Broken Age Act 2 Walkthrough Guide: How to Set the NavScarf With Vella

Broken Age Γäó
By: Double Fine Productions, Inc.


One of the tricky puzzles in Double Fine’s Broken Age Act 2 is setting the NavScarf to the right destination. Here’s how to do it. If you need more help, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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1. Make sure you’ve gotten far enough with Shay so that he has the pitch pipe already. If you don’t have it, you need to get it from the wannabe mayor’s throat. To do so, you need to give him the snake, which you can get with Shay by letting him squeeze you until he gets tired.

2. Hand the pitch pipe to the older guy fixing his ship (Alex). Ask him to play the nav song for you. If you have subtitles on, the game will tell you that the notes go “mid note, mid note, high note, low note, mid note.”


3. Now back to Vella. She needs to have the Star Chart already. You get this once you’ve taken control of the ship again. Find the wolf’s bedroom and talk to the girls imprisoned behind the glass. Touch the wires to the right and Marekai (sp?) will come to fix it. This is your chance to get to the room where he usually hangs out and grab the star chart for Red Hangar. You need to lock the door first, though!

You can also watch my video for this part of the walkthrough:


4. Now that you have the star chart, go back to the girls and ask for a hook. They tell you they need it to catch rats. So you have to find them food.

5. Go back to the control room and enter the control sphere. Go to the kitchen (the door with the spoon on it) and press the computer face until it says “GOOD MORNING” on it. Press the little claw to the right of it and the claw will drop down, holding a box of cereal. Press the PAUSE button so it stays in the room.

6. Leave the control sphere and actually visit the kitchen. Pull on the box of cereal to spill some on the floor. The vacuum bot will come in and suck it up, then leave. Follow it to see that it goes to the trash chute. You need to beat it there.

7. Go to the room with the ice cream avalanche door and move the metal piece on the floor so it blocks the path. Then go back and yank on the cereal box again. This time, instead of following the vacuum all the way to the trash chute, head to the teleporters and take the right teleporter directly to the trash chute. Stop the vacuum bot and get the cereal.

8. Take the cereal back to the girls locked up. Pour it on the floor and they’ll stick their hook out to get it. Grab the hook.

9. Go to the NavScarf bot and give him the star chart. Now, you need to use the hook to knit the pattern to match the pattern where Alex’s ship is headed. But don’t go by the song sheet. Go by the notes from the pitch pipe. It tells you that you need to weave the first stitch in middle row, second stitch in the middle row, then the next stitch is high (top row), then low (bottom row) and then middle again. It should look like this:


10. You still need to take care of the bomb if you haven’t done so yet, but these instructions should get you to the right destination.

If you need more help with this section, try pages 6 & 7 of my complete step-by-step Broken Age Act 2 walkthrough.

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