Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Gets New Update With Easy Mode

Forgotten Memories : Alternate Realities
By: Psychose Interactive Inc. (Psychoz)


Last week, I sat down to play Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities by Psychoz Interactive and I was having a lot of issues with it. You can read more about that here, but my main problems with it were that the low light coupled with a short flashlight battery made it hard to see where I was going. The save system also hampered my progress, because I needed to find one of the limited number of floppy disks before I could save to one of the in-game computers.

Well, the developers listened to some of these complaints and added an Easy mode to the game that includes unlimited flashlight battery and does away with the floppy disks. What this means is that you still need to find a computer in order to save, but you don’t need to worry about the floppy disks. So you essentially have unlimited saves, as long as you get to a PC in time. This definitely takes a lot of stress out of the game for those who were finding it hard to progress before. I’m still making my way through the game, but I’ve managed to get farther than I could before. I’ll have a full review up after I complete the game, but if the save system and flashlight were the only things holding you back before, you may want to give the game a try now. I still have some other issues with the game, such as the item interactions and awkward camera. Lack of a map is also still a problem, since it’s easy to get disoriented, especially on a smaller screen. But the flashlight and save improvements make the game much more playable. The enemies are also supposed to be easier, but having only encountered two so far, I don’t have much to compare it to.

You can see some footage of easy mode on my iPhone 5 here:

Here’s some more gameplay on easy mode, where I die because of the shake machanic:

I think I’m done trying to complete the game. You can read my in-depth review here.

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