Broken Age: Complete Video Walkthrough

Broken Age ™
By: Double Fine Productions, Inc.


This is a video guide for Broken Age by Double Fine Productions. It will be split up between Acts 1 & 2 and Shay & Vella. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me.

Act 1:


Part 1:

Part 2:


Act 2:

See my text/photo walkthrough for Act 2 for detailed step-by-step instructions.


Shay meeting his dad and Alex:

Shay and the snake, Mr. Huggy:

Shay Helping F’ther Untie the Knots:

Shay making the talking tree laugh with a joke:

Shay and the cupcake in Meriloft:

Shay and the Dead Eye Druids in Meriloft:


Vella Getting Back Into the Spaceship:

Vella Getting into the Control Mom (answering Mom’s questions):

Vella Escaping the Control Room Using the Control Sphere and Hexipal (Hexipal-gal):

Vella at the Ice Cream Avalanche, Train Wreck and Fusion Orb Room:

Vella getting the girls food and programming the NavScarf:

Shay & Vella final puzzle (wiring the Hexipal & Hexigal):

See my other Broken Age guides.

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