Puzzle House: Mystery Rising: Journal Entries Transcribed

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising
By: PugaPuma

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This is where I’ll be transcribing all the journal entries from the game Puzzle House: Mystery Rising by PugaPuma. I’ll be referring to it in my walkthrough. You can either use it on your own or along with my guide.

Page 1: The Haven

Page 2: It was on the trail, on a gorgeous month many years ago, when it became clear we needed a haven from the coming storm.

The lake offered seclusion the mountains a vantage point.


Page 3: The abundance and variety of wildlife meant few would know the place.

Hopefully only those in need of escape.

Saw some interesting earth fauna today.

Page 4: It is said that cold is for skiing. If you do not ski, why would you be in the cold? 

These are the ones who saw it coming and prepared in advance.


Page 5: Construction coming along nicely.  The port will open soon.

Working to store the power more efficiently. We must always be ready and it could be a long trip.



Page 6: Wish the grandkids were closer and could visit – they have such a great heritage … and future.

I hope they are prepared for what is coming.

It is a map.


Page 7: (Unlocked after you see the grid of buttons on the gate. It gives you the solutions for that puzzle.)

This is how I got to my hidden tree house when I was young. Only my family knew how to find it.

We will need a lighthouse. One that can see far … very far.


Page 8:  Beware the raging storms. Nature is full of peace. It is as if they know something we do not. 

It is easier when the pattern is known.

Page 9: Old school tech still has its place.

I have been watching this one for days, seems to have an interest in our work.



Page 10: Opening day – two weeks until then. Try the combo lock.

The grandkids built this when we were last together. We lived in it for a week, exploring the river. What a time. I hope they remember. 



Page 11: Be patient. There is always an answer. Sometimes it is just hidden until we are ready.

Large earth mammal unreceptive to friendly overtures. 


Page 12:


Page 13:


Page 14:


Page 15:


Page 16:



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