Eyeser: Walkthrough & Solutions Levels 101 – 150


By: Pine Entertainment

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This is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Eyeser by Pine Entertainment. If you’d like a hint instead of the answer, feel free to ask for help in the comments section.

Looking for levels 1-50?

Level 101: Ghost

You can also watch my video walkthrough for levels 101 – 125:

Level 102: Pig

Level 103: Goat

Level 104: Rhino

Level 105: Lizard

Level 106: Penguin

Level 107: Luggage

Level 108: Bowl

Level 109: Tent

Level 110: Tank

Level 111: Wolf

Level 112: Castle

Level 113: Comb

Level 114: Wrench

Level 115: Gamepad

Level 116: Whistle

Level 117: Razor

Level 118: Mask

Level 119: Ladybug

Level 120: Cart

Level 121: Pump

Level 122: Pin

Level 123: Rat

Level 124: Compass

Level 125: Card

Level 126: Cable

You can also watch my video walkthrough for levels 126 – 150

Level 127: Table
Level 128: Wifi
Level 129: Shorts
Level 130: Bulb
Level 131: Eggplant
Level 132: Sun
Level 133: Fire
Level 134: Bridge
Level 135: Can
Level 136: Pan
Level 137: Shell
Level 138: Deer
Level 139: Rake
Level 140: Arm
Level 141: Cannon
Level 142: Giraffe
Level 143: Railway
Level 144: Lobster
Level 145: Monkey
Level 146: Torch
Level 147: Bee
Level 148: Seahorse
Level 149: Trumpet
Level 150: Skull

Continue to the solutions for levels 151 – 200.

Looking for levels 51 – 100?

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    Hints and tips for the levels 51-100.

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