Implosion – Never Lose Hope: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Chapter 3:

Mission C3-1, Double Helix:

To get the Nano Crusher badge here by breaking all the containers, make sure you don’t miss the doorway to the south here:



Here’s a video of Crimson playing through this level:

Mission C3-2:
Mission C3-3:

Mission C3-4, MΓö£Γòóbius Strip:

There are two locked doors on the level. The first one needs Hack level 2 and the second needs Hack level 3. There are about five big bad mini-boss enemies behind the Hack 3 door, so be prepared for them! To get the badge, though, you only need to unlock the first door on hard mode!

Mission C3-5, Zero Choice Protocol:

There’s a medusa enemy at the end of this level and she’s tough! Make sure your shield is powered up before you meet her!

Mission C3-6, Last Stand:

This is another defensive level where you have to keep enemies from crossing the line. I suggest paying attention to the little red arrows to see where enemies are coming from and go towards them. They will only come from one direction at a time, so you have a better chance of stopping them if you go to them. The last enemy is another medusa monster that you were introduced to in C3-5. So make sure you’re prepared for it!

Mission C3-7, Binary Assault:

This level has weird visuals that can be a bit distracting.

Mission C3-8, Medusa’s Kiss, Goldie Millar boss:

Ok, this one is hard. She has a ton of health and hits hard. She has a huge hand that smacks down on you. Also, she shoots acid. You need to evade/dodge a lot here, then run in and attack. It also goes through cycles. After a while, she’ll fly up and shoot acid balls at you while other enemies attack. Expect a long battle. I ended up using a Revive here (my first one ever).

Anger Management badge: To get this, I believe you need to break down the canister that drops before she gets to it. I think it might be a health pack for Goldie!

Click on the little number 5 below to continue to Chapter 4.

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  1. Martow

    Can’t see any comments, so if this is a repeat of info sorry. I’m just grinding to level and am finding the best method to do so is the snow boss. With 2x 9% exp boosts I get 19k per clear. I use all power and ballistics, go in and dump 20 shot gun rounds in him and he’s dead. Takes me 2 mins tops to run the mission. Otherwise, your guide is really the only one I found so far and is a good walk through, especially since the game is a week old. Hopefully you can expand it for others to include farming for exp/cash, drops, etc. I am lvl16 now, waiting until at least 20 to unlock Crimson to see if she is lvl15 by default or not. I’ll let you know what I find out when I do.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks! I’m still playing through the game (C4-2 is giving me trouble so will likely have to grind a bit) but I do want to expand on the guide.

  2. Eric

    Hey great guide! I just recently beat the game and went back to do some badges. I got Crimson when my Avalon was at level 17 Crimson was 15 so I believe it’s just the automatic starting number (maybe it goes by fives so it makes sense to try at lvl 20)

    1. Martow

      So, got lvl 20 and unlocked Crimson and she was still lvl 15. So it seems that 15 is default.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Good to know! You’re probably intended to unlock her before Avalon hits 15, so it’s seen as a bit of a bonus?

      2. AppUnwrapper

        Any idea if there’s a level cap? If there is, I’m guessing it’s around level 30?

        1. henry

          yeah im pretty sure its level thirty, which takes a while to hit

  3. person

    Great job! This was really helpful, even if it’s not complete yet.

  4. Jose

    Juuuuust curious but how LONG did it take you to get Crimson?? And do you HAVE to spend badges or does she just unlock at a certain time in the game??

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You have to unlock her with badges. I don’t remember how long it took me to get her. But I think I was in Chapter 3 already.

      1. Jose

        Do you know how long the trail version last?? Or does buying it just give you sweet stuff??

        1. Waraddicts

          Trial version is for Android only – It is free for download but you get to play the first 6 missions only. You are stuck with the trial version until you pay

          For IOS you get to pay right at the download — no trial verion

    2. Waraddicts

      It’s my 5th day playing this game and I got Crimson at 4th. You just need to earn 42 badges to unlock her (without spending a badge)

      1. AppUnwrapper

        You can unlock all rewards — you don’t need to save up badges, as they never get “spent.”

  5. Martow

    I was early into ch3 when I was able to get Crimson, about level 15-16. But, I waited until level 20 to get Crimson to see if her level would change when you get her, which it didn’t. It only took a few days of playing an hour a day approximately.

    The badges are permanent, so if you get the badge rewards as you progress you don’t lose any.

    I haven’t seen a trial version, therefore I have no idea either whether or not if there is a difference.

    Level cap… No idea either I’m not at 30 yet, been sick the past week so haven’t been able to work on it. The developers videos and screenshots show level 30 so I’m assuming 30 as well.

  6. Ben W

    Could you share a best ark setting for Avalon and Crimson, please ? I’m still confuse with an ark system, thanks for advance. 🙂

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t know if mine is best, but I can share which ones I’ve been using. Give me a bit to get the stats down.

      1. Ben W

        Thanks, please give an Ark setting in SS.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I posted photos of my stats. Let me know if you need more.

  7. Reppy07

    Thanks for the guide. I was going nuts trying to figure out how to get the hacker. I figured it was an ark ability but I’m only level 5 so far. Just found it peculiar one of the earliest badges says open the secret room and I can only assume it’s the giant locked door haha. Well written guide and even better with the pics!

    1. Waraddicts

      There’s a Lv.3 hacker ARK if you earn enough badges

  8. melissa

    May be a stupid question but how do I jump over objects I can’t get around?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You can’t. You have to go around. If it’s truly blocking you, it might just not be a path.

  9. Peter

    Played it through normal, am now on expert, and the blocked path that reads “no access” in ch.1 lvl 5 Fatality March is still blocked off. Anybody figured out yet how to gain access here?

  10. Waraddicts

    Comments for Mission C3-4, MΓö£Γòóbius Strip:

    By hacking the two doors you can reach the destination point right away, without risking yourself with the traps you’d otherwise face on the way. Just equip the Lv.3 hacker ARK you get from badge award.

    However you will have to deal with all the mid-sized bosses (5-6 of them!) in the same room so you better be prepared.

  11. Keith

    Has anyone figured out what these are? There seems to be no in game explanation.

    Rage – Is this pertaining to non powered hit combos? But it has to be separate from Normal Arc Damage.
    Raging Rate – No idea…
    Heavy Attack Damage – Is this pertaining to powered hits with the purple circle?
    Agility % – Does this reduce recharge time of evade?

    Also I can’t seem to find sound options in the game. Guess I wont be listening to a podcast while playing this game.

    1. Maniak

      Hello! I’ve been playing the game for a while, and I figured that:
      -Rage: is the meter that you use when you unleash an special attack. Its RA! Notice that every special attack uses some segments of the meter under your HP. So, if an ark says “1 Rage”, you will have 1 segment more to spend!
      -Raging Rate: It indicates how much rage you regain when you hit an enemy with a normal attack. So, If an ark says “20% Raging Rate”, with each hit you regain 20% more than if nothing equiped.
      -Heavy attack damage: as you say, it is the damage you deal with the attacks after the purple circle appears.
      -Agility: Notice that sometimes an anemy misses an attack? and when that happens, appears something like “Missed” in yellow letters? That’s it! If you have a lot of Agility, the XADA won’t even touch you!
      These are my theories about those stats, but I don’t now if they’re entirely correct. Anyway, hope it helps!

      1. Tripolic X

        It helps the newbies. =)

  12. Waraddicts

    Kinda sucks that you can’t earn any badge, when you equip an infinite-ammo gun

  13. Tripolic X

    I just passed the game a couple of times and earned enough badges to get infinite xada destroyer. It was a solid and enjoyable game. I do have some issues. First, I like games that you have to hunt for rare items. It brings me much joy to get those shiny red boxes. However, I don’t get why major bosses don’t drop anything. Also, I have not received any lv 20+ excellent items even if I have my item drop rate at 114%. Second, Crimson doesn’t have her own cutscenes, this could have boosted the replay value. Third, I wish there was an in-game guide to explain what stats like endurance mean and such.

    1. Tripolic X

      Never mind, it seems all the higher lever ark stuff are obtained in expert mode. Also, I didn’t think you can get excellent items if you had infinite weapons equipped, but you can. Red boxes are more difficult to get though but I really want my warmechs to have lv 30 equipment.

      1. waraddicts

        Finding high-level red ARKs are pain in the butt, especially not all of them suit your needs…

  14. Joe

    Any ideal to get throught the block passage in Farcility March map guys,i just dont know what to do @@

  15. Arievo

    Do you know how to open the blocked path in chapter 1? I think the blocked path is in the 3rd or 4th map of chapter 1. I try to clear the area, shot the blocked path with the rocket launcher, but useless. I the previous room, you can see ‘clear the area’ sign, but I couldn’t go back there since the door is loocked. Thank you very much if you can figure it out and share it

    1. Tripolic X

      I doubt that blocked path leads to anything.

  16. Grecador

    Has anyone found a red(excellent) occulomotor enhancement, theta wave, extra sensory perception? Also, any lvl 30 center ARKs?

    1. Tripolic X

      The only excellent lv 30 ark fragment that I found was a Thor factor. High lv ark fragments can be found in expert mode. Tell me if they are hard to get cuz I’m unlucky or something.

  17. Grecador

    Currently I have been running C4-2 Melting Steel (Expert) with Avalon with all item find ARKs. And an infinite rocket launcher. The 3 purple dudes at the end have a high drop rate. I have found several level 30 red ARKs for the 3 outside categories. The highest center ARK I have found is level 22.

    1. Tripolic X

      I’m going to try that and see if I find some stuff. I always like to see those shiny red boxes.

      1. Grecador

        Are you using iphone or android tripolic x?
        Max item find i have found btw is 128.

        1. Tripolic X

          I’m using android version. I didn’t have much luck getting much of anything on the level you told me. I did find higher drop rates on other stages. Yeah, my max item drop rate is at 128%. I wonder if excellent versions exist. Arayark was not kind enough to give us an item list or something.

          1. mofer

            How do you get 128% drop rate? Best I have is 80% – two level 10 advanced Blood Hound ARKs (40% drop rate each)… Haven’t gotten anything better even though I’ve been farming C4-2 Melting Steel on expert mode…

            1. Zagatho

              Extra Sensory Perception and Theta Wave Activity.

  18. Tripolic X

    Trying to pass later expert stages without my infinite xada destroyer is incredibly difficult. I would like a higher drop rate like in hard mode. Lv 30 red boxes could make things a bit more enjoyable.

    1. Grecador

      I completed expert using Avalon with 2 occulomotor enhancements (28% ballistics each) 2 zero-point energy shields (521 shield each) and 5% agility arks… Forgot the name. While using an infinite rocket launcher, the reason being that it has knockback as well as area of effect damage.

      What I haven’t been able to find… Yet. Are any red(at any level) theta wave or occulomotor enhancements. They are shown in the promotional footage in the app store.

      1. Grecador

        I also use android.

      2. Tripolic X

        I want the red versions of the item finders. I’m starting to think that they don’t exist in game.

        1. Grecador

          If you go to the google play store, and look at the photos posted by rayark. The last photo of the ARK system shows a red occulomotor enhancement(ballistic damage) and a red theta wave(item find)

          I haven’t found them in game yet, but I am curious if they only drop on lower levels?

  19. waraddicts

    I find that bosses are vulnerable to fire attacks, so equip your infinite flamethrower and fight the final boss on EASY mode, and you can gain around 20k experience in one go (my best time is 46 seconds). Keep farming this mission and you’ll get to Level 30 pretty easily

    1. Grecador

      Confirmed. This is how i leveled to 30. Although I used infinite rocket launcher.

      1. Tripolic X

        Leveling up is easy in the game. I found more lv 30 red boxes but on a different level, melting steel to be exact. I played the game more on expert to see if there was a pattern. It seems that one level on each stage has higher drop rate than the others. I’m not sure if most of you noticed that on some levels, enemies drop absolutely nothing. However, on just one level on that stage, enemies seem to drop something every time. Those are the stages I’ve been hunting for red boxes.

  20. Tripolic X

    I was so excited that I found a rare red lambda unit, the large center slot, but alas it was lv 22. Why!!!???
    It did have nice stats but my favorite shield breaking ability was absent. I found a weaker advance version earlier.

    1. Grecador

      Found a second level 24 red lambda ARK today. I have 1 for Avalon and 1 for Crimson.

  21. Tripolic X

    I’m steadily getting the lv 30 red arks i need but no item finders or ballistics yet. The thing that annoys me most is the low level arks you get on expert mode. Post your finds if anyone gets something significant.

    1. Grecador

      LV 24 Excellent
      Millenial Processing II

      Endurance 95
      Agility 5%
      Shield Repair Acc 15%

      Jaguar Rush
      Precognition Protocol

    2. waraddicts

      I only got Lv.30 Thors

      1. Tripolic X

        Go hunt for rates on Melting steel level on stage 4.

  22. Grecador

    LV 24 Excellent
    Data Stream Enhancement
    Nano Sub-routine ß

    Armor 19
    Xada Shell Atk Damage 20%
    Agility 5%


    1. Tripolic X

      I got 2+ of each of the following Lv 30 excellent version:

      Corticoadrenal Enhancement: The Berserker
      Myelinated Nervous System: Myelin Layer Upgrade
      Heterosis Outbreeding Enhancement
      Axosomatic Synapse: Node of Ranvier Enhancement
      S Nervous Response: Vasodilation
      Optic Evolution Depth Perception
      Valence Shell: Neutron Acquisition
      Advance Rate Coding: Adrenal Potentiation
      Mind over Matter: Titanium Will
      Electron Shell: EM Field II
      Zero Point Energy: Reactor Upgrade II
      Precognition Protocol: Reflexology II
      Escape Velocity: Slipstream II
      Thor Factor: Hammer Tech II
      Nano Machine Upgrade: Triplet recombination protocol
      (2) lv 25 Nano restoration protocol: class III protocol

      I assume that the above are either common to uncommon drops. I think the others that I have not acquired are either rare to ultra-rare or non existent.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Wow! When I have time, I need to get back to doing some farming!

        1. Tripolic X

          Some of us enjoy this game a lot! A few are trying to uncover any of its secrets.

      2. Jackdrits

        Where did you farm for the:

        Optic Evolution Depth Perception
        Myelinated Nervous System
        Thor Factor

        1. Tripolic X

          I played the level Melting steel alot. Those 3 big purple robots drop the best stuff. I used infinite launcher to breeze by the level.

          1. Jackdrits

            I see i see..

            On expert mode, right?

            1. Tripolic X

              Yes, on expert.

  23. Tripolic X

    These are the Lambda units i recently aquired:

    For Avalon
    Lv 24 Excellent
    Blood Music IO-X Millenial Processing II

    Lv 22 Excellent
    Recombination Protocol-C
    Nano Hex Defence II

    For Crimson
    Lv 22 Excellent
    Vreyon Amplitude Modulation
    Disintegration ReflexII

    Lv 20 Excellent
    Recombination Mark V
    Werewolf Protocol II

    Its odd that we didnt get lv 30’s right away. Thye might be rare drops.

  24. waraddicts

    Goodies I’ve found so far…

    Corticoadrenal Enhancement
    The Berserker

    Axosomatic Synapse
    Node of Ranvier Enhancement

    Mind Over Matter
    Titanium Will

    Precognition Protocol
    Reflexology II

    Advanced Rated Coding
    Adrenal Potentiation

    Nano-Restoration Protocol
    Class III Protocol

    Nano Machine Upgrade
    Triplet Recombination Protocol

  25. Tripolic X

    It’s time for an update to the game right? Maybe Guantlet can make a cameo with some hidden levels. I hope there is a sequel to this game with more stages and tons of rare stuff.

  26. sudhs

    Hi I can’t start in chapter 4 .. system msg keeps coming up saying I have overloaded inventory can’t advance . what do I go?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to sell of some items. It just wants to make sure you can pick up new ones.

      1. sudhs

        Wow thanks for the superfast reply
        Yes it works now

          1. Tripolic X

            There’s an update for the game but nothing new except a change to the items dropped. I was hoping for some bonus stages or weapons but its something at least. I havent downloaded yet cuz I ran out of data. =(

  27. Kryptic775

    Does anyone have advice fro getting the Hard badge on C1-6 “Stay Vigilant”? It’s where you have to prevent XADA from slipping past to the civilians as well as not letting any damage happen to the defensive walls. this badge is kicking my butt. I’m lv. 12 btw and playing on Android.

    1. Kryptic775

      Nvm. I just acquired Crimson used and her Skyfall ability.

  28. Tripolic X

    Sorry I couldn’t comment earlier but congrats.

  29. Brent Jr

    I don’t know if people are still referring or looking to this website and its comments for help on the game but I’ve seen quite a few people on here needing help with what the stats of all the Arks do in the game. For some reason none of them are explained in-game and if you haven’t found out through trial and error or looking online I’m going to post them here for anyone who might want to know. These are all correct and have been tested myself:

    Main Statuses

    ΓÇóPower: Attack damage to enemies (Melee + Ballistic)

    ΓÇóEndurance: HP in a mission, the blue solid bar

    Rage: RA. Successful Melee attacks fill gauge. Skills (except Dash) cost a certain RA to execute. Starts at 5 by default. The segmented blue bar.

    ΓÇóArmor: Reduces damage taken in HP from enemy after shield has depleted. Does not reduce damage done to shield itself.

    Hack Level: Unlocks locked doors. Max level 3.

    ΓÇóShield: Receives damage from enemies first, before HP. Once depleted HP decreases. The higher the stat the more durable the shield.

    Critical Rate: Increase rate for critical hits, which drastically increase damage done for a Melee attack. Does not affect ballistic damage.

    Invulnerability: Invulnerable/Invincible time after warmech is knocked down or during revive after KO’d.

    HP Auto Recovery: Health Recovery Rate (Default 10%)

    Item Drop Rate: Drop rate of ARK equips from XADA

    Additional Statuses
    “These only appear when an ARK is equipped containing the specific status effect”

    Raging Rate: Increases the speed at which the RA gauge is filled for executing successful attacks on XADA.

    Normal Attack Damage: Increases damage dealt by standard attacks.

    Heavy Attack Damage: Increases damage dealt by high force attacks, attacks executed when purple bubble surrounds warmech. Created by pause after normal attack.

    Final Attack Damage: Increases damage dealt of the final move of a combo. Usually the strongest.

    Ballistic Attack Damage: Increases damage death by all ballistic weapons.

    XADA Shell Attack Damage: Increases damage death to XADA’s RX-Shield. The purple shield, force field, surrounding some stronger XADA.

    Agility: Increases warmech’s innate evading ability without using Dash. Increases enemy “Miss”.

    Extra Restorative: Increases amount of health recovered when a health pack is picked up.

    Toppled Attack Damage: Increases damage dealt by repulsion-effect of some combo moves (like the final attack of the first heavy combo of Crimson) and Skills (like Lance, Oscillation and Skyfall)

    EXP Gained: Increases rate of EXPerience gained after defeating XADA.

    Max Dash: Increases maximum amount of consecutive dashes warmech can preform.

    Motion Speed: Increases warmech’s attack and movement speed.

    Shield Repair Speed: Increases shield recovery speed after the shield has stopped taking damage, cooled down, and started to recover.

    Shield Repair Acc[eleration]: Decreases the shield cool down to start recovery after damage taken.

    Stats with a “Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γöé” in front of them increase as you warmech levels up.

    Note: I can’t take credit for all of this, the majority of it was copied from the Implosion – NLH Wikia page. While a lot of it has been reworded to hopefully better translate exact meanings and effects. Hope this helps anyone returning or coming to this site for the first time. Thanks.

  30. Kai Strachan

    I unlocked Crimson after I did chapter 2 because what I do is I finish a chapter and then I go back and earn all the badges in the chapter I finshed. If you do this you will get Crimson when you unlock all the badges until the boss battle in chapter 2 and get 3 badges in that which will add up to 42. So I got Crimson when my Avalon was lvl 13 which gave me a big boost. And before I start a game I always check the badges anyways. Also I’m stuck because I don’t know how to get hack level 3. I’m level 19 with Crimson but it isn’t in the store and I need it to open the “Secret room” for the badge. Apart from that, I play good and if you do that strategy you won’t need to grind. Well not yet. I’m on chapter 4 on the 5th level I think. But I hate the badges “Ballistic kills only” and “No knock downs” those really annoy me. By the according to my calculations I think endurance is the amount you can endure before you get knocked down, so if you need to complete the badge “No knock downs” just boost your endurance.

    1. Tripolic X

      You can only get Hack lv 3 from badge system reward but its one of two choice. Pick one and the other one is gone forever. You can still open those secret room by using two Hack units with Avalon. Those ballistic only badges and no knock down badges will get easier once your lv gets higher and you get more powerful red units for your mech. I’m lv 30 with both mechs and have almost all lv 30 red units by the way.

      1. Tripolic X

        Also knock down in the game means if you fall down to the ground by the enemy. If you fall down, you don’t get the badge.

  31. XcalibuR

    Thank all of you who put this together. I just downloaded the game today and all of this information will be very very helpful. As I learn more I will try to help with input

    1. Tripolic X

      Enjoy the game.

  32. XcalibuR

    Just had carpal tunnel surgery so it’s gonna be a lil while before I can play again 🙁

  33. maggi

    Implosion – Never Lose Hope, Mission C1 5 Fatality MARCH my mission is: Ballistic kills only in the level in hard mode how can I do to win thanks for your reply, have a nice day

    1. Tripolic X

      First, you have to equip every unit that boost ballistic power. Second, you can slash the enemies till there low in HP then kill them with your gun. You don’t have to waste ammo.

  34. maggi

    What should I do – Implosion C2-1
    zero knockdown in the level in hard mode!
    Thanks for the reply, have a nice day.

    1. XcalibuR

      2 choices:
      1. Use ranged ballistic weapons on the enemies that can knock u down

      2. Come back later after you have leveled up more and they don’t have a chance to knock you down. I’ve got crimson level 20 and I’m going back through the first chapters to get the badges that were really hard for avalon back then. Now it’s like taking candy away from….everybody! Be patient grasshopper

  35. Tripolic X

    Those new virtual missions are hard as hell. But alas, no real reward to get to keep playing it. I wanted lv cap increased to lv 50 and new rare drops. Sighs…

  36. Zagatho

    Are there no level 30 lambda arks? All I got were level 24 on both and I’ve been farming for months.

  37. Tripolic X

    Probably not, unless they’re ultra-rare. Rayark has not released a ark fragment list to confirm so we’ll never know. I’ve stopped playing until a good update with new missions are released.

  38. Zagatho

    Someone from Rayark just answered my query and that there are indeed lvl 30 lambda arks in the game but it’s very very rare. Guess I’ll just have to farm more.

    1. Grecador

      How long did it take to get a response from rayark?

      1. Tripolic X

        OK I had a feeling they were ultra rare. Did they tell you what stage to hunt them for?

        1. Zagatho

          Nope they didn’t but I’ve been trying all stages mostly in C-4. So far haven’t got any. Not even an excellent Occulomotor Enhancement.

      2. Zagatho

        About 3 days I think.

  39. mofer

    Guys, I need some advice on how to get the Good Boy badge for mission C3-3 “The Doctor”. I’ve played through multiple times but always end up inadvertently destroying either the health or explosive containers at the final area (where the “boss” is).

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Zagatho

      What I did was stay in the center most of the time. If i need to recharge my shield I just run around.

      1. mofer

        Thanks Zagatho!!! I finally managed to do it 🙂

  40. Chuchobt

    Hola buenas tardes.
    No puedo continuar jugando en las misiones ya qun me dice “no puedes continuar con un inventario sobrecargado “, y nose que hacer para quitarde eso.
    Gracias por la respuesta buen día! .

    1. Chuchobt

      Hello good afternoon.
      I cant continue playing in the missions because it tells me “you can not continue with an overloaded inventory” and I dont know how to continue playing.
      Thanks for the reply nice day!

      1. AppUnwrapper

        You need to sell some items from your inventory.

      2. Zagatho

        Your inventory is full. Just sell some duplicates to free up some space.

    2. Laurence

      Tienes que vender unos ARKs antes

  41. Pam

    How do you start a new game when you started a game?

  42. Tripolic X

    You have to go to settings and erase game info.

  43. Dude

    I just read through everything very useful thx and ur right they should increase lvl cap to 50 and add a few more levels and a sequel because the ending extreme cliff hanger

  44. Dude

    Um just wanted to know what’s the best way to grind exp

    1. Zagatho

      I don’t know if it’s the best but what I did was equip all xp enhancing arks that I have and go to the boss stage of C3 with infinite xada destroyer.

  45. Dude

    I dont have any infinite weapons what else is good thx in advance

    1. Zagatho

      Do badges until you get a few infinite weapons. It’ll make it easier.

  46. Dude

    Thx guys for the help

  47. Nyetek

    What is the point of Thor factor? The level 10 version gives you like 15 power instead of 11 (I’ve seen 40 dollar ‘normal’ arks that give more) and yet carries much greater negative effects, like -137 shield and a new armour nerf. Let me guess, Thor factor level 30 puts you in a wheelchair?

  48. Zagatho

    Got a level 25 excellent Occulomotor Enhancement on C4-5.

    1. Tripolic X

      It’s been so long I don’t know what that is anymore….lol. Is that your only one? How long did it take to drop. Who dropped it and using what weapon? The only thing I know is the difficulty: expert.

      1. Zagatho

        Yeah it’s the only new thing I got. It’s an excellent ballistic damage enhancing ark. It’s not really hard to farm it since the update I got 3 already, and Jonathan is quite fun to use.

        1. Tripolic X

          You should have told us about update sooner.

  49. Tripolic X

    How you passed c4-5 fast?

    1. Zagatho

      ballistic damage enhancing arks + infinite grenade launcher

  50. Tripolic X

    Hell yeah!!!

    New major update!!!

    New warmech 2 and missions to play. Johnathan is now available. New suits for Avalon and crimson. Plus new drops available!!!!!!! So excited!!!!!

  51. Aditya raj

    I am having problem in level 5 saying you cant proceed with overloaded inventory weapons.
    What to do to proceed to the level?
    PlZz help

    1. Tripolic X

      You don’t have an infinite inventory. Sell some junk

  52. David Rodriguez

    I am trying to figure out how to get the center ark item that gives time slow, rx disintegration, and vortex edge . You have it on your ark picture, but I can’t find it..

    1. Zagatho

      It’s not that special. It’s only a lvl 8 excellent. The strongest one for this type is called Cybernox Hyper Trigger II, a lvl 21 excellent. I got mine on C4-2 expert mode.

  53. kelvin

    I can not play iron oxide… It is showing purchase a full version to test my existence… Please help.

    1. Zagatho

      You have the trial version. Buy the full version to get the rest of the game.

  54. kelvin

    I can not play iron oxide… It is showing purchase to test my existence…… And also “buy and Council”… Please help me.

  55. Kevin

    Please.. How can I purchase full version of implosion… Tanks.

  56. Kevin

    Please…. How can purchase the full version of implosion…. Thanks..

  57. Zenda

    I am having problem in level 5 saying you cant proceed with overloaded inventory weapons.
    What to do to proceed to the level?
    PlZz help

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to go to your inventory and delete some items. You have limited space.

  58. john dares

    can i download this guide in its entirety

  59. Tripolic X

    Implosion is back on the Nintendo Switch and people are loving it.

  60. Gautam

    How I supposed to get Trapper and Trap Maker Badges…

  61. Need urgent help

    please tell me how to break all containters in chapter 4: Last Light, i’m sure that whenever i got to a new zone i always go around it to see if there are any containers and broke all that i found, but i didnt get the badge, the badge says to break all containers in hard mode and i did just that, it would be great if you guys have a walkthrough video

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