REBUS – Absurd Logic Game: Level 17 Answers

REBUS – Absurd Logic Game
By: Jutiful

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This is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, cheats, solutions and answers for the new levels added to the iOS and Android game REBUS – Absurd Logic Game by Jutiful. Feel free to ask for more help in the comments section.

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Level 17.1: Star + T = START


Level 17.2: B + log = BLOG


Level 17.3: PIG + , = RIG (you add the comma to the P to make an R)


Level 17.4: T in T = TINT


Level 17.5: Half of DONUT = NUT


Level 17.6: The clue is giving you LEMON, but telling your to rearrange the letters in order of 32145, so the answer is MELON.


Level 17.7: S + car = SCAR


Level 17.8: Bat + on = BATON


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  1. Natalie

    17.6 is melon

    The numbers in the lemon tell you what order the letters in the word ” lemon” should go in to make the answer. 3=m 2=e 1=l 4=o 5=n

  2. Natalie

    17.2 is blog, it is a picture of a log and there is a b at the very center of it.

    17.3 is rig, if you add the slash to the bottom of the p it makes an r, giving you the word rig.

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