Broken Age Act 2: Complete Walkthrough for Shay and Vella

11. Continue through Marekai’s room and left to the trophy (junk) room. Here is where you’ll find a lot of Shay’s old things. They have information on them that we’ll need soon, so I’m going to record all the relevant information here. Feel free to refer to it later in this separate guide I made.





In the first photo, Shay is being hugged by his stuffed snake. He’s also missing two teeth and his shoes are size 7 with skulls on them.
There’s also a drawing of a fireman, drawn by Shay at age 8. He’s wearing blue boots.
There’s two teeth in a jar, labeled “Name: Volta, S. Age: 6. Deciduous Incisors 8, 9.”
Then there’s a pair of bronzed boots, titled “Shay’s first Space Boots. Age 5.” Note that they’re polka-dotted but you can’t tell the color.

Besides these four items, you also have the medical report and a couple of other interesting tidbits.

There’s a painting of a red boot.
There’s also a trophy for Purple Boots The Musical.
There’s also an award for first place in a hugging marathon.

Note to Shoe Fairy: “Dear Shoe Fairy. Thanks for the shoes. The red striped ones were cool, so were the green ones with skulls, but next year could I please have red shoes with skulls, please please please? Thanks, Shay.”

Medical Report: ” Medibot exam report. Patient continues normal, healthy development. Unlike his first five years, this year has been marked by a remarkable growth spurt. In one year he has grown two inches taller and gained three shoe sizes. SPLARGH therapy appears to be working.”

I’ll explain how to use all this information when we need it.

12. Go up through the teleporter to the left. Her name’s Melanie, or Mel. When you get out on the other side at the teleporter room (Nexus), your head will be bigger and Vella will mention that her voice sounds different, but I honestly didn’t notice any change. This is actually the one part of the game where I truly got stuck the first time I played. It was very unclear and easy to miss. But apparently the teleporters are what change her voice so she sounds more like Shay — whether or not she actually sounds different to you. This next bit is even trickier. You’re supposed to go left here and around to the Starboard Passageway by foot, then take the teleporter up to the teleporter room (Nexus) so her head grows even bigger. Then again, go around by foot to the control room door. You should see the right and left teleporters glowing in the teleporter room (Nexus) before you head left to the control room. If it worked, you should be able to get Mom to ask you questions to determine whether you’re really Shay.

You can also watch my video for this part of the walkthrough:




13. Go to the control room door and talk to mom. Tell her you’re Shay again and this time she’ll ask you three questions. The answers can all be found in the trophy (junk) room. If you need a refresher, here’s the info again.

Question 1: What was the name of you favorite stuffed animal as a child?
Answer 1: Mister Huggy (Remember what Shay called the snake?)

Question 2: Of all of my little pet names for you, which one was your favorite?
Answer 2: Can we please not do this?

Question 3: I used to make my son new space boots every year until his 9th birthday, when he insisted on machine-made boots from the replicator. As he would surely remember, I tried to keep things fresh by never repeating a color or pattern. So, please tell me what was the color, size, and pattern of his very first space boots?
Answer 3: Purple (Purple Shoes the Musical.)
Size 4 (The photo of the snake shows him with size 7 shoes and missing two teeth. He lost the teeth at age 6, so he’s 6 in the photo. The medical report says he had a growth spurt and grew three sizes in one year. So at age 5, his shoe size was 7 – 3 = 4.)
Polka-dot (The bronze sculpture of his first pair of boots are polka-dotted.)

And now you can enter the central control room!

14. Mom comes out of the control room, but the ship shakes and you both get thrown back in, the doors locking behind you. Time to learn some more about the story. Talk to mom and exhaust all options. Tell her she was never in space. Marekai (Marek) will confirm this and explain a few things, but not really.

15. Pick up the fork and look at Shay’s family photo. This is the clue he needs to fix his Hexipal. You can use the guide to help you with that or wait until I get there in this walkthrough.



16. Now we have another tricky puzzle. First, talk to Mom (Hope) and exhaust all options to learn more about the story. Then tap on the central control sphere to use it. You now can control a few small things throughout the ship.



17. Before starting the tricky part, tap the left arrow to go to Shay’s room. Tap the grabber hand icon to get the arms to remove the rubble from Shay’s bed. They’ll clean it and take it elsewhere.



18. I’m separating this section into a new guide, since it’s fairly complicated. You can find the instructions here or just watch the video below. It involves breaking things and shorting out wires to get the safety Hexipal (Hexi-gal) bot to fix them and in the end fix the control room door.

19. Now that you’ve opened the control room door, you can leave the room! But first, watch the cutscene the ship (Mog Chothra) is entering Red Hangar. You’re at the Mog Factory! Vella comes up with a plan to blow up the whole place and get the ship out of there.

20. Before you go any farther, use the control sphere to unlock all the doors on the ship. Otherwise, you’ll have to walk back to do so.


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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  1. Faith

    Stuck on repairing Hexipal wiring

    1. AppUnwrapper

      What about it are you stuck on? Did you try my Hexipal guide?

      1. Rechelle Lynch

        BROKEN AGE ACT 1 the game

      2. Jesse

        It cant seem to work out how to get the pattern right the guide is so difficult, how do you now you need the shapes?!?!

      3. okuleli

        I cant see where the Nummbers are! Why!

      4. Oscar

        IΓÇÖve kept trying and trying but it hasnΓÇÖt worked???

      5. Rye

        I don’t remember my version of the wiring for Vela’s hexigal and I don’t know what to do now

    2. Im using PS4

      When I got the hexigal all the way through to the door, she got sucked up through the big hole seperating the kitchen with the control room, did i do something wrong? Do I need to restart or…?

      1. Leaf

        Go into the kitchen, get the thing in the top center to say ‘taco pill Tuesday’ while in the sun thing, and then use the grabby arm.

      2. BR3

        Just go to the kitchen

  2. wendy

    i am also stuck on the hexipal wiring the part with the drums.
    i tried your walktrough but i think mine is different.
    can you please help me

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, each game is different. But the drum sequence is gotten from Vella’s story. It’s actually pretty easy to get because of the burn marks — you just need to figure out the order of the colors.

      Were you able to get the other hexipal wiring a to work?

      1. Max

        Help! I’m stuck on wiring Shay’s hexipal for drumming! I didn’t write down the hexigal’s wiring for drumming, but I can’t look at the pattern anymore because I’m past the point of distracting Mom so the game won’t let Vella go back to inspect the hexigal’s wiring pattern. Is there any way I can get the drumming wiring pattern at this juncture?


        1. AppUnwrapper

          If you mess up the last section of the game, it will make you do it over again. So then you can look at it and write it down (or take a screenshot). The easiest way to reset it is to have Vella press the button for the laser before everything else is set up (assuming you’re able to do that at this point).

      2. Lee

        Thank you so much for your help, loved this game even more then others I’ve paid a lot for. Much better than destiny! It did pee me off something fierce so you helped me complete it.

        There are bits in this game I would never have figured out or found

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Glad to help! 🙂 And yeah, I really enjoyed it too. Surprised about all the negativity surrounding part 2. A few puzzles could have been designed better, but it’s still one of my favorite P&C’s.

    2. Annika

      Thank you for this walkthrough! I think I’ve made a mistake, and I’m not sure how to go back. I’m trying to rewire the hexipal to beat the drum, but I didn’t write down Vella’s burnt hexigal pattern. Is there any way to go back to see it?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Yeah. If you mess up, Mother will reprogram the hexigal back to her safety program, so you can get another look at it.

  3. Wendy

    Yes i have but my friend helped me with it. Can you give me some hints?

  4. gamergirl17

    I’m stuck on wiring the first hexipal can somebody help me?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      What are you having trouble with? Every game will have a different wiring, but my Hexipal guide should help you figure it out.

      1. gamergirl17

        Oops meant the 2nd time with Vella’s I’m having trouble with the order of connecting them. Like the coloring, blue, yellow, and red. I think I’ve tried almost all the ways possible with the colors but it isn’t working!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Which wiring are you trying to get? One is easy to figure out from the burn marks (you just need to figure out the colors on that one) and the other is found in Shay’s game.

          1. gamergirl17

            The burn marks. I can’t figure out the coloring.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              If I remember correctly, the darker burn marks are the starting points, so just try each color option until it works. There are only a few options to try. But each game is different, so you have to figure that part out yourself.

  5. Alex2000

    Ok first:thanks for the wireing guide i got stuck fvor a long time at that part.Never tought that infos from vellas story are used for Shays or the other way around.
    Second:How did Shey knew how to connect the wires if the family photo was on Vellas side of story and how did Vella knew about the wire pattern in the book on Alexs ship?
    I guess the only “plausible” explenation is that they comunicate through telepathy,but only twins are supposed to posess such abilityes…….but……that means……OMG PLOT TWIST VELLA AND SHAY ARE TWINS XD.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, plot-wise, it doesn’t really makes sense, unfortunately. With Shay, at least it’s *his* family photo, so he could just remember it. But Vella knowing things that only Shay could know (like Mr. Huggy) is kind of odd. It probably could have all been fixed by just giving them some way to communicate.

      1. Alex2000

        I know i was just trying to make a joke,but this problem really puts me on thinking.I REALLY hope that they dont mess up the story and end it with some kind of romance cliche about connections and stuff like that(i am not sure about that but playing through the game made me feel that could be the only possible ending and i hate that)

  6. Ingrid

    I’m placing the hexipal by the harp but he won’t play it he just stands there for a few seconds then Shay pick him back up. Please help what did I do wrong

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Is he programmed so he waves his arms above his head? And did you meet the diamond pals yet?

      1. Ingrid

        I’ve met the diamond pals already and no I don’t think so since every time I put him down he just stands there and his eyes flash to x’s

        1. Ingrid

          Actually I wired him exactly how it shows in the picture diagram but mines didn’t stretch with his arms up 🙁

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Yeah, you can’t just follow my photos. Each game has it wired differently. You need to figure yours out based on the information you got from the first one and then use the book from the ship that tells you the programming sequence. If you get it right, the Hexipal will waves his arms over his head.

            1. Ingrid

              Oh thanks I got it now! 🙂

  7. Ingrid

    I’m at the end now but Alex disabled the death ray so I can’t use it. How can I enable it?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The final chapter of my walkthrough explains the last puzzle in detail. 🙂

  8. Matty C:

    Can you please help me ASAP?
    In (pretty much) the end, I’m supposed to use the drumstick and turn on the power, right? But I didn’t know that until I read this, so now it’s stuck to my hexipal! Is it possible to take it away/reset that thing? It would be really depressing if I have to reset the whole game and start over…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The Hexipal uses the drumstick/mallet, so you’re good. 🙂

    2. P2

      What did u do ? I have the exact problem !

    3. Human

      iΓÇÖm pretty sure it needs to keep the mallet in order to complete the game

    4. Ididtheorderwrong

      Did you solve it? Im also stuck at it I know its been 5 years but please help 😭

  9. Laura921

    I need help it won’t let me do the very last thing Vella just keeps saying “didn’t work that time. Alex did u disable my death ray?”

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You made sure to follow the steps in my walkthrough? That last chapter requires each character to do certain things or it won’t work.

      1. Laura921

        I figured it out! I just forgot to turn the power on?

  10. Roxy

    ok I’m sure I’ll prob get stuck wiring the hexipal but right now my problem is that I can’t even attempt to wire according to the triangle patterns! Shay just keeps saying this is all the wire I have this is all that carol gave me. I need to unhook so,e connections first. But when I tap on the connectors it won’t unhook and I have nothing in my inventory to unhook the wires. What do I do?

  11. Reagan

    I’m at the ending, but the ray will only go on for a few seconds.

  12. Eamon_Oc

    I need help with the part where u use the hook to play with the wires my thing is boarded up

    1. Eamon_Oc

      Do I have to start over

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Look through my walkthrough and see if you missed something. I think that’s normal. You just need to figure out which step is next.

    2. Abigail

      Did you figure this out? I have the same problem! I did something in the wrong order and IΓÇÖm boarded up.

  13. SuSu

    I just wanted to say thank you so much! This walk through saved me so many times and multiple nervous break downs!

  14. Endivida

    This is game made me want to throw up.

  15. soeren

    i’ve done everything with Shay but now i,m playing as vella and i can’t find the Hexipal (or whatever it’s called) with the burnmarks. please help me

    1. Ryan

      It is in the hallway. In between the control room and the kitchen

  16. Ryan

    Dear writer,

    Thank you so much for this all. It helped me a lot. I have one final question though. I am stuck on Vella pushing the button. I did everything exactly how you said. I distracted Hope and Alex (Hope was in the room with the weaver and Alex was downstairs). Shay used Gary and after that I switched back to Vella and tried to push the button. She says: ”Huh, didn’t work that time, but it should have. Alex did you disable my death ray?”.

    I switched to manual etc. I actually did everything what this and other walkthroughs told me to do. I am a little lost. I hope you can help me!

    Thank you!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      So, be careful about the manual thing. I think there might be a small bug with that. It’s been a while since I played, but I think the game confuses the two settings at some point. I believe I mentioned it in my walkthrough, but I could be mistaken. That might be the problem, though. If not, I’ll try to think what else it could be (besides a bug).

      1. Ryan

        Hey. Thank you for your reply! I tried different things. But nothing works. Also tried to switch the Manual on and off a few times. Still didn’t work. Tried to change the order of the way of acting, also didn’t work.

        Now after I let the Hexigal tickle the harp, I tried the other way (instead of going to the left and bumping into Hope, I tried to go to the control room through the small entrance on the right) and it said there was Debris blocking the way. Is this the problem? If so, how to solve it?

        Thank you

  17. Sophray

    I’m stuck when hope blocks the nav scarf system because marikai is watching it. I walk into the command room and while marikai is watching the system. I can not leave the room and I can’t do anything in the room, I have waited it for a while and nothing has happened. I have watched many videos but none have turned out the way mine has. I relize you may not see this but if there is any way you could help me that would be great.

  18. Moo

    Welll… i changed the hexipals wire to the safety one and i gave him the hammer, still when i place him by the drum it just starts to dance instead. I really dunno what to do o.o

    1. Moo

      nvm i did it wrong c:

  19. Mimi

    Thank you 🙂 !

  20. Mimi

    Thank you very much, this was super useful and very well explained 😀 !

  21. Joe

    WonΓÇÖt let me shoot laser

  22. Joe

    Cat shoot laser

  23. Mary

    So I think I used the death ray before I had to so now I can’t use it anymore. Is there any way to fix it?

  24. Arturs Kass

    I am stuck in the completely last step. I have tried it a couple times by my own but something was always wrong, now everything was in place but Alex had been disabled my death ray, so it doesn’t work. What now?

  25. Human

    It wonΓÇÖt let me press the button to fire the death ray for the ending, Alex is downstairs wrestling the hexipal, and Hope is helping with the space weaver. It still says ΓÇ£Did you disable my death ray Alex?ΓÇ¥ Or something like that

    1. Danielle

      So I have the Ray activated but it’s not doing anything and I can’t do anything else from what I know is there anything else I need to do to end the story cuz at this point it’s on a perpetual loot of the ray being on and it hasn’t melted down yet

  26. rhys

    I need help with the hexapal wyer

  27. elli

    i am STUCK on wiring shays hexipal i really need help i already looked at your guide but i still don’t get it. is there anyways i can send you my symbols?

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