Hero Emblems: Skill Locations

Hero Emblems
By: CHUN LUNG KUO (HeatPot Games)

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This is a complete skill locations walkthrough guide for Hero Emblems. I believe all skills are here, but please let me know if I missed anything.

See my general walkthrough guide for more help with the game.

Skill Locations:

Howard (Sword):

Venom Sword: Loto Village Shop
Lightening Sword: Shayara Kingdom 1st time there (path A blue chest), Clyde Town Shop or Lucia Town Shop
Vampiric Sword: Wilderness of Nihility Path A blue chest or Village of Lilimau Shop
Super Lightening Sword: Sanctus Village Shop
Super Flame Sword: Heist from Rajal on second battle with him (he might also drop it) or Cruger Village Shop
Gravity Sword: Heist (possibly also drop) from Ancient Labyrinth boss, Blue Coast blue chest, or Super Secret Shop
Super Vampiric Sword: Cave of Devil Path A chest
Toxic Sword: Super Secret Shop

S. Skills:

Heist: Haunted Forest, Path A, blue chest
Flash of Light: Pirate Nest, blue chest if you return after defeating the boss
Hyper Gravity Sword: Palace of Darkness, Sun Gate, blue chest

Alston (Shield):

Fire Blaze: Loto Village Shop
Pulverize: South Graveyard blue chest or Clyde Town Shop
Great Sacred Shield: Village of Lilimau Shop
Fire Blaze: Lucia Town Shop
Super Fire Blaze: Sanctus Village Shop
Strong Pulverization: Cruger Village Shop
Angelic Shield: Devil’s Cemetery blue chest
Super Freezing Punch: From gnome in side quest against Rajal before the Cave of Illusion or Super Secret Shop

S. Skills:

Angelic Guardiance: Ancient Fortress, Blue Chest
Frozen Beam: Infertile High Ground Path A gnome
Sacred Field: House of Sage, Path A blue chest
Counter Attack of the Archangel: You get this skill from the Secret Cabin on the third continent. But don’t swap the crown for it immediately. Wait till you make it to Garoud’s Cabin on the fourth continent and he’ll make a crown forgery for you and you can use your 2nd crown to trade at the Secret Cabin (thanks to Azi for this info). Then you can get both the Counter Attack of the Archangel and Trista’s Obligatory Donation skill.


Elsa (Magic):

Thunderbolt: Loto Village Shop
Frozen Ice: Crystal Caverns Path B chest or Lucia Town Shop
Minimize: Clyde Town Shop
Confusion: Witch’s Residence Path B gnome or Village of Lilimau Shop
Super Minimization: Shayara Kingdom (late game) Path B chest
Great Thunder Bolt: Sanctus Village Shop
Great Frozen Ice: Cruger Village Shop
Great Fireball: Relic of the Gods Path A blue chest or Super Secret Shop

S. Skills:

Toxic Fog: Mystery Tower Path A Blue Chest
Thunder Gate: Cave of Illusion Path A blue chest
Arctic Land: Ancient Labyrinth (dropped by a gnome if you take path B)
Charm: Palace of Darkness, Sun Gate – chest

Trista (Heart):

Purify: Chest in Gloomy Graveyard or Loto Village Shop
Upgrade: Clyde Town Shop or Lucia Town Shop
Great Heal: Village of Lilimau Shop
Self-Heal: Sanctus Village Shop
Great Self-Heal: Cruger Village Shop or Tower of Deity Path A blue chest
Grand Heal: Ancient Mausoleum Path B red chest
Strong Purification: Super Secret Shop
Strong Upgrade: Palace of Darkness, Moon Gate, blue chest

S. Skills:

Superior Purification: Grave of Ancestors Path A blue chest
Revive: Tower of the Deity, take Path B, hit gnome 3 times. Also at Super Secret Shop.
Obligatory Donation: Go to the Cabin at Sea and trade the second crown for this (after Garoud made you a copy of your crown so you have two). All it does is give you a few coins. Pretty useless.



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  1. Aubrie

    Hello! I’m completely stuck on the ancient labyrinth on the second island. All of my emblums are as high as I can get on this island. Do you happen to know which things I should have turned on or off to defeat that bull?

  2. Jarvis

    Hi I’m looking for Trista’s S.Skill Superior Purification I think I missed it. Can you please tell me where/how I can get this? Thanks!

  3. PenPen

    Do you know where’s the alston’s S.Skill where it gives a shield that blocks debuff is?

  4. Nadine

    I just got Confusion from a gnome in the Witch’s Residence, path B. I played it several times and for some reason this time it gave it to me. I used a combo of S. Skills on him… don’t know if that made any difference.

  5. Nadine

    Does anyone know what Alston’s third skill is? I still have an empty spot there. So I have
    1. Sacred shield
    2. Great sacred shield
    3. … Nothing
    4. Freezing punch
    5. Fire blaze
    6. Pulverize
    7. Super freezing punch
    8. Super Fire blaze

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s Angelic Shield but I forget where I got it.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Just found it. Angelic Shield, Devil’s Cemetery chest.

  6. duckula

    hi Just want to add, in the Cave of the Devil of the 4th continent – found a level 8 Emblem of Solar if you take route B

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks. I have that in my emblems list already. All I’m missing (I think) is the Superior Vampiric Sword.

  7. David

    I just got Flash of Light (S.Skill for Howard) at the end of the Pirate Nest in a blue chest. I think I had already cleared it, but I went back through for more XP and gold.

  8. Caleb

    Found Alston’s Angelic Shield skill in a blue chest in Devil’s Cemetery.

  9. Eisen

    i tried to get the Revive skill from the tower of deity. Went to path B as per the guide and found the gnome. I hit it like 4-5 times and it still didn’t drop me the skill. Is there more than one gnome? Is it a chance drop? Do I need to use the heist skill on it?

  10. Karl

    The hyper gravity sword is not in the sun gateΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γòóand there are no blue chests in the sun gate anyway. I have found everything else in here so far accurate. Really great resource! I’m assuming it must be in the star gate…

  11. Dods

    The hyper gravity sword is hidden in one of the chests in the star gate.

  12. Kaioh

    Hi !
    How i can have ” Counter Attack of the Archange ” if i have still exchange the crown for “Obligatory Donation” :/ ?
    Thanks guy for help me !

  13. Sekai

    excuse me, i think there is a mistake in the hyper gravity sword location. i found it the chest in the star gate not the sun gate

    1. Kaioh

      Nobody can help me ? I have no response. …

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Hmmm… It’s possible I mixed them up or they changed it in an update. I have no way of checking myself anymore.

  14. Garim

    I got Strong Purification from the first red chest in Poseidon’s bell, before the divide

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