Hero Emblems: Emblem Locations Guide

Hero Emblems
By: CHUN LUNG KUO (HeatPot Games)

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This is a complete emblem locations walkthrough guide for Hero Emblems.

See my general walkthrough guide for more help with the game.

Emblem Locations:

Tier 2:

Howard: Loto Village Shop
Alston: Loto Village Shop
Elsa: Loto Village Shop
Trista: Loto Village Shop

Tier 3:

Howard: Lucia Town Shop
Alston: Lucia Town Shop
Elsa: Lucia Town Shop or Witch’s Residence Path A chest
Trista: Lucia Town Shop

Tier 4:

Howard: Village of Lilimau Shop
Alston: Village of Lilimau Shop
Elsa: Village of Lilimau Shop
Trista: Chest in Side Quest where you meet Amy before the Ancient Labyrinth or Village of Lilimau Shop

Tier 5:

Howard: Sanctus Village Shop
Alston: Sanctus Village Shop
Elsa: Ancient Labyrinth Path A blue chest or Sanctus Village Shop
Trista: Sanctus Village Shop

Tier 6:

Howard: Cave of Conch, Use Heist on boss
Alston: Poseidon’s Relic Path B red chest
Elsa: Poseidon’s Relic, Use Heist on boss
Trista: Cave of Conch, blue chest

Tier 7:

Howard: Cruger Village Shop
Alston: Cruger Village Shop
Elsa: Cruger Village Shop
Trista: Cruger Village Shop

Tier 8:

Howard: Shayara Kingdom (late game), kill boss
Alston: Shayara Kingdom (late game) Path A, use Revive to survive gnome trap, then get from blue chest
Elsa: Cave of Devil, Path A, Kill mini-boss
Trista: Cave of Devil, Path B chest

Tier 9:

Howard: Super Secret Shop
Alston: Super Secret Shop
Elsa: Super Secret Shop
Trista: Super Secret Shop

Tier 10:

Howard: Sacred Flame Ruins, kill boss
Alston: Dragon King’s Temple, kill boss (Alkyonis Sea port)
Elsa: Magical Ruins, kill boss (Go to Sanctus Port to find this dungeon.)
Trista: Angelic Ruins, kill boss (Cloyd Port)

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This Post Has 15 Comments

  1. Carlskie

    Is there a tier 10?

  2. hebug

    just picked up howard tier 8 from the boss from revisiting shayara castle and alston tier 8 from the chest after the instakill spikes from path a of the same dungeon.

    1. alex

      when i need to go again to shayara castle?

  3. hebug

    tier 8 elsa from altar of magic by going path a, path a in cave of devil

  4. Nadine

    I’m at the Magical Ruins trying to get Elsa’s emblem. I can’t even find the boss. I must keep teleporting the wrong way through that light thing. Does anyone know the combo that will get me to the end?

  5. Tobi

    Is there already a tier 10 set ? At the locations mentioned in the guide I can’t even enter some kind of dungeon

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yes, but they were added in an update. You need to finish the main content first.

  6. Jimmy

    Hey thanks for the great guide. Sorry I do have a question though. I’m very very new to the game so sorry if this is a common question. I’m trying to get the t6 emblems and I noticed you need to use heist on the boss. If you already killed the boss in that area in there no way to get it? I tried going back for Howard’s emblem from the cave on conch and I don’t think the boss will spawn anymore.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, unless something changed in an update that I’m unaware of, some emblems have to be heisted from the boss or you miss out on it. It’s why I started over at some point when I realized it.

      1. Jimmy

        Alright thanks for the info!

    2. Kinko

      I went back to the cave and there was a treasure with howard’s t6 emblem in the last stage. I missed out on Elsa’s as well, but went back to poseidon, no luck with hers…..

  7. Samus Aran

    You can get Howard’s Tier 4 Emblem ‘Mithril Sword’ by using Heist on Rajal met in the side quest.
    The side quest was under village of Lilimau on Rocky Outcrop.

  8. Tarsk

    Valley Labrynth level… Am I stuck with a bug? I cannot find any pattern of choosing path ‘A’ or ‘b’, the level NEVER ENDS. Help! It’s been weeks.

  9. Sean

    T4 Howard weapon can be obtained from the Orc blocking the rock at Rocky Outcrop. You need to heist him though.

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