Eyeser: Walkthrough & Solutions Levels 51 – 100


By: Pine Entertainment

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This is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Eyeser by Pine Entertainment. If you’d like a hint instead of the answer, feel free to ask for help in the comments section.

Looking for levels 1-50?

Level 51: Pants

You can also watch this video walkthrough I made for levels 51 – 75:

Level 52: Plug

Level 53: Bone

Level 54: Camera

Level 55: Banana

Level 56: Car

Level 57: Cat

Level 58: Pencil

Level 59: Cloud

Level 60: Saw

Level 61: Candle

Level 62: Sunglass

Level 63: Guitar

Level 64: Spoon

Level 65: Scissors

Level 66: Skate

Level 67: Bull

Level 68: Speaker

Level 69: Mailbox

Level 70: Fan

Level 71: Turtle

Level 72: Mushroom

Level 73: Dryer

Level 74: Dress

Level 75: Icecream

Level 76: Church

You can also watch this video walkthrough I made for levels 76 – 100:

Level 77: Bomb

Level 78: Boots

Level 79: Fork

Level 80: Bottle

Level 81: Bat

Level 82: Pliers

Level 83: Hook

Level 84: Eye

Level 85: Shower

Level 86: Hat

Level 87: Pot

Level 88: Iron

Level 89: Teapot

Level 90: Bus

Level 91: Candy

Level 92: Tie

Level 93: Crab

Level 94: Truck

Level 95: Pine

Level 96: Stairs

Level 97: Pistol

Level 98: Shovel

Level 99: Mango

Level 100: Knife

Continue to the walkthrough for levels 101 – 150.

Looking for levels 151 – 200?

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