Alter Vú – Dead Reckoning: Walkthrough Guide

11. Pick up the wine bottle and look at all the photos, drawings and other things on the bulletin board.





12. The door to the outside is in the dining room. Use the key to unlock it and head outside. Scroll to the right and tap on the car to see a map of the town. Feel free to look around. I labeled everything for you in the map below.


13. Go to the bar and talk to both guys here. The guy to the right asks for the bottle of wine. Give it to him and he’ll give you a lock pick.

14. Go to the garage. Use the lock pick on the cash register. The way this works is you have four pins. You need to rotate your device a bit so the first one opens. Then tap it to keep it open. Then work on the next one and so on until all four are open.

15. Some thieves will enter. I’m not sure if it’s possible to get away. I surrendered and ended up in a cell. I didn’t get out in time. Then I met some guy (the Devil?) who wanted me to sacrifice someone else in exchange for my own life. Anyway, you need choose a name from one of the cards to sacrifice for your own life and you should eventually find yourself kicked out of the church and back in town.

I streamed some of this on Twitch and you can watch the video here. I apologize for all the dizziness:

16. Go to the hospital and talk to Eli. Find the three photos to the right and notice the numbers on them. They say 651. There’s a lock in the main lobby. Use those numbers to unlock it, then get the bone saw.


17. Go back to the map and tap on the forest near the bottom right. Use the rock/stone on the crow by the gate to get the crow added to your inventory.

18. Go through the gate and pick up the rose. Continue on to meet the Colonel. Find out what he knows.

19. Go back to the garage and feed the crow to the stray dog so he moves aside.

20. Look through the grate to find a dead body. Use the bone saw to cut off the hand and get the sheriff’s badge. Also pick up the belt.

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