REBUS – Absurd Logic Game: Walkthrough and Answers

REBUS – Absurd Logic Game
By: Jutiful

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If you like brain teasers and tricky word games you’ll probably like rebuses. This is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, cheats, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game REBUS – Absurd Logic Game by Jutiful. You can find all answers and explanations for both the free and paid packs here. Feel free to ask for more help in the comments section.

**Note: I’m using pagination here. After each section, just tap on the little numbers before the comments section to get to the next page.**

Level 1.1: g + love = GLOVE

You can also watch my video for levels 1.1 – 2.8 here:

Level 1.2: CAR + D = CARD

Level 1.3: Each of the numbers represents a letter in the alphabet. So 6 = F, 1 =A, 3 = C, 5 = E. So 6135 = FACE. (Thanks to Taylor for this.)

Level 1.4: TEN x T = TENT

Level 1.5: Apparently this is called a TAB when right side up (I know it as a hanger, but ok…). Upside-down, it becomes BAT.

Level 1.6: W + EAR = WEAR

Level 1.7: M on DAY = MONDAY

Level 1.8: S + NAIL = SNAIL

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The one after food is Tennis. There are ten “nis”.

Viv Ward

Level One: the 6135 is face


Three took me forever but each of the numbers represents a letter in the alphabet. So 6 – F. 1- A. 3- C. 5- E. Spells out FACE.


level 2.7 Sport


The one with the bear is BEARD


Lol level 21:


The one with the bee is BEEF


And the rings? pleeeeeease! 🙁




Cuz if u look closely u will see SP
with the ring itself it would be spring


Round 2: clear
Round 3: career, tennis
Round 4: point, flight, candy
Round 5: bowl, song


Round 3: career, net, tennis
Round 4: beard, prose
Round 5: bowl, hint, micron, song, green
Round 6: line, tender pony


The one with the rings is orange!


Some more help!

Round 4: Beard, Prose, point, flight, spark, ____, clock (I guessed this one and it was correct. I guess it had something to do with the “cock” and L.), candy.
Round 5: Bowl, Ground, Hint, _____, Micron, _____, Song, _____
Round 6: Line, Tender, Pony.
Round 7: Wallet, Mind, Boy, Horn.
Round 8: Pond, Trunk, Scarf.


Round 5 last one is green


What is the answer to the one with the 20 b’s in the square formation?




Round 6: cheat, grape, line, tender, pony, price
Round 7: pride, wallet, mind, boy, horn,
Round 8: pond, trunk, spot, visit, scarf
Round 9: mask, offer, king
Round 10: novel


Level 4.5 is spark


This is what I have so far:
Round 1:Glove, card, face, tent, bat, wear, Monday, snail
Round 2: clear, train, monkey, land, orange, beef, sport, cook
Round 3: pink, career, net, food, tennis, London, belly, sealing
Round 4: beard, prose, point, flight, spark, —–, clock, candy
Round 5: bowl, —-, hint, —-, micron, —-, song, green
Round 6: cheat, —, grape, line, tender, pony, —,—
Round 7: pride, panic, —-, wallet, mind, boy, horn, —,
Round 8: —, pond, —, spot, Oscar, visit, scarf, —
Round 9:—, mask, —, —, offer, stool, —-, king


6.7 is price!


4,6 ball


5.6 is egg because (E=mc^2 ) and ( g^2=g.g)


5.8 is REED because its red and the e is to the power 2


E^2 = reed because of the red box

(mc^2) + (g^2) = egg

Sideshow Bob

8.1 sofa

Sideshow Bob

6.2 sink

Sideshow Bob

6.8 car


How is it a car?


6.2: SINK
S in INK blot

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