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Her Story Walkthrough: All Video Clips in Order and Explanations

Her Story By: Sam Barlow For those who finished playing the game Her Story by Sam Barlow, you can see all the clips in order here. I organized them and made a video for each interview. I've also included summaries and the most straightforward explanations of each interview. This will spoil the game completely for anyone who hasn't played, so I highly suggest walking away if you haven't played yet. You can see my walkthrough guide and discussion for more help with the game, other theories and Read more [...]

Glitch Games’ Forever Lost Episode 3 Releasing July 9th

I am taking a break from my Her Story obsession to bring you the exciting news that the third and final episode of Glitch Games' gloomy puzzle adventure, Forever Lost, has an official release date! I've played through the game several times and I think fans will be very satisfied with the conclusion to the series. By my calculations, it's longer than both of the previous games combined (please don't lynch me if I'm wrong) and shares all the same charm as the previous episodes. It also answers Read more [...]

Adventure Escape: Time Library: Walkthrough

Adventure Escape: Time Library By: Haiku Games This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Adventure Escape: Time Library by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section. Use the numbers at the bottom to jump to different chapters. Walkthrough: Chapter 1: New Beginnings: 1. Pick up the oil can from under the pile of books. Use it to open the drawer and get the riddle. The answer to the riddle Read more [...]

Her Story: Walkthrough Guide and Discussion (Game Spoilers!)

Her Story By: Sam Barlow Warning: This guide has spoilers for the game Her Story. If you haven't spent any time with the game, I suggest not looking yet. Instead, read my spoiler-free review and come back here if you get stuck or want to discuss the story with others. If you've already played the game and want to see all the clips in order, you can do so here. You can also see the full text transcript here. ***See my interviews with Sam Barlow and Viva Seifert here.*** What you'll find Read more [...]

Alter Vú – Dead Reckoning: Walkthrough Guide

Alter Vú - Dead Reckoning By: Tom Miller This is a walkthrough guide for the iOS game Alter Vú - Dead Reckoning by Tom Miller. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section. Walkthrough: 1. Pick up the matches from the desk. 2. Leave the room. Continue along the hallway and then open the door and enter dad's room. 3. Tap on Dad and drag each of the cards to him to use them. This is how interaction will work in the game. After you use the Leave card, you'll have the Dad deck. 4. Read more [...]