The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle: Walkthrough Part 4

The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle
By: Syntaxity (Lone Wolf Games)

This is the fourth part of my complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Blackthorn Castle by Syntaxity. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section.


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31. Go back to screen 20 and use the clue you just found to solve the wheel puzzle here. Then go left to screen 19 and tap the purple cloth to reveal a red crystal ball. Take it.

You can also watch this video I made for the rest of the walkthrough:

32. Go back to screen 58 and place the red crystal ball on the pedestal. Then go back to screen 13 and place the torch in the torch stand so you can go down the left path.

33. Use the pruning knife to cut the shrubbery in the way. Then take the path straight ahead to scene 16. Use the garden trowel to get the mandrake root. Then go back to screen 12 and take the left path to screen 11. Take the piece of stained glass.

34. Go back to screen 47 and head through the door straight ahead to screen 53. Head up the stairs to screen 59. Use the grappling hook on the bar above the window, then climb down to the room below at screen 54. Pick up the chalk and open the door so you can access the room from the stairwell. Then go back up and retrieve the grappling hook.

35. Go back to the mine and use the chalk on the faint lines on the wall to get a clue.

36. Go back to screen 37 and use the clue from the mine to unlock the left door and head outside to screen36. Get the clue and check out the labyrinth if you’d like, but you don’t have the directions to get through it yet.

37. Go back to screen 11 and use the clue you just found to solve the puzzle on the tree. Go through the new door and pick up the telescope and rusty lever.

38. Go back to the windmill and head upstairs to screen 33. Place the telescope on the stand and look through it. There’s now a glowing blue fog in the labyrinth!

39. Go back to scene 36 and enter the labyrinth. Follow the blue fog until you get to screen 34. Pick up the bow and look in the right urn for the H-shaped key.

40. Go back to the mine at screen 9. Use the rusty lever on the cart to move it, then head right to screen 10. Pick up the iron key and use the pickaxe to get the blue crystal.

Continue to part 5 of the walkthrough.

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  1. Amber Shepherd

    I love your site and am so glad I found it. Please let me know when part 5 of the walkthrough for blackthorn castle is ready because I’m completely stuck in the game and need your help. Thanks, Amber

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Needed to get Criminel out of the way, but will get back to work on Blackthorn tonight. 🙂

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I finished the game and have all my photos ready. Just need to write up the rest of it. Bear with me!

  2. karen

    Help! I cannot get thru the maze with the blue fog. Thanks

    1. Angela

      I can not follow the blue fog ! What acn I do?

  3. karen

    Had to start game over. There was a glitch getting thru fog. OK now.

  4. Kishan

    Where can I find Flint and steel in blackthorn castle
    And how can I lit the torch

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