Alto’s Adventure: Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, Tips & Tricks

What is a Proximity Backflip?

You need to do a backflip where your head gets very close to the ground. You can see a short video of it here:

You can also do it very easily with a hover board:

Kiss the Rail:

You need to come off a jump/flip and hit just the last bit of a bunting:


Here it is in action:

Here’s a list of goals for each level.

Here’s a breakdown of points, thanks to rbates:

Backflip: 10
Double Backflip: 60
Triple Backflip: 200
Proximity Backflip: 300
Quadruple Backflip: 500
Rock Bounce: 80
Fire Stomp: 180

  • Ramp Kicker: 20
  • Chasm Jump: 50
  • Wingsuit: 30
  • Loop de loop: 40
  • Thread the needle: 240
  • Bunting Grind: 10 + 5 per 2m
  • Roof Grind: 10 + 5 per 2m
  • Grind Bonus: 300
  • Kiss the Rail: 250

  • Other:

    • Coin: 10
    • Big Coin: 100
    • Llama: 200
    • Ice Slide: 10
    • Rock Smash: 50
    • Firepit Smash: 100
    • Elder Woken: 200
    • Elder Escaped: 800
    • Sunrise: 1000

    Please let me know if you notice any errors.


    “Grinding is key to scoring, so grind whenever possible. If the grind is flat through a tower, don’t jump so you can get the Grind Bonus.

    If the grind peaks at a tower, do a backflip to build up the multiplier. While doing this, keep an eye on the next tower and if it is an arch, switch to the wing suit while still in the air and drop down below the grind to Thread the Needle through the arch then backflip back onto the grind. End it with a Kiss the Rail for some really nice points. I got a 19k combo doing this.

    If there are no grinds around, try to do a Proximity Backflip over a steep cliff and then switch to the wing suit for a second to fling yourself up then do a double back flip and repeat to build up the combo.

    It is a good idea to throw in a few high point stunts and multiply that with a lot of quick stunts. They both work together this way and you won’t score much doing one without the other.”

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    6 years ago

    How do I perform a proximity wingsuit fly? It is one of the goals on level 35 to do this for 50 m and I cannot accomplish it.


    Reply to  Ashleigh
    6 years ago

    You have to fly in the wing suit for 50m just above the snow. If done just right the snow underneath you will show signs of disturbance, if too low you will automatically land on ground and too high you won’t acheive either.

    Reply to  Ashleigh
    5 years ago

    I want to clear this up here and now!
    This very vivid, detailed description of achieving the goal of Proximity Wingsuit is NOT ACCURATE!! None of this ‘fly low so you disturb the snow underneath you’ or ‘I did mine on a steep hill’ is even remotely necessary!!

    What is required is this: fly as low as you can (without crashing) and do it when you’re near the Elders! THAT IS IT! PERIOD! My backup is Ryan. Director of Alto’s Adventure. If you were going to choose a person to advise you on how to achieve a goal, would you listen to the Director of Alto’s Adventure?!

    Be aware; it usually takes AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of six proximity attempts before achieving the goal! If you can’t fly well? You will by the time you achieve this goal!! Keep trying!!
    Also – Altos has another update coming!! It should be released within FIVE DAYS!!

    Reply to  Jim
    5 years ago

    You don’t need to “fly as low as you can without crashing”, you only need to fly low enough to disturb the snow. My source is having done the mission, and also the 100m version of it.

    6 years ago

    i Amsterdam at level 11 but still with the alto charmanter. Cant get further this way.
    Can i somehoow change into Maya?

    Reply to  Alex
    6 years ago

    Tap on home and then switch characters by tapping the figure button in the middle of screen and then pick other character.

    6 years ago

    I’m having trouble with the level 35 accomplishment, “Proximity wing suit fly for 50m in a row.”
    What do I need to fly in proximity to in order to earn this accomplishment?
    I actually find the wingsuit to be quite unwieldy and frustrating to conduct.
    Any tips?

    – Warto

    Reply to  Warto
    6 years ago

    I explain in my comment above how to do the wing suit proximity for 50m. I did it with Maya. The easiest spot to do it is on a steep downhill. With the wing suit fully charged start down a steep slope (don’t jump off) simply ride over the edge of the steep downhill and hit the wing suit button and then glide just above the ground. It’s not a long distance but it must be just the right height above the ground to make the snow fly up underneath you. Also if you have to, give the screen a light short tap to keep from getting to close to the ground. Hope that helps.

    6 years ago

    I cant make The tripple backflip how to do that

    Reply to  Kristian
    5 years ago

    Take maya or tupa if unlocked.
    Sure Spot for triple backflip is , when there is ramp just at beginning of downhill.

    Another way is by luck. Double backflip to rock bounce to backflip.

    James Riot
    6 years ago

    Hi, I’m having problems with the task: ‘do a back flip over a sleeping Elder’
    I’ve done it like 10 times but the game doesn’t appeal to it :/
    Is there something special I need to do?

    Apprichiate the help
    Regards James

    Reply to  James Riot
    6 years ago

    I just did this one 5 minutes ago. I was having the same problem. I think the issue was that I was going too fast. I had to approach the elder at a way slower speed and clear his entire tepee with the flip. Hope that helps!

    James Riot
    Reply to  Buzz
    6 years ago

    Hey Buzz
    I just did it the way you said it might work
    And it did
    So thanks a lot mate

    Reply to  Buzz
    4 years ago


    6 years ago

    Hi, i stuck at level 29.
    •Catch 6 llamas in a single village

    what it mean by single village?

    Reply to  AppUnwrapper
    6 years ago

    thank you for the information

    6 years ago

    Hey I’m stuck on lvl 25. I don’t know what it means to Do a backflip on a grind twice in one run. Does anyone else know!? Please help. I’m debating on deleting. I’ve been on this lvl forever.

    Reply to  HelpPlease
    6 years ago

    This is very easy and simple. You may do two backflip when you are over the flags (grinding). With Maya this is very simple. All the time over flags you will have a oportunity when get across the masts

    6 years ago

    I’m stuck at Level 19, I have played hundreds of games and never manage to pull off 3x ramp onto grind in one run. They just don’t appear that often. Usually, I outrun an elder before I get the chance for a 3rd ramp onto grind, and die before even seeing one. I played so many games on level 19 that I managed to buy the wing suit and all but one magnet and feather power ups… Halp!?!

    6 years ago

    Level 19 extremely frustrating, maximum 2 wooden ramps that lead to flag line or roof — 3 required. 3rd day in this level. Ready to delete the game.

    6 years ago

    Thanks for all the info on your site!

    I was wondering how to “reach max boost speed” with Izel. Apparently I don’t understand what this means because I never seem to reach this goal

    Reply to  AppUnwrapper
    5 years ago

    This wasn’t the case with me. In fact I’ve been had the wingsuit charged and even used with Izel and still this goal eludes me. It’s the only goal left until I need to achieve for the next level.

    Anyone else have this issue and have found a way to solve it?

    Reply to  Nick
    5 years ago

    For me, i just dis it by activating the white wingsuit. Once Izel fly with the WingSuit, the goal was reach.

    Reply to  Philippe
    4 years ago

    Same issue with me- it’s extremely frustrating. I’ve had a full white scarf and even flown with Izel, but I still haven’t been awarded the goal. Anyone please advise!? Thanks a lot.

    6 years ago

    Stuck on level 39. Fly through arch way. Where is there an arch way?

    6 years ago

    I purchased the wingsuit pretty early on but now it doesnt work. I use Maya primarily so that I can do a lot of flips and make the scarf get really long. It’ll flash white once it hits its maximum length but there is no icon for the wingsuit. Is my game corrupt or something? I don’t know what to do.

    6 years ago

    stuck on level 29… Have got over 10,000 dozens of times but no joy. Rebooted app still no joy..tweeted game designer said joy still!! FRUSTRATING!

    Reply to  Maf
    5 years ago

    I was stuck on this one as well—the 10,000 points this goal refers to are points accumulated by tricks only, not distance, llamas, coins, etc. these are the points that are accumulated throughout your run just below the distance counter in the upper-right corner of the screen. Cheers!

    5 years ago

    Stuck at lvl 56 “Roof Grind Between 2 Bunting Grinds”
    I tried everything and i think this is a bug.. someone has passed this?

    Reply to  Axellvak
    5 years ago

    jump on a bunting grind , then a roof grind and then on a bunting grind. i used a wingsuit . wasn’t very hard

    Reply to  Axellvak
    4 years ago

    I did .. easy with wingsuit

    5 years ago

    Level 57 “wingsuit in-between 3 separate grinds” what??? Anybody know what that mean?

    Reply to  Valkiard
    5 years ago

    Grind and then activate your wingsuit until you land on another grind then do it again.

    5 years ago

    Stuck on Level 48 – “Perform a wingsuit loop before flying through an archway.” I can’t build enough speed to get the wingsuit before the first archway appears. Any ideas on this one?

    Reply to  James
    5 years ago

    I am also stuck there. I am CERTAIN I achieved it, a full loop BEFORE the archway, and then even flew through the entire subsequent archway… but it didn’t acknowledge it… If anyone has tips, it’d be much appreciated.

    Reply to  James
    4 years ago

    I dont know if you have figured it out by now, but just in case you or anyone else is still wondering:

    I was stuck on this forever too. I couldn’t get enough speed to activate the wingsuit before the first archway came up, and I couldn’t figure out how this was even possible. But, it turns out its all about the way you read it. Instead of “do a wingsuit loop before you go under the first archway”, you need to read it as “do a wingsuit loop and then immediately afterwards go under an archway”. It doesn’t have to be the first one – it can be any one. You just have to do a wingsuit loop right before flying through an archway.
    Its very poor wording, but once I reread it for the millionth time, I thought to try this, and it worked.

    5 years ago

    Hey, i saw this website and thought it might be able to help.
    Im stuck at 1 assignemt at level 31. “Reach max boost speed with Izel” i keep trying but when i think i go fast as possible i still dont get the assignment completed. How did you do this? Is this just a bug? Or am i doing something wrong?

    Reply to  AppUnwrapper
    5 years ago

    And what if i did and nothing happends?

    Lord Leopard
    Reply to  Jeroen
    5 years ago

    I am stuck at level 31 unable to complete the same challenge. Reached “white scarf” multiple times, the wing suit icon appears, and regardless of it being used or not, the task does not get marked as completed. Could it be that if you buy the wing suit before achieving that challenge, it becomes impossible to complete?

    Reply to  Lord Leopard
    5 years ago

    I have the same issue very frustrating

    5 years ago

    LVL 42 spook 20 birds while grinding. Any advices? After 20 000 meters i did like 25%


    Reply to  Thomino
    5 years ago

    I figured this out. As you might first assume (I assumed this), Filipe would most likely be the best to use for this. However I recently realized that Paz has a stronger gravitational acceleration.

    What this means in plain English: Paz falls down faster.

    How this is helpful: If you use Paz, you can stay on the grind the longest without being flung off, being able to spook more birds.

    Oh and they reduced this to 20 birds in a recent update

    5 years ago

    stuck on Level 36 backflip to wingsuit? How? Help please

    5 years ago

    Stuck on level 32 wing suit for 200m what does that mean I can have the wing suit for the whole run

    Reply to  Mathew
    5 years ago

    By “wing suit 200m” what they mean is that the wingsuit has to be actually on, not just that you have the white scarf. Once you charge it, tap the wingsuit icon with your finger and you’ll change to it and be flying. Every time you tap, it gives you a little upward motion. To fly flat and straight, many small taps. To loop, tap and hold.

    5 years ago

    I’m stuck at Level 49

    5 years ago

    Stuck at trying to double backflip on a grind? Level 45. Where can you actually do that ? Thanks for any help with this ……

    5 years ago

    Stuck at trying to double backflip on a grind? Level 45. Where can you actually do that ? Thanks for any help with this!

    5 years ago

    Is there a max level? I have passed level 51 and unlocked everything. Is there more?

    Reply to  Red_Man
    5 years ago

    What player do you choose for level 50 for 75.000 points?

    Reply to  Corvin
    4 years ago

    Maya all the way until you beat level 50 (Unless a specific character is specified explicitly in the goal). Her ability to backflip makes it easy to outrun elders, score trick points, and just more fun to play with.

    Once you beat level 50 and unlock Tupa, then it’s Tupa all the way.

    Good luck with 50, I am working on 60.

    5 years ago

    I’m at level 35, but still nothing new in the Workshop. What’s up, Izel??