The Trace: Murder Mystery Game: Walkthrough Guide Chapter 2

The Trace: Murder Mystery Game

By: Relentless Software

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS game The Trace by Relentless Software. It is bare bones, meant to help you if you get stuck. I recommend using it only if you really need help, as the fun of the game is discovering everything on your own. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section if you prefer a hint over an answer.


Looking for the walkthrough for Chapter 1?

Crime Scene 2, The Ducketts’ Residence:

1. If you ring the bell at the front door, no one answers and the door is locked. So look around and notice that the bathroom window to the left is open! There’s damage on the window and frame. Use the clue to solve the question. 

You can also watch this video walkthrough I made for the second crime scene:

2. Go in through the window and turn on the lights. Check the window for fingerprints and scan to see if the prints are in the system. Examine the footprints. Then examine and scan the blood on the floor to discover that it’s canine (dog) blood.

3. Open the bathroom door and go out to the hallway. Notice the smashed mirror and the phone and keys on the floor. Inspect all three. For the cell phone, you need to turn it around and slide the back open so you can scan the serial number. Then drag all three clues to the question to solve it.

4. Open the door right next to the mirror. There’s a lamp there. When you turn it on, the bulb will blow out, so we’ll need to find a new one.

5. Leave and look down at the carpet. Inspect the dog collar and scan the ID tag. A phone starts ringing. We’ll go answer it soon. But first, inspect and scan the blood on the floor to find out it’s more canine blood.

6. Look at the envelope on the table. Find Hank’s business cards and the letter from his wife, Linda. Then go to the living room and look at the framed photo above the fireplace to get a new question. Go to the kitchen and open the drawer all the way to the right to get the lightbulb. Also, pick up the knife.

7. Go back to the dark room and unscrew the burnt out lightbulb. Screw in the new one and turn on the light. Go to the desk and open the right drawer. Move the items to the left and then slide the little switch down to access the hidden back part of the drawer. There’s a letter there! Then go to Hank’s jacket and look at his appointment books. Use the pencil to get the second piece of evidence.

8. Time to enter the bedroom! The ringing phone is coming from the corpse’s body. There are lots of things to find on the body. First, pick up the phone. Answer it to determine that the victim is the dog’s owner. Then scan his fingerprints and look at the ID in his wallet. You can now answer whose dog the the collar belongs to.

9. Inspect his shoes for another clue and then inspect his neck to find a bruise. Turn away from the body and you’ll determine that all the evidence points to him being strangled. So answer the question of how he died.

10. Go to the nightstand to the left of the bed and open the drawer. Take the key. Then go to the dressing table and use the key to unlock the jewelry box. Lift up the lid to find a necklace. Scan it to find out it’s junk.

11. Inspect the rug. There are some cuts on it. Lift up the corner of the rug to find more blood. Scan it to see that it’s more canine blood.

12. Look under the bed for a suitcase. Then open the right side of the closet and inspect the shoes to find out what size they are and that they belong to Hank.

13. The last clues to be found are from the grille on the floor. Scan the blood to discover it’s human. Then use the knife as a screwdriver to remove the two screws and the grille. Use the UV light to see some DNA on the watch band. Scan it to find out that it’s canine saliva.

14. Now to solve the rest of the questions and complete the chapter!

Congratulations! You completed the second chapter! Continue to the walkthrough for the third and final crime scene. 

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  1. Alyssa McLeod

    I accidentally turned over the rug before scanning the other side and now I can’t change it back!! How do I keep going? Do I have to start the level from the beginning?

  2. Vicki

    Just process the other side of the rug.

  3. Kaye

    I’m here because I played through almost all of 2 and key turns but jewelry box won’t open and I can not get to the bedroom window to solve how did he get there clue

    1. Jennah

      You don’t have to got to the bedroom window, its the bathroom window.

  4. Sissymae

    I am in the kitchen and I cant read the symbols on the wall in the back yard ally thing

  5. Donna

    Having trouble opening the jewellery box as the key won’t work. Bit Stuckey!

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