Shadowmatic: Walkthrough Guide World 8 (Levels 8.1 – 8.3)

By: TRIADA Studio


This is a complete walkthrough guide with all answers and solutions for World 8 of Shadowmatic. Feel free to ask in the comments section if you need help or hints. Scroll down to find all levels.


Looking for earlier levels?

Level 8.1:

To get level 8.1, locate the two pieces on the map that look like three cubes piled on top of each other. Grab them at the same time and move them together to form a cube. Now you can access level 8.1!




The solution is QR Code:



You can also watch my video walkthrough for these levels here:

Level 8.2:



Level 8.3:

Filled Square


Congratulations! Now solve all the secrets!

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13 thoughts on “Shadowmatic: Walkthrough Guide World 8 (Levels 8.1 – 8.3)

  1. Jenn

    Anyone know what the object is for level 8.3? (Not the secret object, but the regular one)? There are no available hints on this level. Thank you!


  2. Jenn

    Wow…making this square on 8.3 is harder than I rhought, I can’t even get any of those progress lights to light up

  3. Jenn

    Yay!!! Finally finished 8.3!!! Thank you for all your help! I hope they add more levels!!! I’m hooked!!!

    ~ Jenn


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