Escape Game “The Chapel of Chance Meetings”: Walkthrough

Escape Game “The Chapel of Chance Meetings”
By: IDAC (WaveA)

This will be a walkthrough for the IDAC/WaveA game The Chapel of Chance Meetings. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section.


Thanks to Laura for posting this!

Walk through for Chapel of Chance Meetings
-facing cross, turn left and grab blank sheet out of back of Pew 2
– turn and face cross. Turn right and grab lighter in back of pew 5.
– Turn on lighter and burn paper for arrow clue.
-go to back of room and look at bamboo in flowers. Follow the clue from paper and open bamboo. Get key.
– open silver box w/ key and get sheet music.
-look at monitor on table. Touch screen monitor. Touch arial view pew 1 on monitor and then pew 2. A purple line appears. Now touch pew 2, 5, 3 and finally 6. A yellow N appears. This will only work if u touch the pews on the screen and it says “pushed bench” everytime.
– go to cabinet right of cross. Hit the I and then the N. Door opens, grab players.
– use players to remove the spotlight on the floor. Get ring. Notice light has changed direction.
– while at cross, note colors on both side of cross. Left 1 = y & v / right 2 = OGB & R
(Still don’t get this code fully but was still able to finish game).
– look at mirror to right and left of room. One lightbulb and the other dots. Go to back of room to machine w/ lightbulb. Click back and note dots. Press the 4 green dots to match mirror code. Light house in back of cross changes position.
-look at back, locked door w/ flowers. A monitor and two letters NE projected. Take two letters from monitor, NI+NE = 9.
– go to dials up front. Turn left dial to 4 and right to 5. 4+5=9. Trap door opens. Find candle light and go to basement. See 2 cabinets. Turn right cabinet and see lines. Both cabinets locked.
– go to window see gondola. Door locked. Window locked. Look on windowsill. Take hair pin.
– take candle look under cabinet with lines on back. Get 2nd ring.
-go upstairs, open box to right of cross using both rings. Get cord.
– go to back of room. Use hair pin on stuck electric outlet to open. Plug in fountain and socket w/ cord. Look in fountain and see lines. Put lines together w/ back of cabinet in basement. 4683. Plug into cabinet in basement. Open and take book.
– see code RBG for flower pot upstairs and code for handle for 2nd cabinet in basement. Get crank.
– go to flowerpot and press 3 colors, bucket drops. Turn bucket over for clue. Fill with fountain water. Throw bucket out basement window. Stick arm out window and open door.
– go out and put crank on pulley.
-go upstairs to pews. I don’t know how I did it exactly, but I pressed the buttons on bottom of pew in this order, according to view on monitor. 1,4,5,2,6,3…then I just kept pressing 1 over and over and the buttons stopped pressing and organ opened. Put color sheet my is on organ, cross opens.
-get rope, attached to cut rope in basement. Turn pulley. Get gondola…find ur wife.

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  1. RayLinStephens

    Why do they put those annoying “gears” in most of the screen? I finally got tired of playing “in a window” all the time.

    Pity – they do have good games 🙁

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