Alto’s Adventure: List of Goals for All Levels

Alto’s Adventure
By: Snowman

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This will be a walkthrough guide with all the goals for the iOS snowboarding endless runner, Alto’s Adventure. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help with specific goals in the comments section or help fill in gaps.

For tips and tricks, as well as videos of certain goals, see the rest of my Alto’s Adventure guide here. 

Level 1:

•Land a backflip

•Grind a bunting line

•Jump across a chasm

Level 2:

•Travel 500 m in one run

•Catch 5 Llamas

•Jump over 2 rocks in one run

Level 3:

•Pick up a coin magnet

•Travel 5,000 m in total

Score 500 points in one run

Level 4:

•Spook 15 birds in one run

•Snowboard at night

•Land a 2x combo

Level 5:

•Pick up a hover feather

•Land 3 backflips

•Rip 30 bunting flags in one run

Level 6:

•Stay airborne for 3 seconds

•Travel 1,500 m in one run

•Jump over 5 rocks in one run

Level 7: 

•Backflip over a chasm

•Catch 15 Llamas in one run

•Collect 25 coins in one run

Level 8:

•Pick up a magnet and feather in the same run
•Ride through a village
•Land 25 backflips in total

Level 9:

•Ride through a forest
•Wake an elder
•Score 1,500 points in one run

Level 10:

•Escape and elder
•Land a double backflip
•Backflip off a grind

Unlock Maya!

Level 11:

•Land 3 backflips with Maya in one run
•Land a 3x combo
•Pick up 50 coins with the coin magnet

Level 12:

•Collect 75 coins in one run
•Travel 2,000m in one run
•Jump off a wooden ramp onto a grind

Level 13:

•Land 2 double backflips in one run
•Survive a rainstorm
•Spook 30 birds in one run

Level 14:

Level 15:

•Backflip over a rock
•Catch 25 llamas in one run
•Rip 60 bunting flags in one run

Level 16:

•Catch a llama while hovering (If you jump/flip while hovering, you land closer to the ground than if you just cruise along.)
•Land a triple backflip
•Bounce on a rock

Level 17:

•Travel 3,500m in one run
•Score 5,000 points in one run
•Grind 3 rooftops (it took 4 for me)

Level 18:

•Grind to backflip to grind
•Land 3 double backflips in one run
•Slide on 5 ice patches

Level 19:

•Double backflip off a grind
•Jump off a wooden ramp onto a grind 3 times in one run
•Backflip over a campfire

Level 20:

•Land 2 triple backflips in one run (Use Maya for this!)
•Land a 1,000 point combo
•Witness 3 lightning strikes

Unlock Paz!

Level 21:

•Smash through 3 rocks as Paz
•Score 500 points in the first 1,000m
•Grind during an elder chase

Level 22:

•Smash 2 rocks with one boost (Try Paz for this, or getting any character to land between the rocks when you get a ramp with 4-5 rocks after it. They’ll smash through the remaining rocks.)
•Hover over a rock
•Land 2 backflips in a single forest

Level 23:

•Kiss the rail (grind last 4m) (You need to come off a jump/flip and hit just the last bit of a bunting — the flag rope.)
•Land a 4x combo
•Collect 125 coins in one run

Level 24:

•Backflip over a sleeping elder
•Grind for 300m in one run
•Collect 3 super coins in one run

Level 25:

•Travel 5,000m in one run
•Backflip off a grind twice in one run
•Jump across 5 chasms in one run

Level 26:

•Smash 5 rocks in one run
•Slide on 5 I’ve patches in one run
•Spook 60 birds in one run

Level 27:

•Land 10 backflips as Paz
•Collect 5 super coins in one run
•Escape 2 elders in one run

Level 28:

•Smash a rock during an elder chase
•Land a 5x combo
•Backflip over 3 chasms in one run

Level 29:

•Catch 6 llamas in a single village
•Rock bounce to grind
•Score 10,000 points in one run

Level 30:

•Collect 30 coins in 10 seconds
•Survive through rain and snow in one run
•Land a 3,500 point combo

Unlock Izel!

Level 31:

•Purchase the wingsuit
•Reach max boost speed with Izel (wingsuit speed)
•Catch 3 llamas while hovering in one run

Level 32:

•Wingsuit for 200m in one run
•Backflip to grind 3 times in one run
•Smash 3 rocks with an ice boost in one run 

Level 33:

Collect 5 coins in one wingsuit flight

Escape 3 elders in one run 

Backflip over two rocks in one run

Level 34: 

• Land a proximity backflip 

• Perform a loop with a wingsuit

• Travel 7,500 m in one run

Level 35: 

• Backflip into a rock bounce

• Proximity wingsuit for 50m in a row

• Jump across 8 chasms in one run

Level 36: 

Wingsuit over a chasm

Land 25 backflips in one run

Grind for 500m in one run

Level 37:

Land a 7x combo

Backflip to wingsuit

Jump between a bunting and roof grind

Level 38:

Grind 5 rooftops in one run

Survive for a full day

Score 35,000 points in one run

Level 39:

Perform 3 loops with the wingsuit in a row

Catch a llama while wingsuit flying

Fly through an archway with the wingsuit

Level 40:

Perform 3 backflips in 10 seconds (overcome! performed 4 proximity backflips in 10 seconds right at the start!)

Backflip to grind to backflip

Land a 7,500 point combo

Level 41:

See more hints and tips here.

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6 years ago

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to pick up a coin magnet. Any help would be appreciated,thank you very much

6 years ago

I’m stuck on level 16. When I have the hover feather, I just glide past a llama and don’t catch it, and I can’t for the life of me make a triple backflip. Most I’ve got is 2 and a half! Ouch!! Any tips????

6 years ago

What does backflip of a grind mean at level 10 ?

6 years ago

in lvl 12 how do i do the jump off the ramp into a grind? ive jumped off of wooden ramps before on the flags and grinded but it doesnt say i passed ioff the achievment

6 years ago

ive foubdmany ramps and junped off them onto the flags and grinded soi don know whtto do

6 years ago

stuck on level 23. What does “kiss the rail (last 4m)”
I ride the rail a ton but can’t clear this whatever it means

Reply to  Kevin
6 years ago

Exactly the same problem!!! What does ut mean???

6 years ago

I’m totally stuck on level 24: “backflip over a sleeping elder.” Probably10 times on that level I’ve completed a backflip when first passing an elder at their campsite but that’s not doing it apparently. Is there something I’m supposed to do to not wake them up? They wake up every time regardless.

6 years ago

I’m on level 17 where you have to grind 3 rooftops, but I don’t understand how to do this.

6 years ago

I can not, for the life of me, get 2 triple back flips in one run. Do you have any extra tips for how to do this? Its been 2 days and i cant seem to get it.

6 years ago

Stuck on level 10. I’ve done backflips onto and off of both the line and the top of the building and it will not clear the “backflip off of a grind” also the double backflip will not clear. I even did a double backflip off of a grind and it didn’t work. Wtf? Plus my guy gets stuck a lot.

Reply to  Kory
6 years ago

Make sure sound and music is turned on. I had the same problem until I turned the sound on. Looks like a little bug

6 years ago

How do I ride through a village

Luke Taylor
6 years ago

I’m having trouble backflipping over a sleeping elder. I’ve done it three times and not gotten the achievement.

6 years ago

Guys. Please how do I pass level 19.

•Jump off a wooden ramp onto a grind 3 times in one run

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
6 years ago

Thank you. I’ll try it out.

6 years ago

Hey guys im stuck at lvl 32,
The goals said that i have to reach wingsuit for 200 m but i did so many times
And still nothing happened..i wonder how, can anybody help me please?

6 years ago

I also had the wingsuit not activating issue at level 32. I happened to fix it by playing with Alto (1st char) and put my iPhone from silenced back to sound on (dunno what exactly helped). Then I played a round with alto and filled my scarf and it happened to unlock and show the wingsuit again. Finally!
Hope it works for you too.

6 years ago

Can’t for the life of me get the accomplishment to back flip over the elder — I have back flipped many times over his tent with all character and continue to backflip over his tent — don’t get the achievement — WHAT THE HELL !!! So irritating —- I’m playings I well and I want to get thru this

6 years ago

Thanks for tip on level 24 with back flip. I was going mad. I have maxed out everything I can purchase and still got loads of coins. Is there plans to do an update to spend coins on? Fab game!

6 years ago

So im stuck on lvl 20
Can’t manage to do a single triple backflip
How can i do it twice in one run
It’s so frustrating

Reply to  Salah
5 years ago

Do it on high mountains

6 years ago

I’m on level 25, and my game is flit hung out. Itbstopped showing the tricks I do, and I can’t complete these easy goals. I’ve tried restarting my phone, replaying tutorial (when I do that, it doesn’t register that I jump off the ramp) and o was wondering what I should do.

6 years ago

How do you pass the 50meter proximity wing suit challenge and with what player — sometimes I can’t get my wings hit required — it’s takes double tapping — holding down and worse it puts me in a bad flip then crash —

Richie Rich
6 years ago

I’m stuck on level 38 that requires 5 rooftop grinds in one level. It is killing me. Any tips on how to catch these rooftops? I keep missing them or are unable to jump high enough because they are situated at the bottom of a hill.

Reply to  Richie Rich
6 years ago

Use the wingsuit to drop onto them

6 years ago

have amassed 10,000 pts multiple times on Level 29. Cannot get the goal crossed off. Anyone else with this glitch?

6 years ago

The 35.000 points is that trick point or total points — I get like 90000 total points and don’t get the 35000 points crossed off — same level with the 5 roof grinds

6 years ago

Level 32: “Smash 3 rocks with an ice boost in one run” – Can someone explain that? What is an Ice Boost?

6 years ago

They should have two button one for rotating to a backflip and one to rotate to a front flip — to many times I over rotate or due to a hill I crash — it should correct with a forward front flip button — or a flip correction button