Hero Emblems: Video Walkthrough Part 3

Hero Emblems
By: CHUN LUNG KUO (HeatPot Games)

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Here you can find some gameplay footage I’ve taken of Hero Emblems by Heat Pot Games. I’m on my second play through of the game and working on getting video for all the major dungeons. This will work as a sort of video walkthrough of the game. But I suggest also reading my walkthrough guide to ensure you don’t miss out on any loot.

Looking for the first part of the video walkthrough?

Relic of the Gods:

Rajal Second Encounter:

Poseidon’s Relic:

Cave of Conch:

Tower of Deity:

Devil’s Cemetery:

House of Sage:

Ancient Mausoleum:

Cave of the Devil:

Shayara Kingdom:

Shayara Kingdom, Gnome Trap:

High Ground of Wind:

Palace of Darkness, Sun Gate, Blue Dragon:

Palace of Darkness, Moon Gate, Black Dragon:

Palace of Darkness, Star Gate, White Dragon:

See my emblems location guide here.

See my boss guide here.

See my skill locations guide here.

See my Debuffs guide here.

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