Can you escape 3D: Cruise Ship: Walkthrough

Can you escape 3D: Cruise Ship
By: Nordic Electronics

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This will be a walkthrough for Can you escape 3D: Cruise Ship. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough’s complete.


1. Follow the tutorial. Pick up the key and use it to unlock the drawer. Grab the piece of paper.

2. Open the closet and use the code to unlock the safe and get some money.



3. Check under the sofa cushions for tweezers.


4. Open the bathroom door. Use the tweezers in the sink drain to get a key.


5. Use the key to unlock the other night table and get a key card. Use the card to get out of the room.



6. Walk around and find this key. Then walk around to find this door and unlock it to get to the reception desk.





This game might just be too painful for me to play. If anyone wants to continue the walkthrough, please let me know, because I’m not sure I can get myself to continue playing.

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Matthew day

Hi how do I open the door


Pls help me! I’m onto the 3rd Floor, with one gold key left, but it won’t open anything. The guy on floor 3 in the bar is asking me to find his glasses. There’s a box that’s needs 3 jewels, only got the middle one and can’t find the other two. Tried to click on everything but still can’t figure out what to do next.


I have shared a comment that i hope will help u


Kat the glasses are on a ” chaise longue ” in the pool on the left
Give them to the guy and go play with the man in the golden room
And then go and give the wine to the man with the glasses
After that search in the room 307 for a code (5544) and type it in the box
You are going to have a remote for the curtain
Open it and take the key
Open the drawer and put the 3 jewels at their places
The key you are going to take is for the helicopter


If my comment helps you leave another


I have done everything except find the wine bottle to give to the man with the glasses and find the red jewel. I think he’s supposed to give me the jewel when I give him the wine bottle. But I can’t find the key to open the golden room. Where is it? Thanks!


I have all the jewels but 1 and I can’t find the last jewel. The tip says 307 drawer but it’s lick


Where will i find the other gem the red one,and the man that is asking gor his glass 1×?im at the pool but i cant find anything.pls reply tnx


How do i get to room 104 please help


How do I get to the third floor


Hi please help me. I’m on the 2nd floor. One golden key left but won’t open anyting! I’m stuck om level 2…


I’m stuck on the second deck. I don’t know which code to open the safe in room 108. I’ve looked at the picture in that room and looked at the t.v.s in the disco room. Please help. Thank you.

Myrna Aguilar

El código es 72 65


I got all da 3 gems but dont know wre to keep it


What do you do with the 3 gems? They won’t go in the drawer of 307 as told in the guide above?


I can’t get the casino dealer to take my money! What the heck am I doing wrong??


Have you figured it out?? I can’t get him to take it, either!!!


I can’t get him to take the money either


We’re is the skrewdriver [>∆<]

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