The Impossible Room (T. I. R.): Walkthrough Part 4

The Impossible Room
By: Maruf Nebil �?�n�

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This will be a walkthrough for The Impossible Room. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough is complete.


Looking for the first part of the walkthrough?

60. Use the clue with the lightbulb. It’s a pigpen cipher. If you see a white circle, press the on button (right) and if you see a black circle, press the off button (left). If you see half and half, press both at the same time. But you have to be really quick and tap the buttons so you only hear one tick from each. If you hold the buttons down longer, it won’t work. This is the order:

Both, right, left, right, both, left, right, both, left.


61. Now take the note with the card suits on them. Also, look behind the door for another clue.



62. Now combine the two clues with the card suits on them to get the order of buttons to press on the 4×4 grid. I combined the two clues for easier access. Just press those buttons I circled in the order of the numbers alongside them.



63. Take the item with three buttons on it from the drawer.


64. You need to press the buttons in the order that sounds like the music from the iPod. Press them in this order, 12 meaning 1&2 at the same time: 12 2 3 12 12 2 3 2 12 2 3 3 12 2 3 2.

65. Now look at the ceiling above the trash can. Use the wire from the lamp to open the lock on the box. A pair of glasses will fall out into the trash can. Pick them up.



66. Put on the glasses and then look at the left side of the desk to see this…blob? Use the brush on it to see another clue.



67. Use that clue to open the box above the dolphin and get the alarm clock. Also, use the UV light to get another clue. It seems to be part of the NICE ROOM clues, so if you haven’t opened that drawer yet, take note.



68. Look at the wooden clock. Somehow this translated to 04:07:10. Enter that into the alarm clock and the wooden clock will open, revealing a rainbow egg. Take it.




69. The clue E5, 10 21T means East wall, 10 across, 5 down, tap 21 times. This is the wall with the dress on it. Find that square and tap 21 times to get an awl.


70. Go back to the hole behind the clock. Use the awl on the left wall to get a gold ring. Also, use the black light to get another clue. This should be the final clue for the NICE ROOM drawer. Place the gold ring on the Guy Fawkes mask.





71. The box with the three lasers pointing at it will open. Take the items from inside.


72. Place the egg in the box/nest by the bed. Set up the items from the drawer over it and screw in the lightbulb. Place the lamp shade over it and then add the plug. Watch the disco party, then take the rainbow bird from the nest.





73. Place the bird in the birdhouse and escape!


Congratulations! You completed the game! If you liked this game, you might also like Shadowmatic, Do Not Believe His Lies and Eyeser.  Looking for the list of in-game hints?

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  1. Bruk

    Thanx for a great walkthrough .. Finally finished .. Thanxxxx

  2. Ben kimble

    I found all the clues for the nice room thing but what the heck does the nice room uv clue thing mean

  3. Jaden Dodd

    Alright I completely did everything I was supposed to. When it comes to the wall part the easy wall I started at the end away from the dress, counted over 10 and down 5. I know the square is dark on the outside be cuz of walk through pic. I then clicked on the square twenty one times. I tried multiple times and it won’t do anything for me.

    1. Millie

      Which square is it!? I’m so stuck but so near the end!

  4. Jaden Dodd

    Never mind. Lol. I found the square opened the nice room drawer, hooked up laser but the beams shine into guys mask but don’t reflect onto the box?? Idk what’s wrong

    1. Aidan

      you have to use the glass shards on the part of the wall where the lasers shine

  5. Muusa

    Thanks for the huge work! I done it only because this site!
    Can i ask if you please move this picture with nice room after behind the clock picture (when you find that gold ring)?
    You are awsome!

  6. E.

    Can’t seem to be able to press the wall 21 times. Not sure if I am at the right distance or If I should be closer to it. Could someone help me by explaining how close you should be and/or if you have to do something except seeing the clue (can’t remember where it is right now…) and maybe also what wall it should be (maybe different walls work for different people like certain things seems to do otherwise). Would like it if I could get a description with something similar to: “in order to get close enough you have to press the right side of the drawer…”. Would be really nice and I would be thankful if someone could help me :). On a different note I think this is a well-named game :).

    1. E.

      Just saw the notify me of follow-up comments :).

  7. Jen

    I can’t get the part for the music from the iPod to work.

    1. Jen

      How do I get the music part like an iPod to work… Having trouble. I used your sequence and it just isn’t working for me to be able to get the glasses

  8. Dawn

    I am not able to view the side of the desk. Help! I have the glasses. Can’t open nice room because I can’t see the clue on the desk or in the box with the Greek letters. Thanks for all the help so far!!

  9. Ry Jay

    Finished! If you can’t get the NICE ROOM to open it’s because there are other things to retrieve first. The code for NICE ROOM never changed. I’m guessing the sequence for what needs to be gotten first did.


  10. Aidan Collins

    Dawn simply tap the left side of the desk with the glasses on. Keep tapping and/or swiping until you get it. Tap near the middle of the left stand/wall of the desk. You’ll get it! I just completed it!

  11. Aidan Collins

    Jen just keep trying. I kept trying. Did it about five times in a row and finally got it!! You will get it!! Try to tap the 1 and 2 at the same times when you’re supposed to as quickly as possible.

  12. Dawn

    Thanks. I didn’t realize I needed the glasses to be ON like the black light to see the side of the desk. #188 Woo hoo! Thanks for the help!

  13. Aidan Collins

    No problem! Glad to have helped!

  14. Lizi

    I cant combine the card suits to make it workon 4×4 grid

  15. Shoosha

    Please..please..please any one help me how can I get the sequare that tap it 21 times.. Where is it????

  16. Sonja

    Thank you for all your time as if it were not for you I never would have finished this game! Took me a few days to finally get it but if I had followed your tips from the beginning it would have been faster…

  17. Auryjay

    I sooo stuck in the wall. I saw many comments but no replies and you guys managed. Please somebody help on how to find the square. I tapped 21 times every single square below the dress near the skirting, I went over all the square with the dark infill but none worked. I’m freaking out. Pleaaaaase help

  18. Auryjay

    I can’t manage to find the square on the wall. I tried everything. I saw people here with the same problem but they got help which I don’t see here. Can somebody also pleaaaaaase help me here, I’m freaking out. Some more detailed description on how to find the square. By the way, amazing walkthrough…. Thousand claps from me!!!!

  19. Auryjay

    Got it. It doesn’t need to zoom on the square for you to tap (for those who get into the same problem). I just tapped like crazy on the square below the dress next to the skirting (like a thousand times quickly in a row) until I finally got it to open. But first I had to go and put the gems onto to Guy Fawkes eyes (which I didn’t do before but I’m not sure if it influenced anyway) and that’s it.

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