MechaNika: Walkthrough Guide

11. It’s ok. Now you can work on finishing MechaNika and taking over the world! You’re in Nika’s bedroom. Pick up the pieces of broken mirror.

12. Take down the poster of Tesla. On the back are the components you need for the MechaNika. Select the mirror shards and then the glass panels to complete one item on the list.


13. Pick up the tools from the wall (hammer, screwdriver and spanner).

14. Read the email on the PC from RoboPodcast. You need to find out which robot needs two drivers to control it. So we’ll come back to that.

15. Leave the room through the door to the left to enter the hallway.

16. Let’s head right and go through the door with a “D” on it.

17. Talk to Den a bit, then pick up the pair of dirty socks.

18. Leave the room and head all the way left to the end of the hall. Go through the door and talk to grandpa. He’s writing a letter to grandma Rosemary, but doesn’t remember what he did wrong.

19. If you try to take the picture of grandma Rosemary, grandpa will stop you. Leave the room and head up the stairs.

20. Go through the hanging beads to the kitchen. Grab the fruit from the bowl and talk to Nika’s mom.

21. Head through the door to the left to the garage and patio. Continue left again into the garage and talk to Nika’s dad.


The code for the meat grinder is the Fibonacci sequence, or 112358.

The remote control for the TV is between the couch cushions.

To get Nika’s grandpa to leave his room so you can get his dirty magazines, first talk to her grandma and find out why she left him. Then go back and tell him and he’ll leave. Now you can turn on the light above the painting. It will show three numbers. Make sure to have Nika read the numbers. Then remove the painting to reveal a safe. Nika will be able to unlock it using the numbers she found. Inside are the dirty magazines!

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What? This is all? Your walkthrough? The first part? The first 5 minutes of the game? How about the rest? How can you post such a shitty thing? I now regret clicking on the link that brought me to your site! I hope you rot in fucking hell!

Chill Bill Vol. 2

Wow, what horrible human crybaby. And obviously not very bright – The game really isn’t very hard: You can’t combine anything in your inventory, you never have more than 10 objects in there (usually much less), the puzzles are logical, never require more than one or max two steps and there aren’t too many usable things in the environment.

Pity that you can’t solve something like this yourself but don’t insult other people because they don’t have the time to hold your hand every step of the way (for free).


How do you put on the granny dress and use the senior bus pass?

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