Last Voyage by Semidome: Walkthrough

Last Voyage
By: Semidome Inc.

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Last Voyage is a five-part puzzle and arcade game, with each chapter varying in style. Some are more skill-based and some are relaxed, casual puzzles. This is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers to help you complete the iOS and Android game by Semidome. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section.


Chapter 1, Astral:

First, tap the two white squares. Then tap the third. In this next puzzle, you have to tap the bottom box to match the shapes on the sides to the top box.
On the next section, you need to match up the red lines. On the last section of this chapter, you need to rotate the black circle to get the planets to match up with the constellations.

You can also watch my video for chapter 1 here:

Chapter 2, Void:

You need to swipe the screen in the direction you want to go, hitting the black or white portal (depending on the background color). Avoid the red portals! There are checkpoints here, but you lose them if you quit the game. So I suggest trying to get through the whole chapter before you quit.

You can also see my video for Void here:

Chapter 3, Mind:

This is another group of relaxed puzzles. For the part with the dots, you need to find the spot on the screen where if you hold your finger on it, the red line extends completely to match the green line.

You can watch my video for Mind here:

Chapter 4, Path:

This is similar to Chapter 2, but a little more forgiving. It’s a lot longer, though, so will take some patience to get through it.

Chapter 5, Beyond:

This chapter is really tough. You need to move your little white diamond left and right to avoid red objects. You also want to catch the white plus signs, as those will give you an extra life, so to say. You also have to be careful not to swipe yourself off the screen, because that will cause you to lose as well.

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