Broken Age Act 2 Walkthrough Guide: Vella Escaping Control Room Using Control Sphere and Safety Hexipal (Hexi-gal) Bot

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This is part of my complete step-by-step Broken Age Act 2 walkthrough. This guide will help you escape the control room using the control sphere and the safety Hexipal (Hexi-gal) bot.

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You can watch my video or follow the instructions below.

Using the control sphere from the control room, go right and keep going until you get to the Starboard Passageway. The idea here is to break things and get wires to short out so the safety bot Hexipal (Hexi-gal) will run to fix them. The catch is, you need to time it so she’ll make her way closer to the left door in each room, going through and getting closer and closer to the central control room. These instructions should help you out, but you can also try the video.

In the first room (Starboard Passageway), this is the order to tap. But you need to be careful about timing, or you may end up starting over. 2 will fix itself before she gets a chance to, so you need to make sure 3 is ready for her when she finishes with 1. 4 has a long timer on it, so don’t worry too much about tapping it too soon. Once she makes it there, she’ll then head through the left door. Follow her.


This next room is a bit trickier and always causes me a bit of trouble. The first gear is on a timer and the lightning bolt right after it is not. Thanks to Red Privateer for this info: Click on 1. Wait a little while. Then in quick succession click 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. I tried this and it worked! If you still need help, try the video I made.


This next room is a lot simpler than it appears. Tap 1 and she’ll run to fix it. While she’s fixing it, you can tap 2 & 3 right after each other. Once 2 & 3 are broken, you can tap 4. 5 has no timer, so you can tap it any time. Once she makes it up to the “controls” in the middle of the room, she’ll work fast, so make sure 5 is ready before she gets there. Once she heads to 5, tap 6 to get her to continue to the next room.


In this room, tap the one lightning bolt. She’ll head to it and get sucked through the window! Tap the little lock on the kitchen door (the one with the spoon on it) to unlock the door. Now press the up arrow to go into the kitchen.


The Hexipal (Hexi-gal) is barely holding on by the window! Tap the little hexagon below the sad face. Keep pressing until you get it to say “TACO PILL TUESDAY!” Press the little claw and the claw arm will appear with a pill. The Hexipal will grab onto it and come back inside!



Tap the little lightning bolt and she’ll fix it and head back out to the control room door. Tap the Lightning bolt here for her to fix and then she’ll fix the central control room door right after! Now you leave the control room! But first, watch the cutscene.




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  1. Red Privateer

    In room 2, the sequence that works is this. Click on “2”. Wait until it reaches the 42 second mark. Then in quick succession click 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

    1. Sinni

      So, I was an idiot and I moved the barricade thing that was blocking in the center hallway, moved past it, and then PUT IT BACK IN PLACE not realizing that I needed it pushed out of the way, and of course now I’m trapped in the control room with no way to go out and fix it. Am I totally done for, and do I need to just restart my game?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I don’t think there’s a way to actually get stuck anywhere like that. It’s been a while since I played, but what point of game are you at? That barricade can be moved back and forth. It’s used as part of a puzzle.

  2. Catato

    Uh.. Room 3 isn’t working for me. Any advice? Am I missing a big part of this?

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