Match-Three iOS Mobile Games Without Pay-to-Win IAP

I’ve been looking for match-three games lately that are either free-to-play or paid that don’t have any pay-to-win IAP in them. I find games that allow players to pay to win defeat the whole point of the game. I plan to compile a list as I find them. Let me know if you think of any and I’ll check them out. This will be updated as I find more games. Feel free to suggest any you can think of and I’ll look into them.

Birzzle Pandora by Enfeel Studios (paid, no IAP)

Hero Emblems by HeatPot Games (paid, no IAP)

Threes! by Sirvo LLC (paid, no IAP)

Super Glyph Quest by Alexander Trowers (paid, no IAP)

Glooze – Match computer generated shapes by Riada International Pty. Ltd. (Free with ads, IAP to remove ads)


Linkoidz by Retro Dreamer (paid, no IAP)

Dungeon Raid by Fireflame Games (paid, no IAP)

10000000 by EightyEight Games (paid, no IAP)

Pinch ‘n Pop! by ChaoticBox (free, no IAP)

Cruel Jewels by TicBits (free with ads, IAP to remove ads)

Tiki Match by Rafal Staszewski (Free with ads, IAP to remove ads) *Note: There does seem to be a small bonus for removing the ads, but I think it only relates to the timed mode.

Fur and Feathers by PopAppFactory (paid, no IAP)

Block Legend by Alvin Phu (paid, no IAP)

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