer, html is very limited

    h   h       h   h   h         h       h                 h       h

               s  b   b           s       b       s   s   b       s

    1. Stas

      I hearing:


  157. Helen

    The clock is 03:40:56…What is zero on masonic code??
    3 a or J
    4 e or n
    5 c or l 6 i or n

  158. Helen

    The box with 4 symbols are greek letters
    Thetra round one with line
    Omega is circle
    Psi candle looking one
    Sigma is e one but if at end its v(vendetta mask??) TOPSV

  159. Helen

    Omega c9…00389
    Theta b8…00398
    Psi c8…003a8
    Sigma c3…003a3
    Help to use them

  160. gk22

    the analogue clock doesn’t have enough dots to represent all the hours so i’m considering each dot to represent degrees,

    hour hand = 135
    minute hand = 225
    second hand = 315

  161. Stas

    Can anybody to decode a barcode on the “Roger Bacon” book?

  162. Stas

    Probably, RO=B2 (“RO” – “ROger”, “B” – “Bacon”, 2 – second book).

    1. Stas

      And NI=C4 (“NI” – “Nikolay”, “C” – “Copernicus”, 4 – 4th book)

  163. Bruk

    I don’t get it ….

  164. Stetch

    Im stuck on the ‘NICE ROOM’ part. I got the code B1 A2 D3 C4 and through the book theory A1 B2 D3 C4. None unlocks it 🙁

    1. nos4ah2

      From the developer…

      Quote from Twitter: @marufnebil seen ce=d3, om=c4, 4×4 paper w hidden nums, nice room lines under UV. nice room drawer won’t open. whats missing?
      @HVKStudios You need two more clues, but you need to solve other puzzles to find those.

      If you are only following this guide, there are still two clues missing from it. If you downloaded the game within the first week or so and have not updated it, then you can solve puzzles without all of the clues. He updated the game about 5 days ago and fixed this ‘bug’. Now you must find every clue related to each puzzle before you can move on.

      You are not the only one stuck here. If you find the other clues, please share back.

  165. Stas

    On the picture behind the globe we can see a compass and a Maltese cross. Compass – hint for “SEWEN”. Probably, Maltese cross is a hint too. For example, code on the drawler under the lamp – is Templar cipher.

  166. Stas

    Also see article “Syst╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼ΓöÉme Lana” in fr.wikipedia. Probably, this cipher is our “MN”.

  167. Vpg

    Any one with any hint?

  168. ADDER

    Maybe the 4×4 grid relates to a card game? Possibly has to do with the numbers from the UV lamp?

    1. Heoolll

      I think tartan is whiskey and bourbon ? This fits with the answer to under the globe ??

      Also, a game with 4×4 grid is called identity ( it won’t let me paste the details but it seems to fit the grid thing and colours off hits on the clue

  169. Stas

    Probably a pattern on the lampshade and the pillows is special tartan.

    1. Stas

      Can anybody find the name of this tartan?

  170. Helen

    game called 16 ( 4╬ô├╢┬úΓö£Γòú4 grid )Also “latin squares” 1234 a1 b2 c3 d4
    2341 c2 d1 a4 b3
    3412 d3 c4 b1 a2
    4123 b4 a3 d2 c1 ???

  171. Helen

    The magic squares… game where every way you total is 15…. m(n)= n(n2+1)/2 may solve the MN?

  172. Helen

    The one with 17 always being answer relates to sudoku (

    The 8 clues he gave i think relate to the grid clue of 27 16 48 35

  173. awakebyjava

    The Magic square is a 4×4, but the buttons on drawer 3 are binary. Need a way to narrow it down.

  174. Chetan

    Anyone fins anything else? I am still stuck on NICE ROOM drawer.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The game was updated, so things might be different for new players. :/

  175. Stetch

    The Pigpen cipher (without dots) becomes GOMKQIACE. To number it becomes 7 15 13 11 17 9 1 3 5. All but 1 and 15 is prime numbers. 1 & 15 into Morse: ΓÇóΓÇö ΓÇöΓÇöΓÇö. Didnt work for me as of nows. Maybe didnt found enough clues. Dont know if this is any help at all xD

  176. Elfstress

    Has anyone noticed that the second I on the sixties under the drawer we got the crowbar from (next to candles) looks like the spiral of a notebook. I tried all items, could not get it out.

    Not sure if the imperfect lampshade pattern or wood grain in desk drawers mean anything, or if this game is just making me Analyze everything.

    Also try looking up solitaire cipher, may have to do with card symbols and encoding.

    I am also stuck right before opening the “nice room” drawer.

    1. Stas

      Hmm… Where did you find a “spiral of a notebook”? I do not see it

    2. Bex

      I see the spiral! I haven’t revisited this game in a while, but a new clue will maybe help out.

  177. Stas

    Look this stock photo:

    This is an image above the painting on the globe, but the author of the game added a cross on it and points. Why?

    1. Stas

      and 2nd picture:

      “Pastoral landscape” by Egidio Graziani

  178. Vpg

    Also in SEWEN Something is behind the first E, not sure what it is….

  179. Calyce

    Hello all!
    Have you noticed, before breaking the mirror, what it was reflecting? It was showing the safe hidden even before the painting was removed.
    You could also see that the elephant is not at the same place on the shelf. It is placed where the grey box was. The dolphin is also not there, there is a yellow thing instead (not sure what it is).

    Maube it is irrelevant but with this game we can’t know 😉

    1. Calyce

      + if you look carefully on the puzzle “Nice Room” you will see the letters are strange, more specially the I and the E. Asif you can plug other letters on it. I think later on we will have to “plug” the letters found on SIXLIES and SEWEN on the NICE ROOM.

  180. Ellmanda

    I can’t find the spoon it’s impossible and the code to the purple box doesn’t work either 🙁 whyyyyy

    1. Tony

      Go to the right pillow and side to the right man!!!

  181. Moumou

    Yo everyone! First, sorry for my bad english, I’m french and I know that I’m really not a genius in english… ^^’ I just wanted to point out that for the Masonic alphabet, each box is represented once and only once time. They are all present, but there is no dual … In your opinion, is it important?

  182. BranMan

    Game update today. Looks like hints are now available by watching ads. The hints are random so they often give clues about stuff the group already solved here. But I imagine someone with patience will finally get a hint for something new.

    One that I saw said “pointers on the clock are hours”. Something to that effect.

  183. Skytte

    Hint no 37 says: Use squares on the wall as coordinate plane.
    Also I got a hint saying that the music should be played correctly, I forgot to write it down, but I’m sure it was something like that. It was hint no 30.

  184. Helen

    10- power of a power 26- tap 2 buttons at same time 33- some items have hints 25- match tic-tax-toe
    29- split music 28- check where animals looking 24- check circles in numbers 34- check name of colours
    31- take back some objects 1-use UV light even on items 27- calculator language 23-4 shapes represent 4 corners. 38- tap correct square on wall….times 21- split symbol to shapes

    1. Bex

      Progressed! Finally. The MN (make 2 letters out of squares) is the next clue. Literallylly maker MN with the 5×7 grid, overlap the letters, so the overlap area becomes black.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Hmm trying this now, but an N is hard to make that looks convincing.

      2. AppUnwrapper

        I made an M and an N to the best of my abilities, but nothing happens.

        1. ADDER

          ◼️ ◼️
          ◼️◼️ ◼️◼️
          ◼️ ◼️ ◼️
          ◼️ ◻️◼️
          ◼️ ◼️
          ◼️ ◼️
          ◼️ ◼️

          1. ADDER

            Nevermind. It didn’t work

          2. AppUnwrapper

            That’s what mine looked like. Let me try again.

          3. AppUnwrapper

            Btw, how did he actually expect anyone to get this without that clue? So ridiculous.

        2. Bex

          Let me try to recreate:
          X. X
          X x x x
          X. X. X
          X. X
          X. X
          X. X
          X. X
          Ignore small x and large x and period… In my phonr

  185. Cracker

    The light bulb puzzle, the white circle is on, the black circle is off, the half white/half black circle means hit both

    1. Cracker

      You get a paper relating to 4×4 puzzle for passing light bulb puzzle

  186. Cracker

    Also just figured out 4×4 puzzle, both papers relate to it. Refer to the one with all suits in it, they are the actual positions of the buttons on the puzzle grid. Use the blacklight with the other paper and get the sequence hint for which ones to hit. Basically you will push four buttons in and then you click them back out. You do all of this in the order of the sequence hint. So only four buttons are actually used. The order they are pushed in is different from the way they are clicked back out.

  187. Cracker

    For 3 button pad you get it relates to music drum sound iPad thing. Let’s say the left is 1 the middle is 2 and the right is 3. You have to reproduce the beat by hitting the buttons. The correct code is 12 2 3 12 12 2 3 2 12 2 3 3 12 2 3 2

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You sure that’s the right sequence? Doesn’t work for me.

      1. Calyce

        12= press 1 and 2 buttons at the same time. I had to redo it three time but finally it worked

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Worked. But can’t figure out what it opened lol.

          1. Calyce

            It opened a box on the ceiling, above the garbage. To open it you need to use the bar from the lamp (excuse my english ;)) and you obtain the glasses

            1. jon bova

              Finally open nice room door after I see clue inside dolphin box by using blacklight

          2. Calyce

            Jona bova how did you opened it ???
            It doesn’t work for me even with the clue of the dolphin box:'(

  188. Cracker

    With the glasses you get from newly opened box, wear them and look on the left side of desk for key to box above dolphin and get six digit alarm clock

    1. Calyce

      With the uv lamp in the blue box you can find “RO=A2”

      I was not able to open the drawer “Nice Room”, so I tried B1 D3 C4 A2 or the code you gave earlier (B2 A1 D4 C3) but it still doesn’t work :'(

      1. Calyce

        Clean with the brush

  189. Moumou

    When you unlock the Daulphin box like Crakers said, You’ve got a hint with the black light: RO=a2

  190. Lene

    Has anyone figured out the alarm clock?

    1. Calyce

      I think you have to enter the same time than on the wood clock. But maybe the alarm clock needs power to work?

      1. Lene

        I works fine. I’ve tried that, but I dosn’t seem to work. One of the hints says that all pointers on the clock show hour, but haven’t had any luck with that either

        1. Bex

          It is hours: use where the hands are on the clock on the wall, but ignore the octal time: just use whatever number would be closest on a regular clock. I think it was: 04:07:10

          1. Lene


  191. Stetch

    Solved the light puzzle. See the characters under the bulb? Search for those characters on the 3×3 paper from the MN clue. White-black spots = press both buttons at same time.

  192. Chetan

    Hey guys. I opened the lightbulb drawer. What you need is the tic tac toe clue from the 5×7 grid box. Look in walkthrough on how to get that. From there think of the black circle as off (not on). Thats where i got confused. Press both buttons when it is half black half white circles, and press on where it is a white circle. Should give a clue for the third drawer under the mirror.

  193. Vpg

    I Opened the clock drawer ( 04:07:10 )and got an egg. Put that egg on nest where there was a bed….

  194. Moumou

    If you tap on the left side of the box where the egg was, you’ll see a trap.. But how to open it.. Oo

  195. Lene

    Behind the door under the light bulb, it says E5 10 21T. Don’t know what to do with it though

    1. Bex

      Out!! The e 10, 5 behind the door is coordinates. East wall, 10 across, 5 down, tap 21 times. I’ll help as much as I can, I’m at work.

  196. Vpg

    Now it says one person solved…
    Which wall we have to tap?

    1. Bex

      The wall with the painting and dress is east. (From the hints 36: starting direction is north)

  197. Anne

    What do you do with the yellow ring?

    1. Bex

      Goes on the mask

  198. BranMan

    Just got out! Can’t believe it. Here is what to do after finding coordinates:
    1. Tap 21 times on square East 5,10. That is lowest square near the floor under the dress. A drawer should open revealing an awl (another tool)
    2. Use awl to open dark side in the opening next to the clock to get a gold ring
    3. Put gold ring on nose of Guy Fawkes mask, making the yellow beam that opens the box the other 2 lights were shining on
    4. Get objects from box
    5. Assemble objects over the egg on the floor (see other clues on how to get the egg). If you select each object and click near the egg, the parts assemble themselves
    6. Put light bulb in assembly, then put lampshade on the light, then put the plug in.
    7. Experience rainbow magic
    8. Egg hatches into a chick
    9. Put chick into birdhouse
    10. Door opens and you’re out!

      1. Bex

        Yah, I’m a little miffed about that!

        1. Eli

          no, it says 1 person solved in my game – congrats 🙂

          1. Bex

            Oh phew! lol. Thanks!

        2. Calyce

          Yeah! I think it is 0 person solved on your tablet/phone 😛

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks! Will get back to finishing it myself once I complete the DOOORS Zero walkthrough.

  199. Vpg

    Thanks everyone!!!! Finally finished:)

  200. Kev

    Can’t figure out nice room I’ve done everything can someone please help?

  201. Grace

    Can somebody please help me..? I can’t get to the side of the table where the globe is to get the straw.. Is there a certain spot where I have to tap to get to the side of the table? Please help

  202. Grace

    What is the code for the first door under the birdhouse? I am typing in 2187 and 6561 but those are not working! Please somebody help!!!

  203. tony

    What kind of movement do i need to do for the fish hook by the dress???

  204. Tony

    What kind of movement i need to do to get the fish hook by the dress???

  205. Tony

    What kind of movement i need to do to get the fish hook by the dress??

  206. Jawizzal

    I put 17 in the drawr that’s by the bed, but it says wrong…

  207. Maximus

    Stuck at the sofa corner. How do you get to the right side of it?

  208. Maximus

    How did you get under the sofa?

  209. Ruby

    How do you get the straw? I can’t find it

  210. ShaunaRae

    So, I’m playing with my iPhone and I’ve gotten a lot done but one thing I can’t do is look under the shelf with the dress to find the hook. I’ve tried over and over again but it won’t let me. Any ideas?

  211. Ana

    Como borro los números después de colocar los libros correctamente y que me den el destornillador?

  212. GM

    my game isn’t working, I cant get behind the shelf door, or go under the shelf with the dress to get the screw.

  213. GM

    With the farm picture on top of the bed, if you tap the corners of the frame, why does the picture move?

  214. Bess

    The answer to open the bottom cabinet on the right side of the bed.
    All the digits in Line 1 are the same as the digits in Line 3.
    List all the digits in Line 2, compare them with the digits in Line 4. The missing 2 digits are the answer – put the smallest one first.

  215. Bess

    On the right side of the bed at the bottom drawer, write down all the numbers from Line 1 one after the other. Do the same for Line 3. The line 3 numbers are the same as Line 1, in reverse order. Do the same for Lines 2 & 4. The missing numbers in Line 4 need to be written in the reverse order from Line 2.

  216. Auntieof6

    I cant seem to solve the NIce Room puzzle with any of the answers given. i also cant seem to find any more black light clues. what have others found for clues using the blacklight?

  217. Brittney

    so when I connected the mouse and keyboard it gave me the green number but what is the answers because its giving me a pop up of a keyboard with letters on it so what is the answer to this so I can get the hexygin puzzle

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