Adventure Beyond Time: Walkthrough Part 4

Adventure Beyond Time
By: Aircamp Games

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough for Adventure Beyond Time for Android, Google Play and iOS. It’s broken up into five sections, linked at the bottom.


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66. Go back to the ship with the TV. Attach the potatoes and the wires to the TV to get a black-and-white marble ball.



You can also watch my video for this part of the walkthrough here:

68. Go back to the horoscope puzzle in the ship and match the symbols on the screen to the names in the book. Then, point the hands at each name, longest matching the one on the outer ring, going inwards. It should look like this. Place the black-and-white ball in the hole. Open it up and take the turtle coin.



69. Remember the bananas? Go back and use the poker/harpoon to reach them.


70. Use the rubbing alcohol to clean the rubber hose.


71. Now you have all four animal coins. Go back to the ship where you found the potatoes. Take a look at the etchings outside again. You saw four animals in your travels. A red bird, purple turtle, green dragon, and white tiger. Now to solve the puzzle on the wall. Place all four coins on it when you have the colors right. Then take the rock with three circles on it.






72. Go back to where you found the security card and use the jawbone to saw through the tree. Now you can cross to the little cave!




73. Now to open this door. Place the bronze cylinder in the hole. Then, remember the clue from the other cave wall? Match the order from the drawing to solve the puzzle and open the door.



74. Go through. Use the pickaxe to get a red crystal. Take the broken mirror. Then go examine the glowing green eyes.




75. Place the apple on the ground in front of the creature, then the bananas, and then the fish skeleton. The creature will give you a stone with seven dots on it.




76. Go back to the area with the spaceship and the two huts. Place the ladder by the first hut to climb up on the roof. Place the satellite dish down. Still need something to secure the solar panels.



77. Go back to the tar pit and full the bucket with tar. Then pour it on the roof and secure the solar panels. Now the machines inside will work.




78. Go to the computer and insert the floppy disk. Read all the files. Copy the data from the PC to the disk. Then eject it.





79. Climb up the hill past the second hut to a strange cave. Pick up a rock with two dots on it and enter the cave.




80. Place all the round rocks in their correct slots. Now some symbols light up inside the pyramid. It’s a puzzle!



81. Now, to work this puzzle, you press the numbers to the left to make them appear in a spot on the right. You then select a brick and press that spot on the right to make that number appear on that brick. You can make larger numbers by pressing two or three buttons on the left before adding it to the brick. The red dot means the numbers are multiplied. So a 2, a 3 and a red dot would work out to 6. The square button clears the number from the right and the triangle clears the whole board (be careful with that!). Use the clue from the computer to solve the puzzle. It should look like this when you’re done, and a door will open. Go through.



82. Place the red crystal in its slot and place the mirror on the light beam. Then tap the mirror so it reflects the light onto the red crystal. Also, put the seashell in its place on the wall.



83. Now the whole room down there turns red. Enter and look at tree clue to the left. Then place the skulls in the three triangles, based on size of brain (I assume). Pick up some slime and add it to the glass shards, which will work as slides.






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  1. Carol

    Hoping someone can help…. I’ve lost one of the Sculls the Alien one… have looked everywhere but it’s gone .. any help appreciated .. Thank you

  2. Nav

    I picked up all 4 coins but when I reach the puzzle where I need these, one coin has gone missing from my inventory. Have re-checked all 4 places and i am sure I had all 4 coins. This game is full of bugs

  3. plm

    I’m in the cave where all the smooth stones with holes in them and I have one, two, three, five, seven etc…..but I don’t have one with four circles. Where did I miss it?

    Thank you!!

  4. plm

    I’m missing the stone with four circles. Where did I miss it?

    1. Rita Stahl

      iΓÇÖve lost the harpoon somehow, canΓÇÖt find it anywhere, retraced and retraced my steps- i know i picked it up on the ship but it is gone from my inventory! is there another place besides the banana tree that it can be dropped? and perhaps i can go get it again, like the ladder can be used in several places.
      Need help…

  5. VilladsAlex

    The Dot Thing doesn’t work for me i press the one Dot and place it where it says to and it wont

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