The Lost Chapter: Walkthrough Part 3

The Lost Chapter
By: Squadventure

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for The Lost Chapter by Squadventure. There are some videos throughout to provide extra help.

Looking for the walkthrough for Day 1?


Day 3:

1. Pick up your phone from the desk, open the map and go to the police station.


2. Talk to the cop, then head in to see Eugene Thomas. Talk to him and look at the candles to his left. Then leave his office and press the buttons on the thermostat in the order of the candles (red, yellow, green, blue). Then raise the heat to 84 degrees.




3. Go back into his office. Now you can look through the stuff on his desk. Take his badge and read the files. You’ll get two new addresses for your map.






4. Open your map and head to Golden Ratio Labs.


5. Talk to the receptionist, then head to Arthur Lyons’ office. When you’re done talking to him, look through Dan’s box of stuff and discover that he had plastic surgery. Time to head to the hospital!




6. Talk to the receptionist, then go to Dr. Wendy Hall’s office. She’s dead! Find the clues and then leave.






7. You get a call to head to the convention center. Do that. You’ll get stuck on the roof.



8. Find the red garage/storage door. Turn your device around and the door will open. Head inside.



9. Move the shopping cart and grab the metal piece that falls from it. Then take the blue wood shop key and leave the room.



10. Use the wood shop key to unlock this door. Then use the metal rod with the clamp to get it working.



11. Go back to the storage room. Use the clamp to straighten out the hatchet key and then unlock the red box to get the axe.



12. Use the axe to remove the bolts from the exit door and go through. Now you have to solve a lightbulb puzzle.





You can watch this video of you need help:

13. Turn off all the bulbs, then go downstairs. Now you have to play this game. You can watch my video if you need help.


14. Now you can go back to the video game on the laptop. Solve the cemetery puzzle and walk around the grave three times. Then go into the crypt. Escape the maze (also in my video above) and then you have to win a game of bones against a skeleton. You can watch this video of you need help with the bones game.

15. Go up and get THE SOURCE. You need to feed the three rings to the Great Serpent, but the game crashes again!

16. Open your phone and play a game of Snake. You need to collect a bunch of different colored apples (rings) and then you’ll activate THE SOURCE, which will reveal that you’re Dan Burke, the killer!





Continue to the walkthrough for Day 4.

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  1. RayLinStephens

    I’m confused – in #8 you say that if you go to Convention Center you get stuck on roof – but then you hit yes to go to Convention Center.
    Ok, I went and am now back at my map (maybe it mattered which choice you took with Burke?) – anyway, where did you go if not to the Convention Center please?

    Having started the game over 3X, I really don’t want to do it again if I can avoid it please. Long story, but I was helping the developer test his update.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You have to go to the roof. Then you have to work out how to escape.

      1. RayLinStephens

        Now I understand – thanks!

      2. Needhelp

        I’m stuck on the roof! What do you mean turn by turn your device around?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Turn your whole iPhone/iPad/smartphone upside-down.

  2. ruth

    Where’s the receptionist at the golden ratio lab? I seem to be able to get as far as the lift, which are closed. What am I missing? All help gratefully received… will persevere in the meantime…

  3. Alice M

    Hi – I’m playing on my kindle fire but am currently stuck on the roof. When I turn the kindle round the garage door still doesn’t open.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You followed everything else in the walkthrough to that point?

  4. Alice M

    Ah…I’ve sorted it. I had to shake the device too. Thanks for responding though.

  5. Caroline

    Stuck in golden ratio lab. Don’t get the hospital on my map

  6. Karen

    I’m stuck. Done the bones in basket, game crashed and now I don’t know what to do

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