The Impossible Room (T. I. R.): Walkthrough Part 3

The Impossible Room
By: Maruf Nebil �?�n�

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This will be a walkthrough for The Impossible Room. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough is complete.


Looking for the first part of the walkthrough?

41. To open the yellow box above the dog, press red, blue, green, red blue green. This might have to do with the DENDEN clue (reD, bluE, greeN). Get the magnet.


42. Combine the magnet with the stick by using the glue and use it to get the corkscrew from the vase.




43. Use the corkscrew to open the wine bottle. Then pour the wine into the case to get a gem from the rose.




44. Enter FLOWER into the computer to get an item from the top drawer. Also, look at the right side of the drawer for another clue.




45. Remember the clue earlier, SEWEN? It represents South, East, West, East, North. Press those buttons on the object you got from the computer desk (Down, Right, Left, Right, Up). Get the blue gem from inside.


46. Now to open this drawer. “2125” worked for me, but not sure why (change the last number in the photo). Get the paper with four colors on it. Then look to the left side of the drawer for another clue.





47. Remember those four colored clues? Use them in the order shown on that paper with the clock by the bed. Each one represents a number going clockwise or counter-clockwise. Press the right button 4 times, then the left 7 times, right 5, and left 2. It should end on 12. Get the second battery.






48. Combine the two batteries and place them in the back of the remote. Then place the red gem in the remote to get a clue, remove it and place the blue gem for a different clue.





49. Use the arrows from the remote to solve the for stars puzzle. Just move the gold balls to where the arrows are pointing (the last star in my photo needs to be changed). Get the cutters.




50. Use the cutters on the light stand in the corner to get a metal rod.



51. The equation in the remote with the blue gem says bird dolphin x elephant fox. Based on the clues found throughout the room, that becomes 29 (13 x 17) 23 or 29 221 23. Enter those 7 digits in the elephant box and it opens. Take the music player.




52. Now to crack that safe. Use the numbers from the animal heads. It goes 29 CCW, 23 CW,17 CCW, 13 CW. You want to stop at those those numbers. Get the black light. Take the batteries from the remote and place them in the black light and turn it on.








53. Use the black light on the piece of paper with the card suits on it to see some numbers:


54. Use the black light on the right side of the sofa to get another clue.


55. Use the black light on the door near the bed for another clue:


56. Use the black light on the NICE ROOM door for another clue.


57. Using all the black light clues, you can solve the NICE ROOM puzzle. Press the buttons in this order: B2, A1, D4, C3. Then get this black box from inside.



58. Attach the black box and the USB cable to the computer. Place the two gems in the Guy Fawkes mask’s eyes. Now some lasers should bounce off them to a spot on the wall under the painting. Place some glue on the wall, then add the glass shards. Now the lasers will bounce off to the box on the shelf.






59. Go to the 5×7 grid and spell out the letters M & N overlapping each other. It should look like this. Then you’ll get a tic tac toe board as a clue.



Continue to part 4 of the walkthrough.

Looking for the list of in-game hints?

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  1. Bezan

    it works you get some playing card simbols 😀

    1. Bezan

      so its like this: both buttons, on, off, on, both, off, on, both, off

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I did exactly this several times already. Nothing happened.

      2. AppUnwrapper

        Oh, you can’t hold the buttons down or it doesn’t work. That was annoying.

  2. Calyce

    The card you obtain allows you from opening the drawer with squares 4×4
    You need to follow the instruction giveb by the old clue we had with playing card symbols and numbers appearing with the UV lamp.
    The numbers give you in which line clicking and the playing card symbol on which button. 1 diamond, 2 heart, 3 spade, 4 club, 5 spade, 6 diamond, 7 heart, 8 club.
    You have the line thanks to the number and the button thanks to the playing card symbol in the beginning of the line.

    1. Lene

      Can you explain that in another way please? I don’t get it

      1. Lene

        Never mind

    2. amanda melendez

      Can’t get the nice room drawer to open. Can someone please help me 🙁 can’t do anything else from there. Game won’t allow me.

      1. Gem

        I cant either, don’t know why

  3. Calyce

    Sorry, my English is awful 😉 it is explained better on the part 1 wherr you have all the comments

  4. Lene

    Has anyone figured out the alarm clock?

  5. jon bova

    There hint show E5,10 21T behind door with 5×7 grid door.

    1. Eli

      what do you mean? I don’t see anything behind the 5×7 grid door?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Me neither. Tapped the screen like crazy but can’t find anything there.

        1. Calyce

          think on how to clean the blop 😉

          For the clue e5,10 I was able to find it but I had first to remove the plug & the light. Then when I click on the drawer I saw what was behind

    2. Ry Jay

      Is that a clue for a hidden panel in one of the walls. I’ve been tapping the fifth across and fifth up or down on all the walls 21 times but nothing. Not sure what the 10 would mean. Thought it was a clue to which wall it would be (the wall with the binary computer – 10 as in 10101101) but tapping those squares didn’t do anything.

      1. Ry Jay

        Eureka! E is not coordinate. E is general direction! Remember where the game always starts? Consider that N.

  6. Lene

    Inside the box, where we found the egg, you can tap the left side. It’s very dark

    1. Eli

      which egg? it’s been forever and I don’t remember where I got all the items from :-/

      1. Lene

        A colored egg found behind the clock

        1. Eli

          behind which clock? sorry for bothering you but i’m completely lost 🙁

          1. Lene

            The wooden clock on the wall

          2. Eli

            don’t know which egg you are talking about – you said egg was in box but then you say it was behind wooden clock??

          3. Eli

            nvm 😉

        2. Mimsig

          I can’t find any egg… How do you get behind the clock on the wall?

  7. Lene

    E5 10 21T is behind the door under the light bulb

    1. Eli

      can’t find anything there either 🙁

      1. Eli

        are you talking about the door with the 3×3 grid clue and the two buttons?

  8. Lene

    The box is behind the clock. To the right of the bed there’s 2 drawers. Behind the door on the top one is the E5 etc

  9. Bezan

    Out!! Rank 4 😀

  10. Mimsig

    Use the little brush on the blob!

  11. Mimsig

    Then use uv on blue box to see RO=a2

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks. Need a break, but will finish the walkthrough in a bit.

  12. Mimsig

    Has all the uv clues changed? I still can’t open the NICE ROOM drawer.
    Got CE=d3, RO=a2, OM=ca
    Still missing NI.
    Any ideas?
    Found clue behind top right door by the bed. You need to press where the light bulb was and then on the door in order to get there.

    1. Calyce

      For NI you can see the clue in the hidden box where you find the egg. On the left side, where you find the golden circle (see on walkthrought part 4). You need the UV lamp and you see: NI=B1
      After you can enter B2 A1 C4 D3 and the drawer opens.

      1. Mimsig

        How do you get behind the clock?

    2. Jason

      Were you able to open the nice room drawer I still can’t ? I am doing it in the order of B2,A1,D3,C4 . I also tried it B1,A2,D3,C4 nothing I do works can anyone help!

      1. realcraftychick

        I can’t get the NICE ROOM drawer to open either! Each button gets pushed once, right? Please help…

        1. AppUnwrapper

          The developer changed things in an update, so some things might be a little out of order in my walkthrough. Sorry about that!

          1. realcraftychick

            What do the brackets in black light mean above “NICE ROOM”? Also, does the order you do things in matter? Can’t figure out what I’m missing 🙁

          2. E.

            Could use some help with how far from the wall you should be when you (spoiler alert) are suppose to click on the wall 21 times? Would also like to know where to click it (just to make sure I am trying to do it on the right place generally but would really like more specific “click area” aswell). Would be really thankful if I could get some help with it :).

  13. Dotty

    I am stuck at level 31 where you state to put number 6560 in the box that looks like steps but it doesn’t work, have tried different combinations of these numbers but it won’t open anyone help?

    1. Chanteuse

      Try 6561

  14. Gaetano

    as many, i’m stuck at “NICE ROOM” puzzle… help us, please!

  15. Ry Jay

    NICE ROOM puzzle won’t open. I know I’m missing something. You show black light hints for CE and OM but I’m wondering if there are NI and RO blacklight clues that you aren’t showing us. And if so where are they. I think, like the shapes code on the bed, if I don’t look at them in the game, the NICE ROOM buttons wont work.

  16. CamtheKing1248

    How do I open up the puzzle with the 3 boxes, the tilda, the “CBA”, and the dart board? I typed in what you did, but it doesn’t want to work. I see you have a price of paper that I don’t have, though, and maybe that’s why. If so, where was it?

  17. Badubadu

    I agree with cam the king I can’t figure out how to open it I’m entering the code but it won’t open I need help because that is like the key to the rest of the game I’m very lost HHHHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. APalzy

    Does anyone know how to open the box in the top drawer of the computer cabinet? I tried SEWEN and It won’t open. I tried pressing the buttons in a different order and switching the directions but it won’t open. Any ideas? Has anyone encountered this problem?

    1. Cjohnson

      Down, Right, Left, Right, Up

      South, East, West, East,

      1. Bonnie

        I’ve hit the buttons in order … Down, right, left, right, up, but nothing happens … I don’t know how to get the blue gem ??

    2. Joe

      You figured out yet? I’m stuck too

  19. Cjohnson

    I cat figure out the NICE ROOM puzzle. I think I missed a clue.

  20. Steven

    I cannot get step 41 to work

  21. Steven

    I cannot get instruction number 41 to work please help

  22. Ellie

    Help! How do you open the safe?? Plz help someone so stuck??

  23. Kay

    Can’t get the NICE ROOM drawer open! Has anyone figured it out?

  24. Arjen

    Opened the NICE ROOM drawer, but it’s empty… What to do now?

    1. Mel


  25. R

    Anyone figure out the NICE ROOM puzzle? Nothing seems to work.

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