The Impossible Room (T. I. R.): Hints

The Impossible Room
By: Maruf Nebil �?�n�

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This is a list of all the in-game hints for The Impossible Room. I’m missing a few, so feel free to fill in the gaps.


Looking for the Impossible Room walkthrough?

1. Google is your friend.
2. Check letters on paper.
3. Remember, remember the…
5. A phone keypad may be helpful.
6. Check covers.
7. Check the behind of objects
9. You can combine more than two objects.
10. Power of a power.
11. You’ll need a binary decoder.
12. Write the numbers reversed.
13. You need something to grab some objects.
14. You need to wear an item.
15. You need to find the Emoji codes. 16. Look at the QR code carefully.
17. Check the sides of the drawers.
20. Write two letters with squares.
21. Split symbol to shapes.
22. Shapes are connected to painting. 23. Four shapes represent to four corners.
24. Check the circles in the numbers. 25. Match tic tac toe parts.
26. Tap two buttons same time.
27. Calculator language
28. Check where animals looking.
29. You need to split the music.
30. You need to play a music correctly.
31. Take back some items.
32. New things and places may appear.
33. Some items give hints. 34. Check name of colours.
35. Compare 1. and 3. lines of numbers. 36. The starting direction is north.
37. Use squares on the wall as coordinate plane.
38. Tap correct square on wall….times.
39. You can use UV light even on items.
40. All pointers on the clock show hour.
41. You need to reflect a light. and Uv light even on items (not sure which number this is).

Click here to see the walkthrough.

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  1. Faithdance

    19. You can use some objects multiple times.

  2. Kim

    The SEWEN translates to 26164 SEWEN was behind a door on the bed and the numbers are from the o= 7 clue.

  3. Emma

    4. You can pick up a book.

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