Escape Game: “Memories of a Snowy Night” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Memories of a Snowy Night”
By: IDAC (WaveA)

This walkthrough was writtrn by Helmut:

– open the top cardboard box and take the trading-card from it
– read the note “Mission 1” right to the entrance door and see “unlock the box of time by tripling your attack power”
– see the value on the trading-card for Attack = 3200 ==> 3200 x3 = 9600
– turn two times right and enter the code 9600 on the time-capsule
– take the envelope from the time-capsule and click through the message until it says “Hot -> 7”
– turn 2 times right and zoom in on the debris left beside the fridge
– click on the plastic bottle and read “Mission 2” (magic pen to open the fridge (provision store))
– turn right and zoom in on the red generator
– turn the crank 7x (hot 7), to turn on the generator
– click on the power cord from the heater to connect it to the generator
– switch on the heater with the red button)
– turn right and click on the now red suitcase (was blue before and heated up now)
– click the blue spot on the suitcase a couple of times and obtain the baseball from it
– zoom out and throw the baseball at the basket hanging from the ceiling
– zoom in on the basket, no lying on the floor, and take the blue can
– click on the blue can from your inventory until it reveals a ball pen
– open the fridge with the ball pen and read “Mission 3” to prepare noodles
– take the red cup noodles box from the fridge
– turn one time left and zoom in on the small window right beside the entrance door, where snow is collecting
– put snow into the blue can
– heat up the snow in the can, by putting the blue can on the heater
– open the red box of noodles and add the hot water from the blue can
– take the red key from the noodles
– turn right and try to open the second drawer from the top with the red key
It will tell you that it’s rusty and cant be opened
– open the third drawer and use the rust-remover on the lock
– now use the red key to open the top drawer (not the second one) and obtain a screwdriver
– turn left and use the screwdriver to remove the crank from the generator
– turn two times right and open the top box in front of the entrance door again
– take out the robot, turn it around, and insert the crank in its back until its head falls off
– take out the pog (whatever that really is? :-))
– turn left again and use the pog to open the second top drawer now and take the radio-controlled car from it
– turn two times right to the worn-out chair and get the battery from the hole in it
– open the radio control with the screwdriver and insert the battery
– turn right and go the next room (the Mission Room)
– click on the bottom of the blue shelf and see the switch at the back of it (tells you it’s too far to reach)
– click a couple of times on the radio control until it tells you that you need a fresh battery to operate it
– zoom out and click on the cuckoo clock until it shows you the side of it with a battery case
– take the old battery from the radio control and insert it in the cuckoo clock
– take the fresh battery from the cuckoo and insert it in the radio control
– use the radio-controlled car to press the switch below the blue shelf
– open the door on the floor right beside the blue shelf and take the hammer from it
– read the “Mission 4” note left beside the cuckoo clock telling you to make noise
– zoom out one time and use the hammer to crack the substitute chair right before the cuckoo clock
– take the wire from the broken chair
– return to the view with the entrance door
– if you open the entrance door now with the wire you will run in a bad ending
– accordingly first use the hammer to open the crack on the wall (you see the crack right above the box with the robot)
– look in the mirror and click trough the text
– use the wire to exit through the entrance door and have a good ending

=> learn the lesson: try to stay somewhat a child 🙂
and you do, otherwise you wouldn’t play these games, right 😉

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