The Mystery of Haunted Hollow: Walkthrough Part 3

The Mystery of Haunted Hollow
By: Point & Click LLC

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for the iOS and Android game The Mystery of Haunted Hollow. Feel free to ask for help or hints in the comments section.


Looking for Part 1 of the walkthrough?

32. Go back to the owl and place the mouse in the bucket. The owl will grab the mouse and leave a pendant. Take it.


You can also watch my video for this part of the walkthrough here:

33. Go back to the big forked road and take the right path to the mansion. Use the lion’s head clue to open the door. Knock on the knockers in this order:
2, 3, 1, 2, 4, 4



34. Go inside. Pick up the letter. Rearrange the flowers in the painting on the wall so they match the colors from the clue from the telescope. Take the shovel.




35. Go through the left doorway. Tie the rope to the metal bar and climb down to the basement. Grab the candle and go back up.



36. Take the next door to go downstairs. Pick up the rock on your way down. Then get the oar.



37. Go back up and then go up the stairs to the second floor. Go through the right door. Place the candle on the candelabra and then light it. Tap the pentagram for another clue.




38. Go to the door at the back and press those three sections you see shaded out in the clue.



39. Go through the door and up the stairs. Read the letter and pick up Tangram Piece 2. Then go back down and place both Tangram pieces in the heart puzzle to get the silver key.




40. Go back downstairs and use the silver key to open the locked door. Go out to the courtyard.



41. Use the clue with the three faces to arrange the three angel statues. Then take the clue from the middle angel.



42. To the right of the angels is a water fountain. Take the clue near it, then place the handle on the broken fountain. Turn on the water, then take the coin.




43. To the right of the fountain is a path leading to a rowboat. Place the oar on the boat but don’t use it yet.


44. Go back to the attic and place the coin in the slot machine. Pull the lever and take the green button.


45. Go back to the room with the three paintings and place the pendant on one, the diamond on the next, and the button on the third. A clue will be revealed. Make sure to get it for your journal.



46. Go back down the rope and use the clue from the angel to unlock the safe. Take the TV antennas.



Continue to Part 4 of the walkthrough.

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  1. chelle

    Where did you come up with the numbers for the door knockers? They dont match up with the ones on the clue?

    1. Indy

      You have to knock once on each of them in the order, 1,2,3,4,5 & 6. 🙂

    2. Dianna White

      There are 4 dots on each line. The numbers are just markers. I can’t get in myself. Keeps asking to purchase it for 1.99.

    3. Ciskino

      Mi aiuti pe favore non riesco a prendere le maniglie del leone per aprire il portone

  2. Jenny

    @Chelle: Actually they do – just pay attention to the numbers, not the order they are in – look at number one – has a dot on position 2 of the knocker, so it goes 2-3-1-2-4-4

    1. Ciskino

      Mi aiuti per favore non riesco ad aprire il portone

  3. Michele

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I did the 231244 and I still can’t get into the mansion

    1. Francesco

      Come posso aprire miki

  4. Michele

    Ok I figured it out

    1. Toffee

      Help!! I still can’t get past the door knockers.

    2. Anne

      So, what did you do to figure it out? I’m completely stuck.

  5. Alexander

    How to set passcode for safe?783aa not working?

    1. Nikki

      I tried the numbers on the dials nothing is happening I’ve done everything else please help

      1. Akshay

        Dial 7-1-3-8-2 in dial no 1-2-3-4-5, it will open

        1. wjnm

          I missed getting the clue from the angels in the garden….does that mean putting the 7-1-3-8-2 on the dials won’t work? Cuz I’ve put those numbers on the dial and it does not open. Have left the scene and returned several times.

          1. Tracie

            I did the same thing as you ….. I can’t go back and get the clue from the 3 angels so I’m stuck with the codes….how did you fix it?

  6. Toffee

    I have now sussed this out. thanks for the fab walk thru though 🙂

  7. guesswhoiam

    I can’t move the safe knobs, how do they work??

  8. SAJ319

    I am hacing lots of trouble getting past the door knockers! Please help!!

  9. Bobby

    Can’t open safe. I’m stuck please help!

  10. christie

    I have matched that color pattern on the flower painting and nothing is happening???

  11. Amanda Lawrence

    My red pendant just disappeared, at least, i THINK i picked it up somewhere, didn’t i? Its not in my suitcase so I can’t put it in the painting….help!

  12. Max

    Thx much for the help with puzzles and clues- ditto recommendations for more games like Haunted Hollow. It was fun and addictive, with a unique ending. I hope to find more like it. Decades ago I played Myst and would love to find more like THAT one… its animation was superb and the clues and puzzles were so fitting to each situation. Any recommendations?

  13. Anne

    I’ve used the correct code with the door knockers – 231244 – but I cannot get the doors to open. Please help

  14. karen

    I can’t get the candleabra to light. Help.

    1. tuffzapp

      I had the same problem. You need to go back to the car and get a lighter out of the glove box.

  15. Charles

    Do you have to pay to be able to get into the castle. Everytime I tap the door knockers it asks if I wish to pay for the full version.

      1. Lisa

        I have tried the 231244 combo on the door knockers, but the door won’t open. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Cathy

      Yes you do ?

  16. Terri

    I have the correct code for the safe, but the knobs don’t move. Any suggestions?

  17. Pam

    I have tried over and over more times than I can remember and am unable to open the door with the lion head doorknockers. I have been using 2, 3, 1, 2, 4, 4 but am unable to open the door. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

  18. Amber

    Please help im stuck on the door knockers I’ve tryed the 2,3,1,2,4,4, and nothing ive tryed everything please help

  19. Nats

    Why isn’t the bell ringing releasing object?? I am ringing 3412 ! What is it I’m doing wrong? Please Help!!

  20. Beccy

    I have watched video over and over on wall flowers and matched flower colors per diagram but it does not give me the shovel. What do I do?????

  21. Jenny

    For those of you having issues getting inside the Mansion door – make sure you have solved the trunk & keys puzzle first, and tapped the lion note. Make sure you have the lion note stored in your diary, then go to the mansion door, and tap in this order: 2-3-1-2-4-4

    We are working on a big update to remedy issues where people were forgetting to tap the notes to store in the diary so these issues don’t occur in preparation for the sequel! Stay tuned!

  22. Shrea Mitra

    When I am trying to knock on the lion’s head it’s asking of a payment or redeem code… I can’t knock so what to do…

    Waiting 4 reply eagerly

    1. Petra

      I try to figure that out also ?

  23. Crystal Skarsvog

    Ok I’m having issues with these dam door knockers grrrrrr I have don’t it several times, I’m starting to get a Lil pissed

  24. Vicki

    The painting on the stairs in the mansion has six f,owners of varying colors . I put them in the correvt position repeatedly but I never get th shovel.
    Can you help me? I think my game has a glitch.

  25. Samara

    The mansion gate is not opening, when I clicked on the door it’s asking for purchase. Plz help me

    1. Esin Majed

      I’m having the same issue..plz hlp

  26. mike

    i put the right flowers on the wall but it wont give me the shovel. ive done it a lot of times but still nothing. please help thanks

  27. mike

    im having a problem with the flower picture. i done it right a bunch of time but i never get the shovel please help. thanks

  28. Chris

    Ok IΓÇÖm at the mansion and I tapped on the front door to get to the lion knockers. But a window comes up for the game store. So where do I tap at?

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