Her Story: Walkthrough Guide and Discussion (Game Spoilers!)

Some thoughts about the plot:

• Sarah is Eve’s daughter, but I’m still not 100% clear on what she’s supposed to understand that her mother did.

I see several possibilities. Either Hannah and Eve are twins. In this scenario, there’s also the possibility that Eve distracted the police so Hannah could get away. The other possibility is that Eve killed Hannah, and now just wants to focus on raising Sarah. But did she get away with it?


She’s split personality. But I’m not really convinced about this one. It would mean she either faked the tattoo/bruise or covered them up for different interviews, all while thinking they were real herself.


She’s one f***ing clever woman and planned this entire thing from the start, pretending to be twins covering for each other. Then the bruise, the tattoo, the spilled coffee, were all planned out so she could try to convince the police that she’s a Eve at the end and get away with the murder. But she would likely still end up in prison in this scenario.

As for the trip to Glasgow… She/they mentioned that they set the watch to a specific time to work with the alibi. So technically, it might have been possible for one person to pull this off and use the twin story to confuse the cops? I don’t know. It doesn’t really work if they have her in custody anyway, does it? So I still think it makes more sense that they actually are twins. But I like that there’s still a chance for other interpretations.

And don’t forget Sarah — I’m still a bit confused about why she’s supposed to forgive her mother (Eve). What happened in the time since she last saw her? If Eve killed Hannah, that might be what Sarah needs to understand? I feel like I need to talk to Sarah now!

Hannah/Eve also really loves telling stories. I mean, she gives so much information that the detectives don’t need. Most of the time, she doesn’t act like someone being interrogated. She seems like someone who’s thrilled that people are interested in hearing her story. This is all an adventure for her.

Update: After putting all the clips in order and watching them, I think it might just be what it seems like. Hannah killed Simon and Eve distracted the police while she got away. Since Eve isn’t guilty and there’s no record of her existence, the police can’t arrest her. I’m not 100% what SB is referring to when he says to Sarah, “now you understand why your mother did what she did?” Is he referring to killing Simon or to disappearing? And I’m a little confused as to which one of them is the mother. I thought Eve, but then what would SB be referring to, since she didn’t kill Simon. If it’s split personalities, then they’re both her mother.


I think it maybe can still go either way — twins or split personalities or clever plan — but one of those options offers the possibility of a happy ending, someone getting away with murder, while one is a depressing ending. If they’re twins, they can get away with murder. If it’s split personalities, they can’t. If it’s all a story she purposely made up, she might have a chance of getting away with it, but it’s highly unlikely. So I *want* the twins story to be the truth. But read the comments section. A lot of people are making some pretty convincing arguments for split personalities.

For me, the most convincing argument for split personalities comes down to Sarah. If they’re two people and at least one of them managed to get away, what would Sarah be trying to understand? And if it’s one person trying to get away with murder, we don’t know whether she got to raise Sarah or not. But if it’s split personalities, perhaps she went through the foster care system (or was raised by Doug and Eleanor) and this was her attempt to find out about her birth mother? That’s the #1 reason I’m starting to lean towards split personalities.

And don’t forget the possibility that this is all one very clever woman weaving a tale from the very beginning, planning out every little detail from the bruise to the tattoo to the spilled coffee, all so the twins story is believable and she might be able to get away with murder. Then their different hairstyles (up or down) would make more sense. She wants the detective to pick up on the twin hints. What if it’s all just that — Her Story? In that case, though, what is Sarah’s story? I’m close to scrapping this theory, though, because as clever as she is, she would still go to prison in the end, since she’s not really a twin. And she wouldn’t have failed the lie detector test when answering “Hannah Smith” as her name.

Ok, so I had a little discussion with Raitsa on YouTube on my 6th interview video. I’m leaning more towards twins now. In interview 4, Hannah mentions the fingerprints, asks if they could have been from her parents. This must mean the police found Eve’s fingerprints and they were close to Hannah’s but not the same. So they asked if it could be any close relatives. I didn’t catch that before, but it’s a very convincing argument for the twins theory.

I still have questions about the fingerprints, though. I guess if they took Eve’s fingerprints earlier on, the police would have known for sure that they’re twins. But what happens if they take her fingerprints now that she’s told the whole story? Does it make a difference now if her prints match those they found in the house?
And at what point did Eve/Hannah decide they would run with the twins story? Was it something they planned all along, or did they slip up and therefore have no choice but to come clean?

Some extra notes:

• Hannah and Eve both wear the wedding ring in every interview except for the last one. Is there some special meaning behind this?

• Why are Hannah’s parents never mentioned by name? Even their cat, Domino, is! One theory I have is that their parents weren’t around that much, which also might explain how Eve could live in the attic unnoticed. But is there other proof of that?

• Anyone else like the whole “Simon might be a twin, too” string that we get pulled along on? With the glasses/no glasses, etc. Would definitely have been too much for them both to be twins. But I liked that it led us to consider it for a bit.

• Also, this might mean nothing, but anyone else notice that most of her outfits are blue? I’m dubbing it “Five Shades of Blue.” 😛 I wonder if there’s any meaning behind that. There are so many colors to choose from — why keep using blue? There are five shades of blue, two whites and one red. Perhaps there’s some meaning behind that. And I haven’t mentioned this before, but what if there was some way for them to switch places on the same day, like they did that the movies? When in the red suit, she throws up and comes back with her hair back. I have to check how much time passed in between those clips, but maybe they found a way to change places, but share the outfit? And maybe Hannah spills the coffee on herself because she’s muddy on the details and needs an excuse to go switch places with Eve? Since they can’t predict what the cops would say or do on any specific day, maybe they figured out a way to swap places in case something went wrong, like they ask the wrong twin for fingerprints? (Update: there are only 3-4 seconds between every clip, even the ones where she throws up, so unless someone tampered with the time stamps, the space between videos doesn’t help with anything.)

• Also, all these theories are assuming that Sam Barlow hasn’t made any mistakes, that every little detail is intentional. There are so many nuances, that I want to believe that nothing got past him and the reason we can’t come to a conclusion is that he didn’t want us to. Hopefully that’s the case, but he is human, so there is always the possibility that something slipped past him.

• Why were Hannah/Eve so sloppy about the bruise/tattoo in the first place? Other than showing the audience that they’re twins, it doesn’t seem to make sense. It makes me wonder… If Hannah/Eve were smarter about it and never showed he bruise/tattoo, then the only time we would suspect anything would be when we see the last interview clips. I’m not sure how that would have worked out, actually. What if the only clues to them being twins was in the last interview, because they did such a good job covering it up the rest of the time? Would it have been more or less interesting that way? I’m not sure. Now I kind of want to ask Sam if he ever considered that!

More Questions / Inconsistencies / Odd Details:

• Thanks to Jeb, who pointed out that Princess Diana got divorced in 1996, not 1993 (one year before 1994). Is this saying we can’t trust the dates on the footage? Because Eve couldn’t have known about something that didn’t happen yet! However, Diana did announce her separation in 1993, so Eve could have confused the two. Not sure if there’s something more to it.

• Someone also pointed out that the UK lottery didn’t exist until November 1994. So how did Simon have lottery tickets before then? Could they have been from somewhere else? A mistake on the developer’s part? Or something else?

• Sam responded with this when I mentioned Princess Diana’s divorce. I don’t trust that he would be forthcoming with real theories. But there’s definitely something off with the dates. Perhaps the dates on the videos are lying to us?


* She’s made a Freudian slip, and is referring to the separation
* Her Story takes place in an alternate world slightly different form ours (did you notice that the dates and days don’t match our reality?)
* Time-travel”

• Fennel in large doses can cause a miscarriage. Is this just meant to throw us off? Cooking with fennel wouldn’t create medicinal doses of it. But are we supposed to assume that someone caused the miscarriage? Simon? Eve?

• The computer’s clock always has the date set to 16/06/15 and the hour is always in the same spot, between 6 & 7. The minute hand is always the same as the player’s device/computer. This must all mean something. Perhaps Simon’s murder took place on 16/06/94 at 7pm?

• What does L.O.G.I.C. stand for?

• The fact that these files were all digitized to “preserve evidence” and “allow you to work more efficiently” makes me think that the flood may have scrambled some things like the dates. Kind of a commentary on what happens when you rely too much on technology?

• The days of the week don’t match up with the year 1994. Was this a mistake or intentional?

• How did Simon have a mobile phone in 1994? They weren’t very common back then, even a clunky early model.

• Could a hacker have changed the dates on all the videos?

• There seems to be only 3-4 seconds between each video. This does not leave much room for longer questions or any swapping that Hannah/Eve may have tried to pull off. I’m surprised that each question has the same length of time before it, because that doesn’t feel authentic. It even takes only three seconds to set Eve up with the lie detector. This is either something the developer overlooked or perhaps another hint that everything’s been messed with and is therefore unreliable.

• Reader Shaqmeister pointed out that there’s a 12-second gap between clips 217 and 218 (or D717 and D718 if you’re going by the Steam files). I’m not sure why this is, because it’s between two lie detector questions. It’s not when they’re putting the lie detector on or taking it off her. So why the long gap? Is there a reason or is it just a mistake? (Update: Sam Barlow confirmed he didn’t expect people to analyze the time stamps so closely.)

• Did Eve intentionally spill her coffee on herself in interview 5 to reveal her tattoo? And if so, why? Was Hannah in on that or was she trying to throw Hannah under the bus here? She even says she got it eight years back!

• Why did the detective wait until interview 6 to ask if they’re twins? Shouldn’t they have asked the second they saw a tattoo appear that wasn’t there the day before? Especially when she says she got it eight years ago.

• What is Sarah trying to understand about her mother, Eve?

• Why are their parents never named? Even the cat, Domino, is named and Simon’s parents. But neither Hannah nor Eve ever mention their parents by name. Very strange.

• More about time. Reader dazydee noticed this about Simon’s watch:
““Yeah that’s Simon’s watch. It was a gift from Eric. He got it this year. It was a wedding anniversary gift. Steel.”
– The “Steel” could refer to the watch or the anniversary. So it’s a big hint or flat out statement that this year they had their steel anniversary (11th).
– They must have married end of 83 or early 84. (They can’t have watched Risky Buisness before it’s release in August, September being the likeliest. The marriage should not have been earlier than 2 Month after.)
– Since he got it “this year” it hints for the interview to be late 94 or early 95.”

***See my interviews with Sam Barlow and Viva Seifert here.***

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796 thoughts on “Her Story: Walkthrough Guide and Discussion (Game Spoilers!)

  1. sho

    Hi all, here’s my 2 cents.
    Eve told how they played at dollhouse and how they killed moth with a book Arabian knights. That book was writen by FLORENCE Mary Anderson. So i think Florence isn`t real and i lean towards MPD. Also i think that window through which Eve looks at Hannah is actualy a mirror, not a window. That is how they copy movement and waving of eachother. Probably a large mirror in the attic.
    Also, same injuries, virginity and stuff like that. Same body, two persons.

  2. Vemasu

    FYI, fingerprints are not affected by genetics. Family members don’t have similar fingerprints, even identical twins. She probably suggested her parents just because anyone else who might have been in their bedroom ( friends or workmen) could be fingerprinted.

  3. C

    They’re two different people. As in the Mirror Game, red and blue are supposed to be different players but the strategy is aligned.

    The coffee accident and fake vomiting allow the twins to switch mid -interview. The police are trying to figure out who is who (only one plays guitar)

    The bruise was frome Hannah’s fight with Simon. What Sarah’s mother (Eve) did was to share her identity with Hannah (since she has an alibi). They are both Eve going forward, (this is represented by the white shirt) and Hannah no longer exis.

  4. Jay

    ClipD161~A.MPEG and ClipD163~A.MPEG both have a date of 01/07/94 and both are in the 14th hour. The woman is wearing a different shirt in both videos.

  5. Her

    This discussion is really interesting. I ruled out the possibility of multiple personalities at first, but reading some of the comments made me rethink. Still not sure though.

    But why does everyone think that Hannah or the “Hannah part of her personality” is the killer? To me it would make much more sense if Eve had done it. Just because she “confesses” at the end that Hannah murdered him, does not necessarily mean this is true. It could have been just the other way round: Eve begging Simon to stay with her and the baby, and turning angry when he says he loves Hannah.

    We already suspect Eve to have killed Florence and her parents. It wouldn’t be a big deal for her to commit another murder. She’s also the one who seems quite ruthless in the interviews and who sings the dreadful song. Hannah, on the other hand, has never harmed anyone before and she even seems truly sad about Simon’s death (“poor Simon”). The reason she does not immediately turn her sister in is simply because she also wants to protect Eves baby. Maybe she also realized that telling a story about a person that officially doesn’t exist would sound suspicious. At first, the plan was probably to create that alibi and pretend to be one person. But when Eve realized that they wouldn’t get away with it so easily, she decided to blame it on her sister.
    Eve being the murderer would also make sense for the comment to Sarah: “Do you understand now what your mother did?” To me this clearly implies that her mother is the murderer. She wouldn’t have been imprisoned for very long just for helping cover her sister.

    So my solution is:
    Twin theory: The police found out the truth and imprisoned Eve.
    MPD theory: The police also found out the truth and imprisoned Eve/Hannah. Years later, her daughter is authorized to look at the videos because she wants to understand the disorder of her mother.

    Anyway, in my opinion it’s still an open question as to why Sarah is authorized to look at the videos. I’m not sure about the legal situation here, but I doubt you can just ask and get access so easily.

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      I’m already starting to forget the details. But it’s true — we only know what Eve tells us. It’s Her Story. So she could be lying, but I think we have to be able to trust *something* she says, or we have no story.

  6. freezies

    Everyone thinks Hannah is the killer because she is. Simple as that.

    Hanna impersonated Eve. Got the mirror gift, got mad at Simon then he hit her before she killed him.

    You can see the bruise on Hannahs cheeks in the clips during the closing credits. Eve doesn’t have a bruise.

  7. illyroo

    I’ve almost made it through all videos and leaning towards the split personality (despite the tattoo, different drinks and bruises). The one thing that really confuses me (more than anything else) is the video after the lie detector, on the last day (July 3). She says something along the lines of ‘What question did I fail? My name?…So these things do work” She already introduced herself as Eve on that day in previous videos. So if she failed her name that means it must be Hannah… She also says in a different video on the same day that her sister is gone or something like this.

    I don’t quite understand why would Hannah be pretending to be Eve in neither the twin or the split personality theories. If it is split personality, wouldn’t you fully believe you’re Eve and pass the lie detector? Or if she is fully aware that she is Hannah, how pretending to be Eve is going to help her case?

    SB’s note to Sarah from the chat says ‘I hope it helps understand why your mother did what she did’…Both Hannah and Eve say they’re pregnant throughout the different days.

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      Did you watch the videos in order? The lie detector will make more sense if you do.

      The pregnancy comments also make more sense if you watch everything in order. They were pregnant at different times.

    2. Peter Simson

      Please don’t continue the misuse of the term “split personality”! That term actually refers to schizophrenia in which the schizophrenic’s single personality is “split off” from reality. The correct term for the old Multiple Personality Disorder is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

      Sorry for the rant, but it drives me crazy (no pun intended) when the “split personality” or “schizophrenic” terms are misused to indicate one or more personalities.

  8. Richie

    What can’t the split personalities ‘solution’ and the twins ‘solution’ both be correct?

    They have both spent so long swapping roles and impersonating each other (Swapping clothes in the bathroom on the first date with Simon, both wearing the blonde wig), its entirely possible that they are both have Eve and Hannah personalities.

    It kind of reflects the Mirror game in the rubbish bin as well. All the coins can flip and be Red or Blue depending on the other coins around them. To me this implies that they can physically impersonate each other but also psychologically.

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  10. no

    For five bucks, how could you go wrong?

    Well, I’ll tell you how.

    I watched about ten clips of some 270 and understood the story. It’s not freaking hard, when the only character refers to herself as two people.

  11. goku

    Both loves fairy tales and there’s a moment when Eve talks about how they found simon, by playing ouija board of course. there is a chance of getting possessed or a neuroscience things in Hannah\Eve mind.both are same person, multiple personality , Duality like that. She did the worst thing and Eve is the ghost possessed in her.

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  13. David Shaw

    My theory is:

    We have twins, who have MPD about each other, Hannah much less so than Eve. We can there are two people due to the tattoo.

    I think the song ‘The Wind and the Rain’ describes the events of the entire murder. I think like the police think (they gave her a lie detector) that Eve is lying a lot. Eve said it was Hannah who killed Simon, but I believe it was her.. and this is correlated in that Sarah is Eve’s daughter.

    I think the portions where Eve talks about her and Hannah’s childhood are Eve’s delusion, perhaps their parents were cruel, I don’t know, but it seems unlikely someone could legally give their child away and then live across the road.

    I believe Eve killed Simon for rejecting her.
    I believe Eve killed Hannah before going to Glasgow.
    I believe there was only one mirror, and that Simon gave it to Hannah.
    I believe Eve pretending to be Hannah in a fit of jealousy killed Simon with the broken mirror.
    I believe the last time we see Hannah is on the 25th, and that night she died by Eve throwing her off a cliff.


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