Dr. Stanley’s House 3: Walkthrough

Dr. Stanley’s House 3
By: James Li

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This will be a walkthrough for Dr. Stanley’s House 3. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough’s complete.


I chose “easy” difficulty level, so that’s what this walkthrough will be based off of. The items you get in the beginning are different, and you get more space in your inventory, so you can carry more items.

1. Turn right and drag the ball to your inventory.


2. Go left and open the right door. Pick up the purple Natural Omega Crystal and look out the window to get a cutscene.


3. Before you leave, open the right white object on the wall and find two items. One can be combined with the omega crystal to make a small power source.


4. Go back and head all the way to the right and through the right door. Head all the way right again and tap on the mechanical arm. Robbie gets a memory.

5. Place the power source under the robotic arms station and power it up. Now, once you have a new arm for Robbie, the machine can attach it.


6. Open the door here to access the cargo bay, which works as a storage space. You can open the chest and swap out items. Pick up the Light Base and Pawn from the chest.


I may just make a video walkthrough for the rest of this, because it’s getting a bit crazy with all the running back and forth and stashing items all over the place. You can see the first part of my video walkthrough here:

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  1. Denis

    Do you have the second part of the walkthrough?

  2. sean

    I am at the end of the game and stuck on the last puzzle. I still have not used the clean shop marque, multipurpose organic molecule, spider or sunflower. I have surgical arm installed. Any tips?

  3. Corey

    where is the tv remote??!! The beginning of your walkthrough makes sense but when I watch the video it shows that the remote is in the first container in the cargo bay. I also need the 2nd part of the walkthrough. HELP!

    1. bob

      tv remote will be in a random location each time you start a new game.

  4. Jamaine

    Place the paper airplane in the formula supplier and the doll in the material supplier. The blue button should light up. Hit the button and go out the door. Pick up the chip for the hand. You will have to do this again later with the chess pieces and chessboard. The pieces of ship are to plug the holes where the meteorites are but you have to clear the air first so they aren’t need until you get the welding arm. I’m stuck now trying to cure Dr. Stanley.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks. Will try to continue the walkthrough if I can remember where anything is. 😉

      1. Luc

        AppUnwrapper, can’t you help us? Have you completed the game yet? Is it completable?!

        1. Scott

          I have been stuck for weeks. I have part of the welding arm and I can’t install it. Says I need to install something else to make it safe. I am so stuck, please help!,,

          1. Jamaine

            What have you done so far?? I wish I could tell you where it is but its differant every game. You may need to finish another part of the game before you can get the that piece of the welding arm.

          2. Jamaine

            I found the 3rd piece in the engine room. Hope that helps

          3. Scott

            Thanks, but the engine room is locked because I cannot move the ship yet, what is the formula to make the electromagnet. I put the chess pieces in the replicator and used the chess board as the formula but nothing happens

          4. Jamaine

            You have to put 6 chessmen and the broken electromagnetic piece in the material supplier and then replace it on the outside of the ship to align nebular telescope.

          5. Scott

            What broken piece is that?

            Thanks for the help so far!

        2. Scott

          Duh … All I had to do was drag the old electromagnet into me. Yippie got so much done. I now have surgical arm, spider, flower and crystal ball energized. what next?

          1. Jamaine

            Put the two magazines in the formula supplier and the flower, crystal, spider in material supplier. Then ho save dr Stanley.

      2. Jack

        I can help you with the rest of the walkthrough if you’d like. I’m only stuck on the memory device and Robbie’s secret, and I believe those both have to do with the Architect Room and the location of the statue.

  5. Jamaine

    Alright…after you put the chip in the hand.. A picture falls down and there is a chess piece and the other half of the Astrism model. When combined.. They unlock the central control room… Another arm should be able to be made. Make sure you have enough space to take off one of the other arms. Communication needs to be set up, a circuit board can be made for the bathroom door.

  6. Luc

    How do I replace the electromagnetic coil? I’ve got the new one but when I take it up to the upper part of the astronomy lab it doesn’t take. Does it belong somewhere else?

    1. H

      U have to go out side the ship to install the coil. From 2 level u must have the handle to open the door n u will be able to go outside the ship.

  7. H

    Any one know how to use the flower, spider and the green pills? I need to save the dr! It’s the last step!

    1. Bugi

      Probably is something with the picture on the wall before you enter the room where is The Dr.

      1. Sean

        I’ve seen that but still don’t get how the picture helps?

        1. Jack

          As I mentioned below, you’ll need the formula (listed in the two science magazines), an activated crystal (perhaps the ball you woke up with?), the flower, and the spider.

  8. Sean

    Me too

    1. Luc

      Me too!

      1. bugi

        Its something with the picture on the wall before you enter the room where Dr is in the pod.

        1. Luc

          Has no one completed this game? I am stuck on some problems: I’ve tried Robbie’s birthday as the code for the crystal ball and also I’ve put in the pills, sunflower and spider to replicate (along with the magazines) and nothing happens. I also haven’t done anything with the clean ship’s marque. Someone please help, I’ve been stuck for two weeks!

          1. Jamaine

            I think the ships marquee has something to do with earning the captains badge… Not finishing the game. I have been stuck for a month. Have googled everything. No hints I can find.

          2. Jamaine

            Same as with the coordinates. If you look up the name of the planet the aliens on the standed ship are from before selecting the coordinates of the planet you need to go to.. You will see a button that says send coordinates and you get a navigators badge or something.

          3. Jamaine

            Also have to replicate a memory recorder and find a architects room to complete 2 more badges. Haven’t fiqured out either yet but figure some items are for those and not for completing the game.

        2. Sean

          I’ve seen that but still don’t get it

  9. Sean

    I’m in exactly same boat. Just need a hint.

  10. Scott

    I am so stuck. How do you get the meteors out of the wall? Where is the other piece to the welding arm? I got the airlock door open but cannot get outside … Help!!

    1. Jamaine

      You need to find a ushape object and attach it to the top of the door

      1. Scott

        Yeah I found it and did not know until now that it attached above the door … Thanks

        1. Scott

          I have the Air Monitor System showing no contamination in the sick bay but the unlock system says to use the Air Minitor to clear that room? Is this a glitch?

  11. Jamaine

    I have a piece of metal, flower, green organic matter, musical sheet, spider, Nutrient liquid, remote control, crystal ball and marque. I’m assuming the marque might have to be placed outside the ship but I’m not starting over again in order to figure that one out. Don’t believe its part of the plot at this point. Could be wrong. Things about memory…the picture that fell in the bedroom, the tv (keeps asking where is this place and has a scanner at the bottom) and the songs of memory. Can’t fiqure out if these are connected. Have put everything in all sorts of differant orders in the replicator. No luck.

    1. Jack

      The memory plot you can complete on the second go ’round, as well as Robbie’s secret. :>

    2. Matthew

      The marquee is in the engine room on the top of the center door

  12. Sean

    Has anyone completed yet? I’m guessing the poster in room before Dr give a clue about the magazines. Their are two science magazines. Any hints what to do with them?

    1. Jack

      The two magazines are used as the last part of the main game, the two ‘formula’ needed to cure Dr. Stanley. You will need 3 other components for this material: an activated crystal, a sunflower, and a spider. This is indicated on the bright orange panel in the sickbay. To get the crystal, you need to find the crystal activation device and enter the password, as others have mentioned below. To get the sunflower, you need to revive the flower in the entertainment room with flowerpot and regeneration formula. To get the spider, you must electrically zap the poor thing and retrieve it with the correct arm attached.

  13. Jamaine

    Finally finished!!!! The answer to the crystal was right in front of me!!! Look at the birthday picture closer!!!!

    1. Sean

      I still don’t get it. Tell more

      1. Nick

        ThereΓÇÖs 3 candles on that cake.lol

  14. Sean

    3 candles 5 2 2. Date backwards? Tried in keypad and nothing.

  15. Jamaine

    3 candles are important!!!! His 3rd birthday….

    1. Jamaine

      Looking for when Robbie was born!!!

  16. Jamaine

    For anyone starting this game… Save your storage space by leaving the pieces of ship where they are until needed. You can also ignore the crystal ball until the end. The tv and remote are pretty worthless until you finish the game and then you recieve a item that will let you enter the architect room if you chose to go though playing the game again. The ships marque is useless in finishing the game as well. I don’t believe the green organic stuff was used either.

    1. Matthew

      I need your help. I know I’m late and I’m glad I am because then you probably finished everything in the game. Do you know how to use the space transmitter to find the statue? Also how do you repair and place the ship’s marquee? What IS a marquee? I’m sorry, I’m not that bright and I’ve only been able to finish the first play through of the game/

      1. Matthew

        I figured out the marquee. But I still donΓÇÖt know ho to use the space scanner thing to, I believe, find the last ingredient to the memory replicator. This is the one thing I need help in.

        1. Puy

          The space scanner has to be used in conjunction with the clue on the blueprints in the architects room. My experience was that the might be a bug there,( also with the shipΓÇÖs marque) as neither worked until I restarted my IPAD. Y

  17. Sean

    thanks for the hint Jamaine. I have now completed. It was the date that stumped me. The rest was easy. Great game.

  18. Scene

    I have the circuit board with me and the electrical arm but i still cant open the bathroom! what am i doing wrong?

    1. MIchelle

      Circuit board and electrical arm is not required to open the bathroom. Instead you need to go to the flight control room to unlock the door.

  19. Scott

    How do I get the welding arm attached to Robbie?

    1. Scene

      Make sure u have at least 3 box space take out any of the arms u don’t need put that into storage. Take out wieldin arm and install it using the arm replacement.

      1. Scott

        The message says Another device needs to be installed to make this work safely. What does this mean? When I drag it to the arm replacement table it says Cannot use this here. Major stuck

        1. Nick

          The third piece is in the engine room.get the spaceship away from the nebula,then get to the central control room to unlock the door.

  20. Scene

    Has anyone completed the game yet I’m so confused…

  21. Scott

    I need to find all the pieces for the welding arm. I only have two pieces and need a third ?? It make it work?

    1. bob

      third piece of the wielding arm is in the engine room

  22. Kyle

    What is the code

    1. bob

      Code to energize the crystal is the robot’s date he was born. Looking at the picture (in the room where the professor is, at end of game only) it gives the birthdate on his 3rd birthday; so you need to subtract three years to get the code. The date is random each time you start a new game. For example, picture shows 2358-03-18; then the code you enter would be 23550318 into the crystal machine.

  23. bob

    The marquee needs to be cleaned, and then installed on the top of the center door in flight control room (bridge) where the engine room door and monitoring room door are as well.

  24. Cheri

    Has anyone completed the memory recorder? I am stumped. I found the architect s room but just cannot get anywhere from there. Help?

    1. Jack

      You can use the photograph of the young boy on the wall of the creators/people. There’s an area that says ‘facial recognition’ or something like that, and you hold up the photo and it will create a tunnel down to one of the storage rooms, right by the ladder to 2nd level, and the arm replacer room!

  25. Aylea

    I need help with the memory recorder. Can’t figure out what to do. I’m pretty sure you have to find the little gumby-shaped statue. I can’t seem to find it. There is a clue, I think. In the architect room, if you click on the blueprint of the astronomy lab, you can see this little statue with an arrow pointing to the top left of the scene. I can’t find the actual statue, though.

    I’ve completed the game both in EASY and in HARD mode. The only difference in HARD mode is that you only have 3 inventory spaces.

    Can anyone help with the memory recorder, or Robbie’s secret?

    1. Jack

      Memory recorder is the ‘song of memory’ + the ‘cap with memory’ from the Architect’s Room. I think you then take that back to the projector to get Robbie’s secret. I’m trying to complete the playthrough myself for all the badges, but I have difficulty getting out of the Architect Room. Is it the picture of the boy that’s needed for the facial recognition machine?

    2. Jack

      Oh my gosh just got it! Drag the space scanner over that one bar indicated in the electrical/astronomy room. It took me something like eight tries, but the little red statue will just pop right out. It’s indicated ‘from James’ and it’s just the sweetest thing.

      1. Jack

        The full memory replicator thing is called a ‘Mini Brain’. It is created by combining the Song of Memories, the Cap (Architect Room), the Statue (Electrical//Astronomy Room), and the Green Pills (Sickbay). You take that Mini Brain right back to the Architect Room, pop it over onto the projector, and get slammed right in the feels with the Robbie’s Secret badge.

        1. Aylea

          OMG! Thank you! I’ve been waiting for help on this. Can’t wait to try it! 🙂

      2. Jay

        I tried dragging the scanner everywhere in that room, nothing happened. What bar do you mean? Did I miss something, does the Space scanner need to be connected to something else? Do I have to complete something else first to find the statue? I really can’t seem to find it.

      3. Harlan

        Are you referring to the astronomy lab?also what bar do you mean?

  26. Nikki

    Can someone tell me how to redirect the ship? I can’t do anything while I’m going towards the nebular thing.

  27. Nikki

    How do I replace the central locking system?

  28. Nikki

    I have been stuck for days! Next to the lab i the electrical circuit diagram is in that container, and It says I need an electrical arm to get it. I’m wearing the arm, and it still won’t open. What am I missing here? Please help!

    1. Aylea

      Well, just a thought. Make sure you are actually wearing the arm, not just carrying it. It must be installed by the arm installer in order to actually be wearing it.

      1. Aylea

        Oh! And if you are wearing the arm, just click and drag the circuit diagram to your inventory. I don’t think the case actually opens.

  29. Tom

    Why do i need the space transporter?!

  30. Nick

    Can anyone help me with getting into the architect room?

    1. Reyhan

      I want to know it too i think it want the space transporter but i donΓÇÖt know how or where to use it

    2. Matthew Raja

      Complete the game normally first. You’ll then get an extra item If you start the game again. Turn the TV on then use the item. You’ll teleport there. To get out, use the picture you can carry into you inventory.

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