The Mystery of Haunted Hollow: Walkthrough Part 4

The Mystery of Haunted Hollow
By: Point & Click LLC

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for the iOS and Android game The Mystery of Haunted Hollow. Feel free to ask for help or hints in the comments section.


Looking for Part 1 of the walkthrough?

47. Go back to the boat. Take it to the school and church. Tap on the sign. Go to the well and throw the rock down.




You can also watch my video for this part of the walkthrough here:

48. Take the right path to a crashed plane. Pick up the clue.



49. Go back and take the left path. Continue left again. Enter the school and take the ladder.



50. Go upstairs. Tap on the colored xylophone painting on the floor to get another clue.



51. Go through the next door. Pick up the screwdriver. Go to the computer and press the arrows based on the directional clue from the three paintings. It should go Left, Up, Down, Right, Down, Up. You’ll get another clue.





52. Go back downstairs and head to the back of the school. Pull the ropes in order shown in the clue from the fountain. Then take the Left Wing.



53. Go out the back door to see a boy ghost. Read the letter.


54. Go back to the crashed plane. Place the ladder by the door and go in. Use the screwdriver to open the first aid kit and get the Right Wing.



55. Go to the cockpit and solve the puzzle using the clue from the car’s gear stick. It goes 5, 4, 3, 1, 2. Take the cross key.



56. Go back to the forked path after the well and head right to church. Place the wings on the doors and go inside.



57. Now to solve the stained glass window puzzle. You can use the clue from outside the airplane, which tells you exactly how to solve the puzzle. The arrows tell you how many times to move that row or column. Or you can do it the hard way like I did, and mess with it till you get it. 😉 (You can also watch my video to see how to do it the right way.) After you solve it, a beam of light will shine through the window at some dirt.




58. Use the shovel to dig up the dirt and get a small chest. Use the cross key to unlock it and get Channel Knob for the TV.


59. Go back to the mansion. Go upstairs and take the left door now. Solve the bookshelf puzzle using the clue from the xylophone photo. Get another clue.



60. Go back downstairs. We now have all the info to solve the circuit breaker puzzle and get the Volume Knob for the TV. The order is given as so:

You already know C = 8 and H = 3.

So, if you do the math, you get B = 9, A = 10, I = 2, D = 7, J = 1, E= 6, G = 4, and F = 5.

In other words, the order goes like this:

B – G – F – H – J – I – E – C – D – A



61. Go back to the TV and place the antenna and two knobs/dials on it. Set the dials to 1 and 7 (from the book shelf clue). Look at the screen. Now you can go back to the courtyard and finish the game.



62. Tap on the gate. You can now access it. Look at the riddle to the left. Then arrange the gems in the order given in the riddle. Then go through and watch the ending.



ETWM2855[1]Congratulations! You completed the game. If you liked this game, try these other adventure and escape games, including Adventure Beyond Time, The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle, The Lost Fountain, Panmorphia and Shadowmatic.



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  1. RayLinStephens

    oh wow! TBC!! Thanks – I really needed you for the extra shove in the right direction.
    Awesome game – I am so glad you recommend them the way you do.

    1. Crystal

      The electric box doesn’t work when I did the order

      1. JESS

        You have to grab the 1-7 note to add it to your book and then it should work

  2. Claire

    Nothings happening when i turn the dials on the tv

    1. RayLinStephens

      they have to be top at 1, bottom at 7 – did you find the note first with the answer? not sure where I found it but it only says 1-7 on it and should be in your diary.

    2. manda

      Make sure you solve the bookcase puzzle and click and grab the paper when it pops up showing 1-7. I thought I had gotten the clue after I solved the puzzle but forgot to click it.

  3. Jenny

    @Claire: Make sure you solved the bookcase puzzle and obtained the note solution. Also make sure you got the TV antenna from the vault downstairs in the mansion or the TV won’t work.

  4. cecilia

    please help – can’t find any dials for tv.

  5. Bill

    I don’t understand the riddles that help arrange the gems on the gate. Can you explain? Thanks!

  6. Allison

    Have the two dials and antennae as well as note, but the gate does not appear on TV. And I can’t get to gate outside

    1. Jacqui

      I’ve got the same
      Did u manage to work it out?
      I have antenna and both dials and settling
      Them at 1 and 7 and nothing happens

  7. laurie

    I got to breaker box they all light up but nothing happens… what am I doing wrong?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to get the clue for that puzzle before you can solve it.

      1. Nats

        Please Help! Why isn’t the left wing being released when I’m ringing 3412 of bells! Also the tv knobs aren’t being released. Why is this happening to me??? Hope someone can enlighten me

        1. Lucie

          Did you get it to work? I have found you may need to do it a couple of times prior to it releasing the wing. It almost acts like a glitch.

        2. Naughty Autie

          The correct order is 3-2-1-4. Hope that helps!

    2. Cc

      I’m having the same problem, solved the light up box In the basement before getting the clue from the computer, now when I enter the right sequence of direction keys into the computer, it just sits there and doesn’t give me the clue…I think I created a paradox 🙁

  8. Max

    Thanks so much for the help!! The puzzles were challenging but fun to do. I really enjoyed this game and will look for more like it… thanks, too, for providing recommendations. The ending was unique and I am happy the game can be reset to play again so I can walk through it sometime later on and enjoy the scenes again. I haven’t played a game like this since Myst a few decades ago! (I loved Myst as the animation was superb and the clues were so fitting to each situation. Can anyone recommend how to get more games like THAT?) Haunted Hollow was a fun and addicting game… hope to find and enjoy more games in that genre.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hi! I recommend going through some of my recent reviews and walkthroughs to find similar games. The three MediaCity games just went on sale, and their newest is really done well. I think you’ll like it.

    2. kytriya

      My only beef about Myst was that I could not play it as I needed to have the precise set up of computer, which I didn’t. I found a copy years after the fact. Too bad they never updated it to use other graphic cards.

  9. Anna

    Wow! That was a good game. I can’t wait for #2.

  10. sally

    I also can’t get the tv to work. Went through 3 times from beginning to make sure I didn’t miss a clue but still doesn’t work. I made sure the dials were placed right.

    1. jo

      Did you place the antenna also?

      1. et

        Yep. Have antenna, 2 dials and the clue. Placed 1 and 7 and nothing shows. Gate says there’s still a force.

  11. sally

    Love the game. Great graphics.

  12. Aurora

    WOW! I breezed right through the Fire Maple Games and then found this one. Great story, graphics, soundtrack & puzzles. The puzzles were tough at times but I figured most of them out by myself–but a big THANK U for those I couldn’t! You rock!

  13. Sydney

    Thanks for a great game. I also liked the Fire Maple Games and found Haunted Hallow to be exceptional. I love your puzzles and had a great time playing this game. I got a bit lost toward the end and found this walkthrough to be a great help to get back on track w/o spoiling the next step.
    Thanks again and I hope you keep creating.

  14. Christa

    I am not able to pull the bells. I have the clue. Help!

  15. mabone

    If you are stuck on the TV dials go back to the bookcase and do the book puzzle again. The glitch is that this clue doesn’t stick in your log book the first time.

  16. Chris

    Good game, needed the walkthrough on the PC. I prefer some clues within the game.

  17. glen

    Has anyone had this game to freeze I am frozen on fourth part can,!t get it unfrozen Help please

  18. rhonda

    This is the first game I’ve purchased! I loved it…
    And “, you totally rock!!
    I can’t wait to share this great site with my friends!

    Keep up the great work

  19. Susanne

    Cannot get the volume dial all fuses lit up but no dial!

    1. Susanne

      Thank you for answering me so quickly. No I did not play the computer game yet. Glad I asked. I would have just stp playing!

      1. Susanne

        Very good game, hope the next one will be out very soon. I will start over playing it again tomorrow.

  20. BC

    Hey, I completed the game, and loved it! The ominous scenery, and graphics were great, I liked the theme music in the back round. The puzzles were challenging at times, and the guide has helped on a few, but I have one puzzle that I have tried to solve, but otherwise been unable to on my own I even used Shazam to try, and get it, but can’t.. I know the music after you enter the gate, but what is the title of the piano song when you read the final clue that is playing I really want to get that song? You know the melancholy type song!

  21. Pauliina

    What am I doing wrong? The gate will not open although I have tapped:
    White, purple, blue, red, gold, green several times.
    Have I missed doing something?

  22. Lisa G

    I like this game. The graphics are scary as crap. Pretty sure im gonna have nightmares. Lol. But i can’t ring the dang bells. I have the clues. 🙁

  23. Lisa G

    Ok had to actually pull the ropes for the bells to ring. Thanks for the video

  24. MR

    Hi, I have completed the game and it was really great to play! I only was too slow in reading the last letter in front of the grave and the light came before I finished reading. Is it possible to get the text somewhere else?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ok, I just added it at the end of the walkthrough. 🙂

      1. MR

        thank you so much!! ?

  25. rosemary

    Please help the bells at the school will not pull, have back tracked, seem to done everything.

  26. Tony

    Awesome game! I made it through the whole game without needing a walkthrough (thats rare for me), up until the gate with the gems. I didnt understand the riddle, and at first I thought the riddle was in the tv image. I got the tv turned on, and tapped the screen before i really saw anything on the tv so it came on and turned off too soon. And i couldnt get it to play again. Found this site, looked up the gem pattern and got the gate open. Then the letter disappeared before i could finish reading it so i came back here to read the letter. So thanks for the walkthrough and the screenshot of the final letter!

  27. Jennifer Hartley

    So I’m just trying this one out for the first time now, and I made it as far as the school gym. I can see the bells, I have the clue, but when I click on the bells nothing happens. I’ve been back and forth through the walkthrough to make sure I haven’t missed anything, and I seem to have it all covered. Anyone else unable to get the bells to respond at all?

    1. From Yes to I Do

      I wasn’t so I read the older comments and then watched the video. You have to pull the bells… almost (at least for me) sliding your finger over the rope to “pull” it. I had to go out the playground and come back in a few times… it seems like a glitch or something that triggers after doing a required activity beforehand. I may be wrong… just my experience. Good luck!

  28. linda

    When I played this last year – your w/t got me through the game. Yesterday all I needed was the order of the Gems in the end of the game – but I knew you had them so Thank You again!

  29. Annette Forcey

    Well I got to the gate with the gems and put them in the correct order… but the gate will not open … what am I doing wrong? I know that is the last step in ending the game but can’t seem to achieve it. Other than that I enjoyed the game very much:)

  30. Lana Garner

    Where is the TV antenna

  31. Kelspeta

    Brilliant game but like others got stuck on gate riddle so had to admit defeat and look in here for clue to gems order

  32. kytriya

    I would like someone to explain the math for me on that clue.
    I brute force attacked the puzzle and got it solved the brute force method of cracking. rofl

    A = B + 1 , B = 9 thus A = 10
    B = 9
    C = 8
    See the pattern?
    This means that D = 7, E = 6, F = 5, G = 4, H = 3, I = 2, J = 1

    Now, how does the rest work though?
    I know from the given answer:
    D9 – H4 – J5 – F3 – B1 – G2 – I6 – C8 – E7 – A10
    However I do not understand how the above A10, B9, C8 etc. gives us D9, H4, J5 etc. Thanks!

    And thanks for making this website!

  33. Hannah

    Yea so For the computer there are 6 arrows and I tried to put the combo in but you put 5 not 6 so I was wondering what I forgot to do or need help pls

  34. Melissa Burgett

    Hello, can you explain how to solve the breaker puzzle? i have the clues and get how to solve c and h. but how do you figure out the rest?

  35. Ari

    i cannot ring the bells on my laptop. i have the clue and have tried everything. i can’t continue the game unless someone can help me.please!

  36. Ari

    I am unable to ring the bells on my PC. I’ve tried everything and I do have the clue. The PC does not have a touch screen so sliding my finger down the rope will not do. Anyone have a solution? I am unable to continue my game.

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