Adventure Beyond Time: Walkthrough Part 5

Adventure Beyond Time
By: Aircamp Games

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough for Adventure Beyond Time for Android, Google Play and iOS. It’s broken up into five sections, linked at the bottom.


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84. Go back to the lab. Place the petrified wood on the Mandelbrot printer.


You can also watch my video of this part of the walkthrough here:

85. Place the slide in the microscope and analyze the slime.



86. You should already have the data from the PC on the floppy disk, but if not, make sure to do that. Then insert the disk into the Mandelbrot and attach the hose to the machine.


87. Everything’s ready now! Go to the screen and press PRINT to print a green crystal.



88. Take the green crystal and place it with the red. Now the other room turns green. Notice the etching on the rock.





89. Go back to the spaceship. Use the sensor near the little V on the wall and more symbols will appear.




90. We missed something! Go back to where you dug up the alien skull and use the trowel to find an alien hand! Take it and place it on the spaceship.




91. Now to open that door to the spaceship! First, go back to the TV and use the sensor on it to see some alien writing.





92. Now, combine those clues with the symbols on the wall to unlock the spaceship!


93. Go inside. Place the sensor in this space and then solve the circles puzzle. You need to match up all the hands/rings. My photo shows it almost right, but not quite.



94. The next puzzle should look like this.


95. Then place the iridium in the machine and turn it on, like so.



96. Take the weird metal and go back to the strange cave. Place it on the rock with the tree engraving. Take the blue crystal.





97. Place the blue crystal with the others and shine the light on it. Now go to the blue room.




98. Warning: There is currently a bug in the iOS version of the game. If you solve this puzzle right away, the game might think you have the clear crystal already and it won’t show up. Until this is fixed, try leaving and entering the blue room a couple of times before solving the spiral puzzle.

Look at the slide from the slime again and match the colors to it. Take the clear crystal, place it with the others and shine the light on it. Now watch the ending!






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6 years ago

Please don’t make me go back to the TV to find the corresponding symbols to open the spaceship 🙁
Did you get a picture of the correct symbols please?

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
6 years ago

Thank you so much! It really was a wonderful game – well worth the $.99 it cost – and they reduced Mystery on Telescope Hill to “free” so I got 2 for 1 @Amazon. I hope they come out with another game soon.

Thank YOU for a great walkthrough! I needed the help even with the game’s built-in hints. Pity they don’t have a map but can’t ask for everything 🙂

Happy Holidays! On to the next game….

6 years ago

Very much fun and an awesome walkthrough – especially useful to save running back to look at books/diagrams. That’s my only niggle with this developer, he should think about letting us have a Manual of seen clues

george reeves
6 years ago

Great walkthrough.would never have finished the alien code without it,still don’t know how it works out but thanks.

6 years ago

Hi – this has been a great help, thanks for the very detailed walkthrough! I am having one problem, though: my alien door looks like your first shot when I first get there, but even after visiting the tv again (and the wall) to get the rest of the symbols, it doesn’t look like your second shot – it stays the same. Am I doing something wrong & not triggering something to get the correct screen?

6 years ago

Yes. In fact I did it quite a bit earlier than I needed to…

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
6 years ago

The symbols show up, but are useless – they don’t match what’s on the tv. Your 1st screenshot looks the same as “my” door. Your 2nd s screenshot looks different after you post the images from the tv. My door stays the same.

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
6 years ago

Oh! Now I’m getting somewhere!! Thanks so much for the help 🙂

6 years ago

The spaceship combination lock symbols have to be lined up perfectly. I knew I had the right combo, but it wouldn’t open. Went back and wiggled some of the symbols just a bit, and finally got it open.

6 years ago

When I get to the step where you put the iridium in the machine, it keeps saying “hmm…the disc won’t engage.” I have the little loopy thing like the picture and I’m turning on the two blue circles by the iridium machine. But it won’t turn on. Help! 🙁

6 years ago

Make sure the door to the machine is shut after placing the iridium in it.