Hero Emblems: Boss Guide

Hero Emblems
By: CHUN LUNG KUO (HeatPot Games)

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This will be a boss resistances and weaknesses walkthrough guide for Hero Emblems. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments or help fill in some holes.

Thanks to Emblemblem aka sickbrother for filling in some gaps.

See my general walkthrough guide for more help with the game.

I’m also working on completing a video walkthrough here.

See my Debuffs guide here.

Gloomy Graveyard, Ghost Caster:
Resistance: None?
Weakness: None?
Main Attack: Seems to be lightning, but it isn’t too strong.

Crystal Caverns, Red Demon:
Resistance: ??
Weakness: Fire
Main Attack: Ice

Ancient Fortress, Guardian Beast:
Resistance: Normal Attacks
Weakness: Ice
Main Attack:

The Shayara Kingdom, Green Guy (?)
Resistance: ??
Weakness: ??
Main Attack: Column of Chains

Mystery Tower, Pink Horned Creature:
Resistance: All Normal Attacks
Weakness: Poison/Venom
Main Attack:

South Graveyard, Ghost:
Resistance: ??
Weakness: ??
Main Attack: Fire

Witch’s Residence, Iris the Witch:
Resistance: ??
Weakness: ??
Main Attack: Drops ice bombs, which explode and freeze tiles when the counter runs out.

Haunted Forest, Goblin King:
Resistance: ??
Weakness: ??
Main Attack: Drops two bombs.

Side Quest, Rajal:

Cave of Illusion, Red Floating Eye:
Resistance: Fire, Lightning
Weakness: Ice
Main Attack:

Wilderness of Nihility, Lightening Bug:
Resistance: ??
Weakness: Ice, Fire
Main Attack: Poison?

Infertile High Ground, Witch:
Resistance: Fire
Weakness: Ice
Main Attack: Meteor

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Ancient Labyrinth, Guardian Beast:
Resistance: All Basic Attacks
Weakness: Not sure, but ice, fire and lightning all work on him.
Main Attack: Ice

Kraken (optional quest in middle of the sea):
Resistance: Fire, Ice
Weakness: Lightning
I don’t remember if poison & vampire work against him. Anyone know?
Main Attack: I forgot!

Pirate Nest:
Main Attack: Question Marks

Grave of Ancestors, Blue Demon:
Resistance: Vampire
Weakness: Ice
Main Attack: Bombs

Blue Coast, Minotaur:
Resistance: All Basic Attacks
Main Attack: Chains

Death Forest, Hornet:
Resistance: Lightning
Weakness: Fire
Main Attack: Spiders and Poison Sting

Relic of the Gods, Glowing Gold Creature:
Resistance: Vampire, Lightning
Weakness: Fire
Main Attack:

Side Quest, Rajal 2:
Resistance: All Normal Attacks (Guard)
Weakness: Most skills seem to work on him, but I’m not sure what his weakness is.
Main Attack: Lava Balls

Poseidon’s Relic, Witch:
Main Attack:

Cave of Conch, Sea Creature:
Resistance: Ice, (Fire?)
Weakness: Lightning
Main Attack: Ice

Tower of Deity:
Resistance: Ice, All Basic Attacks
Weakness: Vampire
Confusion also works on him to delay his turns, and Gravity Sword deals damage but doesn’t delay him. Pulverization works to both damage and stun him.
Main Attack: Ice, Fire?

Devil’s Cemetery:
Resistance: Ice
Main Attack: Ice

House of Sage, Eyeball King (?):
Resistance: All basic attacks, Vampire (I think), Confusion
Weakness: Lightning, Fire, Poison(?)
Main Attack: Tentacles

Ancient Mausoleum, Red Dragon:
Resistance: All Basic Attacks, Fire, Poison
Only Ice and Lightning special attacks work.
Main Attack: Lava Balls

Cave of the Devil, Witch:
Weakness: Ice
Main Attack: Stone Eye & Ice Bomb

Shayara Kingdom, Blue Glowing Creature:
Main Attack: Question Marks, Poison Bombs

High Ground of the Wind, Green Devil:
Weakness: Fire
Lightning does normal damage.
Main Attack: Poison

Palace of Darkness, Sun Gate, Blue Dragon:
Resistance: Fire, Lightning, Physical, All basic attacks
Vampire sword, ice and poison also work on him.
Main Attack: Lightning Stone, which will sap your life fairly quickly if you don’t get rid of it.

Palace of Darkness, Moon Gate, Black Dragon:
Resistance: All basic attacks, Ice
Weakness: Fire, Lightning, Stun
Main Attack: Tentacles!
I recommend using Alson’s stun skill. The boss didn’t get a single attack in!

Palace of Darkness, Star Gate, White Dragon:
Resistance: All basic attacks, Pulvarize (stun), Ice
Weakness: Fire, Lightning (?)
Main Attack: Ice!
Between the chains from the regular mobs and the ice from the boss, you’re going to need either a lot of force fields or a lot of debuffing! Could be a long battle!

Palace of Darkness, Path A, Final Battle:
Phase 1:
Main Attack: Question Marks, Lava Balls, Poison Row

Phase 2:
Main Attack: Stone Eye, Tentacles, Question Marks, Lava Balls

See my boss guide for the new content update.

See my emblems location guide here.

See my skill locations guide here.

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  1. mohamm11

    the mystery tower pink horned creatures weakness i believe is poison.

  2. Nadine

    When you say the weakness is poison… How do I use poison against an enemy?

  3. Nadine

    Thank you! Do you mean the venom sword, or there is there literally a poison sword that I haven’t found yet? Also, I checked off Trista’s Purify, but it doesn’t seem to be making any difference in battle. Is there something I’m not doing?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The Venom sword is the right one. 🙂

      For purify to work, you need to use a glowing emblem that’s formed out of 4-5 hearts.

  4. Nuttyfrog91

    The Kraken is kicking my ass! I have lightning attacks on most of my characters but I cannot get enough damage on the Kraken to defeat him. He guards all basic attacks and isn’t damage by elsas s. Skill. Anyone stuck here as well?

  5. Pp*

    How can I get last emblem each hero?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      There are only 9 emblems, as far as I know. I think the last ones will be in an update.

      1. Pp*

        Thank you. About this version. Can U play after ending story?
        When I finished main story. It’s look like have after ending story but after cut scene.
        Game are restart , when load my save I’m at palace of darkness again. T^T

        1. AppUnwrapper

          That’a a bug that’s being fixed in the next update. Happens to everyone.

          1. Pp*

            Thank you very much. Have a nice day 🙂

  6. Cat

    Hi – great site,

    Any clues on how to kill the big red dragon in the ancient mausoleum- I can’t find its weakened

    Thank you

  7. Josh

    Stuck on Kraken, nothing is working, please help

      1. Josh johosky

        Still stuck

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m replaying the game and taking video of anything I didn’t take the first time. But I still need to catch up to that spot.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Not sure if you’re still stuck there, but I’m about to upload video of that battle.

  8. macfionn

    You have nothing for the labyrinth boss. The one I’m stuck on. Any chance that was just an oversight?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I just updated it. I don’t know his weakness, but ice, lightning and fire all seemed to work on him.

  9. Nadine

    I’ve just beaten the game last night, but there’s still a red exclamation point on the Palace of Darkness. I’m still getting the “it seems like something happened here!” message. I went back in but nothing seems to be going on. Am I missing something?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The game doesn’t save after the last battle. There’s a fixed planned in the next update.

      1. Nadine

        Thank you!

  10. Anne

    I can’t get to the hero in the deity tower. Which weapons should I use? I’ve played over and over but can’t get through in the tower…

  11. Colin

    I got to the last stage but I couldn’t get past the final 2-phase dragon. I’ve stored up 4 Revive and 4 advanced crosses but still couldn’t win. Which emblems and skills should I use to defeat it?

    1. Colin

      And by the way, what is the use of the 4 crystals? Would they be of any use in the Final Battle?


      1. AppUnwrapper

        What 4 crystals? The quest items? Those don’t usually do anything special.

        1. Colin

          The four “Mysterious Crystals” in red, yellow, green and purple.

            1. Colin

              I saw your Youtube video about the final battle. At 16’22” you matched a star with a heart and all the poisoned tiles were cleared! Which skill were you using to achieve that? I’m all surrounded by poisoned tiles and chains and ash tiles by the big eye…. Even 4 omnipotent crosses aren’t enough to kill the final monster.

              1. AppUnwrapper

                That’s the healing skill. I rarely use Revive unless it’s needed for a specific reason. I forgot the name. But it heals all negative statuses.

                1. Colin

                  I’ve finished it! Thanks for the tip! That Skill I was lacking is called the “Superior Purification”. Got it and it’s done!

                  It’s really an excellent game! =)

                  1. AppUnwrapper

                    Ahh you got so far without that? That’s impressive!

                    Did you play the new content, though? It’s a lot more challenging!

                    1. Colin

                      What do you mean by “new content”? Do I just restart the game or there is anything I need to do to get them?

                    2. Colin

                      Oh I found it! Didn’t know I can go on after “The End”! Thanks again!

                    3. AppUnwrapper

                      Yeah, it was added recently. Four new dungeons/emblems and then a crazy dungeon after that!

  12. Nadine

    Does the last dungeon ever end… ? I went through twice. Should I keep going?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Last dungeon in the original content, or the new content?

      1. Nadine

        New content.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Ah ok. Yeah, the timed dungeon has five levels/bosses.

          1. Nadine

            Wowww. Ok thanks 🙂

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, the new content doubled my entire game save time! The last boss alone probably took me 10 hours of actual playtime to beat!

              1. Nadine

                10 hours?! Omg you need more shields! I stay under Sacred Field the whole time so the bosses usually take like 10-15 minutes. I just beat him. I see they still aren’t letting us save our games. Haha

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  I played mostly at night in bed and the timer stressed me out. 😛

                  What do you mean? The game didn’t save at the end? I didn’t even check.

  13. Nadine

    Ugh, I know. That timer was the absolute worst. Anyway, when I was done, I watched the whole ending. Then when I reopened the game (to admire all of my gold) I noticed there’s still an exclamation point on Pitch Black Island. And the same message that says something is happening.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh no! So if new content is added we may have to do that all again (or at least the last boss)?

      I actually learned to like the timer after a while. I like being able to take my time, but it shook things up. I’m still hoping they’ll add an endless mode for each version one day. Then I don’t need any other match-three games.

      1. Nadine

        Did we have to replay Palace of Darkness to get to this new content? I don’t think we did…

        So maybe if we get new stuff, we won’t have to play Pitch Black again to get to it.

          1. Nadine

            Noooo, aww man. I am not looking forward to Pitch Black again. ? I hope we can start from 16F at least. If they even make new content.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, I dunno if any is planned. Would love to see more, though. I’ve yet to find another game that fills the void it left.

              1. Nadine

                What else are you playing? Looks like I need something new. 🙂

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  Mostly Prune lately.
                  Match-three-wise, I played some Long Siege and have been trying to give Guardian Sword a chance, but it’s not grabbing me.

  14. Josh

    ugh screw it all. Starting fresh

  15. Eggility

    eyeball king – poision immun, fsuper frost immune (elsa)

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