House of Grudge: Walkthrough Guide

11. There’s a safe in this room with some color pieces that can be rotated. The idea here is to rotate them all so the colors match up. It should look like the photo below. Then turn the dial and open the safe. Take the folder and DISMANTLE it to get a drawing with a pentagram on it and what appears to be a blank piece of paper.





12. Notice the shark head on the wall to the left. Use the pliers to remove one of his teeth.



13. Use the hammer on the chair to get an arm bone. Then OBSERVE the arm bone to see some symbols. It’s a clue!



14. Go back to the living room. Look at the TV. Every few seconds, some symbols will flash quickly.


15. Tap on the sparkling spot on the couch and a ghost will appear. Touching him will hurt you.



16. Use the shark tooth to stab the ghost and get the key-like object. It’s a wind-up piece.


17. Go back to the hunting room and use the wind-up piece on the cuckoo clock. Note the time on the clock and get the key from the bird.



18. Go back upstairs and use the key to unlock the door to the right. Enter the bathroom.


19. Tap on the sink. Turn on the water and use the cork to stuff up the drain. The water will fill up the sink, creating steam. The mirror will shatter, take the scissors and tape.


20. Look at the floor to the right. Move some rubble away to see more symbols.


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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  1. jon bova

    Let me know if u have problem I’m stuck with romincal number with red marking and 4 letters on fridge

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Going to have to continue it tomorrow because the ghost just freaked me out. 😛

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I’m still trying to make sense of the symbols I found.

  2. Karen

    I’m refreshing this page over and over again. That’s how desperate I’ve become. I’ve played hundreds of games like this, but this one takes the cake. I’m stumped.

    1. Denis

      dismantle the remote…. than go in the garage e put the battery into the machine on the right…

  3. Denis

    and then?…..I’m going crazy!!

  4. Jackie

    I’ve opened the oven: set 180╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╗├ª B 60, “COOK” lights up, press “COOK”, “OPEN” lights up, press “OPEN”. A nasty vegetable of sorts pops out. Wipe it with the towel damped with rust remover so it goes into your inventory. Open inventory and dismantle said vegetable. You get a skull with a pentagram marked on its forehead. Don’t know what to do with it though…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Do you know why that’s the right setting? I don’t want to just use trial and error.

      1. Jackie

        No I don’t know why 🙁 sorry

      2. Nylund

        The hint for the oven setting is in the basement (which you get to after solving the refrigerator letter puzzle).

  5. Adamayla

    You can combine the wire wig something in your inventory also.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Me? I already tried combining all the items I have and none of them combine.

      1. Fabrizio

        Wire is hook! Use it on the wc to get a necklace…then u can put it on the puppet in the garage in order to obtain an arm (combine arm and hammer and…another bone!!!)

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Agh! I thought I already tried it with the toilet! It worked now. Thanks!

  6. ivan

    thank you all friends,what to do with letters on fridge?

  7. Nohttaht

    i found the code for letter magnet “HELP”
    u get the glass bottle use combie with tape to open and use bottle in sink.
    u get the key to open the door to underground

    1. Nylund

      Can you figure out what to do in the basement? I understand the trophy, but I can’t figure out what to do with the typewriter. I did notice it’s missing the “R” key though…

      1. westlakemath

        There’s a hole in the ceiling…

  8. westlakemath

    Potential puzzle spoilers!

    Like many people, I’m stuck and frustrated. I have the fridge/letter puzzle and the Roman numeral puzzle unsolved. The calculator thing in the garage is activated, but appears as gibberish. There is one upstairs door locked and two downstairs doors locked (although I assume one of them is just the front door). My inventory consists of bones (hand, ribs, leg, two arms, and a skull…I know I’m missing the foot), a hammer, a satanic picture, a blank sheet of paper, tape, a ladder, a flashlight, and a rag soaked with rust remover.

    If you have advanced beyond this point, I’d love a hint as to what to do next. Please make it vague as to not give away the solution to me or others. For example, what item I should try using around the house or what room I should be looking in for a clue.

    Help would be extremely appreciated. I feel as though I’ve tried using all of my items on every darn pixel in the house, but obviously I’ve missed something. Thanks in advance!

  9. westlakemath

    I didn’t see Nohttaht’s post. Thanks.

  10. westlakemath

    Okay, I finished the game. Most things make sense by the end. I thought the door to the garage required a tiny amount of guessing. But does anyone know if there was a clue for the fridge, or were we just supposed to guess the word?

  11. ivan

    what to do with typewriter in basemant?

    1. westlakemath

      I won’t give an exact answer unless you tell me. So here’s a hint: Have you found the missing letter on the typewriter?

  12. ivan

    no i didn’t,where is he? 🙂

    1. ivan

      no,where is mising letter?

      1. westlakemath

        Use the ladder to reach the small hole in the ceiling of the basement.

  13. Denis

    yeah … I finished the game!!!

  14. Karen

    I have the piece of paper from the typewriter over the cashier. I can see it completes the numbers but I can’t make it out. Can someone tell me what the numbers are?

    1. Kirsty

      I too have the paper on the typewriter but can’t work out the code! Is this the code for the Roman numeral puzzle?

  15. Monkey

    Finished the game, but never figured out what to do with the runes or plain peice of paper

    1. Kirsty

      Can u tell me how to get the Roman numeral code for the picture?

      1. westlakemath

        If I remember correctly, when you put the missing letter back on the typewriter and press enter, you get the piece of paper that will solve the Roman numerals.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          You have to place the blank piece of paper in it first. I missed that, too.

          Now I’m just trying to figure out how to banish the parents.

          1. Nylund

            To banish the parents you need the item you get from solving the puzzle in the kid’s room. If you haven’t solved that, the six points on the star correspond to the six bones you found. Using a new item at the locations where you found the bones will reveal the clues you need to solve that puzzle in the kid’s room.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              I don’t like how the numbers on the door and the puzzle on the rocking horse were just all of a sudden there when they weren’t before. Should have been available from the very beginning.

          2. Nylund

            Yeah, I agree. You click on objects a thousand times, nothing happens. Then, for some reason, they suddenly have symbols and puzzles on them? I think it’s sort of an unwritten rule that either objects have something, or they don’t. And if they do suddenly go from being unclickable to clickable, the mechanism by which that change happens should be clear to the player. Some action of the character (in some related event) changed the nature of those objects.

            It’s much like the numbers on the picture frame in the beginning. You click on the picture frame, no numbers. Then, should you choose to look at it a second time, suddenly numbers!

            It’s like there were arbitrary “milestones” (unknown to the player) in the game, that when you reached them, they triggered objects to change for no discernable reason (other than some programmer thought something like, “hey, after the player fixes the typewriter, we should suddenly make the door on the other side of the house have symbols on it even though there is nothing that links those two events together.”)

            To me it violates some unspoken rule about how the internal logic of these types of games are supposed to work.

            Placing gemstone here causes door to open over there. That sort of thing is fine. But the logic in this game was more like the underpants gnomes of South Park, who, if you recall, had the following plan:

            1. Collect Underpants
            2. ???
            3. Profit!

            It was like:
            1. Find foot bone in basement.
            2. ???
            3. Rocking horse upstairs has puzzle!

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Lol! Yeah, I was enjoying the game, but once it became about clicking every pixel a million times in case something changed, I started to lose interest. I mean, it’s a good game. But it was made unnecessarily frustrating by 1. Having no feedback from items/objects (ie. “Looks like there’s something in the toilet!”) and 2. What we just covered. They could have made the door and rocking horse have stuff on them from the beginning, just lock them away the same way they did with the rune puzzle, so you can’t just solve the final puzzle through trial-and-error at the beginning of the game.

              Disappointed that they put so much effort into the game and couldn’t get these basic things right.

            2. AppUnwrapper

              Oh, I forgot. I still can’t really explain the symbols on that lock (the TV, bone and bathroom floor). They almost make sense, but not quite. Awful clues.

              1. Nylund

                And what was the point of solving the puzzle with the runes and Roman numerals? Is there a use to the medical report? Or the drawing with the Pentagram?

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  Yeah good point. Probably could have finished the game without solving that puzzle. Should have at least revealed something about why the kid died.

  16. Katherine

    Letters on fridge are HELP. Door to fridge opens, get a jar. Combine with tape and the lid opens. Dump it into kitchen sink, you find a key that opens up locked door downstairs.

  17. Nohttaht

    i finished the game but i want to know where the password for magnet because i random 4 word to open it

  18. Nylund

    A few hints for those still stuck:

    1. You have to use the typewriter more than once.
    2. The piece of paper on the cash register is only one part of a clue to figure out some symbols.
    3. You’ll need to remember where you found all the bones.

  19. Kenzie

    It won’t let me flip on the right light switch to the kitchen help!

  20. helena

    i cant place the ladder 🙁

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s a bit finicky. You may need to play it in the other spot first. It took me a few attempts, too.

  21. !!! Mehdi !!!

    Very nice . The ways was so so usefull .
    Thank for u .

  22. Hani

    I have finished the game .. but till now i have no idea where the refrigerator puzzle is coming from?! why we used this exact word to open it? why not “OPEN” for example?!! can any body tell me as this is the only puzzle i do not understand

  23. Lea

    Je suis coincé au debut du jeu a la porte a ec les symbole la ou il u a la télé

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